September Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2010

3:15 pm Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Robyn Deeb, Caroline Popma, Michelle Wilson, Julie Grubb, Heathyr Nance, Theresa Parker, Jenny Kling, Renae Abboud, Patti Moller, Connie Hopkins, KJ Wesenburg, Kristen Van Tuyl, Julie McBride, Christy Briggs, Sally Davey, Marie Larson, Penny Satre, Kari Perry, Erica Meyer, and Bobbi Kelly.

The June minutes were reviewed and approved.  The June, July, and August financial reports were also reviewed and approved and indicated deposits from scrip carryover and some corporate matching of last year’s check-writing donations.  Robyn also introduced a new form for reimbursement and increased transparency measures in record keeping (journal entries, updated teacher account status, parallel income and expense columns for each account and additional notation for box tops and e-scrip).

Linnette made a proposal that we move funds from OMSI field trip, garden stipend, and cross-cultural education (totalling $2500) to undesignated funds for this budget year in anticipation of a request for funds from Michelle Wilson.  Michelle would like an additional $4500 ($1500 was approved last spring) for reading tutors for the 2101-11 school year.  Both requests were motioned to a vote at next month’s meeting.

We then discussed the various upcoming fundraisers.  Abbie Wojcik reported that the bulbs for the fall fundraisers would be delivered by Nov 10.  Kathy Connell is chairing a Shop For Sunset event with proceeds going to improving the playground equipment.  Kari Perry is encouraging everyone to renew their escrip (Safeway and Albertsons) ASAP and bring in box tops, KJ Wesenburg is working on a Dine Out at Pizza Schmizza – most likely October 12, and Jenny Kling has broken even with Lunchskins sales – even after gifting one each to the entire staff.

In non-fundraising news, Heathyr Nance requested help in the garden Tuesday, Sep 21 at 2:45, the book fare will need volunteers during the first week of October, and Kari Perry is organizing volunteers and getting a workroom orientation put together. Linnette also made appeals for classroom reps to sign up at curriculum night and for help in finding a babysitter for our meetings – especially the 3:15 time slot.

As the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm, Sally Davey won a free pizza  from Pizza Schmizza – just for coming to the meeting!

Fall 2010 President’s Letter

Dear Sunset Families,

Welcome back to a new school year!  Your new PTSO Board is hard at work making plans for the new school year and we look forward to seeing all of our friends and of course making new friends with all of you who are new at Sunset. I am excited to introduce you to our new board for the school year:

Ø     I am Linnette Jackson, PTSO President; this is my fourth year at Sunset and my second year on the PTSO Board. —

Ø     Laurie Hurley is the PTSO Vice president; this is her second year at Sunset and her first time serving on the PTSO Board.  —

Ø     Robyn Deeb is serving on the PTSO Board as our Treasurer for the first time. This is her third year at Sunset.  —

Ø     Caroline Popma is serving as PTSO Secretary for the second year and enjoying her fourth year at Sunset.  —

All parents and students, as well as faculty and staff, are considered members of Sunset PTSO.  The responsibility of the PTSO is to enhance the learning opportunities of our children as well as strengthen the connectedness of our community.  All of the work we do is not possible with out the help of our volunteers.  Attached you will find a volunteer sign-up sheet.  Time commitments will vary depending on the activity you are interested in.  Even if you only have one hour a month, every commitment of your time is greatly needed and appreciated.  I hope that each of you will find some opportunity to get involved.

Our PTSO meetings are on the following calendar and can also be found in the school calendar as well as the PTSO website.  Childcare will be provided at each meeting.  Most of our communication is done through the school’s newsletters and email communication (list serve); so please sign up through the school’s website.

The PTSO board looks forward to meeting each of you at the Back to School Ice Cream Social on September 2rd.  Please come introduce yourself; we will be handing out the ice cream!  We also hope to see you at the Back to School Coffee on the first day of School in the library when school begins.  If you are new to the school we would like to really encourage you to come to the Back to School Coffee; it is a great chance to meet lots of people at the school.

Please bring your yellow volunteer sheet and your Safeway or Albertsons card to sign up for ESCRIP to the Ice Cream Social. Escrip is a really great program that requires very little of us; just sign up at and the school will  get credit for your grocery purchases.  Of course, you can sign up from home as well!

If you have any questions about our PTSO please feel free to contact me at or any other board member at their above email addresses.  You will also find more information at our website .

On behalf of the PTSO Board thank you for all the support you each have given to our school! We are looking forward to another fabulous and fun year.


Linnette Jackson

Sunset PTSO President

June Minutes

June 2, 2010, 2010

3:15 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Michele Beyer, Caroline Popma, Robyn Deeb, Connie Hopkins, Jenny Palmer, Laurie Hurley, Bobbi Kelly, Maraya Radcliffe, Abbie Wojcik, Anne Wilson, Brenna Burke, and Kathy Ludwig.

The April minutes and financial report were reviewed and approved (as there was no May meeting due to the auction).  Finances showed a $20,000 profit from the auction, including the paddle raise for the artist in residence.  There were a few accounts with money left – garden stipend, music, gifts to school, and student support.  After budgeted expenses, there should be $15,000 carry-over for next year.

The 2010-2011 school year PTSO officers were elected.  Linnette Jackson as president, Laurie Hurley as VP, Robyn Deeb as treasurer, and Caroline Popma as secretary.

Jenny Kling reported that “Dine Out for Sunset” at Coldstone earned $255 for Sunset.   Also Silpada sales by Susan Roethe garnered $500, and Workout for Sunset brought in $60.  Each of these will be repeated in the upcoming year – with adjustments to date and scope (Shopnight with several vendors rather than one – possibly in November with Kathy Connell as chair).

Jenny also suggested a fall fundraiser idea for Lunchskins (environmentally friendly Ziplock bags) and for recycling goods (Terracycle brigades).  Kathy Ludwig commented that these might be good ideas for 5th grade leadership.

Abbie Wojcik reported on some fall fundraising options.  It was agreed to stick with the plan of giving the write-a-check option and gift wrap.  It is possible we will include bulbs – depending on what Sally Foster’s fall catalogue looks like…

Kathy Ludwig made a point of saying several important “thank you’s.”  She wanted to recognize Jenni Tan and Stephanie Warren for a wonderful Staff Appreciation Week, Theresa Parker and Heathyr Nance for an awesome auction, and Jenny Kling for Bus Driver Appreciation Day.  She also mentioned that the district was still in the process of how to handle another $2.4 M shortfall.

Linnette Jackson thanked her co-board members and presented them with gifts and took the lead on planning gifts for Dee Bassen’s retirement (after 25 years) to be presented on June 16th at the all-school assembly.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15.

April Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2010

3:15 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Michele Beyer, Caroline Popma, Robyn Deeb, Connie Hopkins, Jenny Palmer, Laurie Hurley, Bobbi Kelly, Jenni tan, Heathyr Nance, Thersa Parker, Maraya Radcliffe, Janet Runyan, and Kathy Ludwig.

The March minutes and financial report were reviewed and approved.  Finances showed income from corporate incentives, scrip, and PACE.  Expenses were indicated for book week, the computer carts, taxes, and assembly.  The 2010-2011 proposed budget was approved by a vote.

Jenni Tan reported on Staff Appreciation Week.  There will be coffee and treats Monday morning, flowers on Tuesday, lunch from the 4-5th parents on Wednesday, “buckets of blessings” Thursday, and massages and chocolates on Friday.

Heathyr and Thersa reported that auction planning is going well.  They are still looking for volunteers to help with set-up and also volunteers to work at either the Three Rivers (May 8) or Horizon (May 22) auctions.

“Dine Out for Sunset” at Coldstone was planned by Jenny Kling for Wednesday, April 28 – before and after the Sunset Showcase.  Also Silpada sales by Susan Roethe, Workout for Sunset, and a bake sale for the drum sets at Hammerle Park were all in the works.

2010-2011 officers were nominated.  Linnette Jackson for president, Laurie Hurley for vice president, Robyn Deeb for treasurer, and Caroline Popma for secretary.  Elections will be help at the next meeting – on June 3rd at 3:15 since the May meeting has been cancelled!

Kathy Ludwig announced the “official” change in the calendar for the last day of school – June 16th for kindergarten and a ½ day on June 17th for 1-5th.  Field day has been changed to June 14th.  The Artist in Residence next year will most likely focus on digital photography.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15.

March Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2010

6:30 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Robyn Deep, Connie Hopkins, Kari Perry, Lynn Jacobs, Jenny Palmer, Laurie Hurley, Brenna Burke, KJ Wesenburg, and Kathy Ludwig.

The February minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the February financial report (as presented by Linnette).  The report reflected income of $940 and expenses of $2600 due to mostly to the family breakfast and the auction.  The proposed 2010-2011 budget was also reviewed.  It should look very familiar, although, there is an increase of about $10,000 over this year as we expect to have proceeds from the auction.

The auction work continues to be gong well with invites going out soon and the next planning meeting at Heathry Nance’s house on Monday, April 12th at 6 pm.

Committee chairs and officers for 2010-11 were mentioned.  Most of the chair positions will be retained although KJ Wesenburg will do Dine Out’s, an apprentice is needed for Family Fun Nights (to work with Kimberly Steele), and we need a “Barn Blast” coordinator.  There is at least one open position on the board at this time!

Linnette Jackson made a request for Paula Meyer for yearbook photos of the Barn Blast, field trips, Pizza Bingo, etc. to be put on CD or emailed to

Kathy Ludwig initiated a discussion for the group regarding finding time for the teachers in all of the elementary school to stream and plan.  Those present at the meeting offered possible support and objections to the principals’ ideas.

Meeting was adjourned later than usual.

2010-0211 Committee Chairs  (at this time!)

Volunteer Coordinator–Kari Perry

Fall Fundraiser (Gift wrap and Check writing)–Abbie Wojcik

Family Fun Nights–Kimberley Steele–we need an apprentice

Barn Blast–OPEN

Family Breakfast–Dave Fels

Read to Us Week–Val Prothero

Fun Run–Lynn Jacobs

Dine Outs–KJ Wesenberg

Staff Appreciation–OPEN-

Carnival–Michele Beyer

Box Tops–Kari Perry

EScrip–Kari Perry

February Minutes

February 18, 2010

3:15 call to order – room 12

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Michele Beyer, Heathyr Nance, Connie Hopkins, Maraya Radcliffe, Kari Perry, Laurie Hurley, Jenny Palmer, Brenna Burke, and Kathy Ludwig.

The Janurary minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the January financial report.  The report reflected profits from corporate incentives, PACE, Family Breakfast and Fun Night, Fall Fundraiser, and Scrip and also the expenses of garden, curriculum extension, spring fundraiser, and the student directory.

Kathy Ludwig spoke briefly, wishing to thank the PTSO for the pancake breakfast, the Dine Out at Pizza Schmizza, and the coordination of the Science Fare (Heather Oliveras, Todd Drake, Kari Perry, and Linnette Jackson).  She indicated that conference sign-ups should begin on Monday.  The teachers are looking forward to their math residency and also to the use of laptops in the classroom.  The community garden could use some helpers and kindergarten registration was successful!

The proposal for car magnets was tabled for now – possible window clings in the future…  Both requests for funds (from Kathy Ludwig and Michelle Wilson) were approved – $3000 will go toward the purchase of a media cabinet for the laptops and $500 will be used to update the leveled literature.

Heathyr Nance reported on progress for the Spring Auction – A Taste of Sunset on May 14th at The Oregon Golf Club.  We discussed the timing of the events and the importance of having everyone register their credit cards to improve the flow of the evening and avoid lines.  The next volunteer meeting will be Monday, March 8 at 7 pm at the home of Theresa Parker.

Linnette Jackson reviewed the 2009-2010 calendar to help determine if we should edit it in any way.  The concern has been the difficulty in getting volunteers for some of the bigger events.  It was decided that we will change the Barn Blast to November and make it less volunteer-dependant.  The spring (of 2011) fundraiser will be a fun run (with an adult component!)  Scrip will go by the wayside as it requires too much work and has only limited participation.  We will search for more E-scrip retailers.  Kari Perry has volunteered to be the volunteer coordinator for next year.  Committee chairs for almost everything else are still needed!

Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.

January meeting minutes

January 21, 2010

6:30 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Theresa Parker, Connie Hopkins, Maraya Radcliffe, Kari Perry, Lynn McKelvey, Jenny Palmer, Stephanie Clevinger, Brenna Burke, Anne Wilson, Bobbi Kelly, Kathy Ludwig, and Jane Stickney.

The November minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the November/December financial report.  The report reflected profits from corporate incentives, PACE, and Scrip and also the expense of the fifth grade field trip.

Theresa Parker reported on the progress of the auction committee and the motion (announced on the list serve) to upgrade the AuctionPay software (now Greater Giving) was approved without opposition.  The upgrade will cost $1100 this year, $320 in the ”off” years, and $795 in the ”on” years as part of a five-year contract.   This will enable us to streamline several procedures, pre-register credit cards, and have multiple users.

Jenny Kling reported the next Dine Out for Sunset would be February 10th at Pizza Schmizza.  She is working on a March date with Sandovol’s and will most likely plan another event for April 28th at ColdStone – which coincides with the Sunset Showcase.

David Fels was not available for the meeting, but requests more volunteers for the Family Breakfast on January 29th.  Please contact to offer your assistance ASAP.

Linnette Jackson reminded everyone to plan ahead for the February meeting.  Many of the PTSO events and activities will be discussed in reference to the 2010-11 school year.  Also there will be three votes in support of motions made at this meeting (see below).

Kari Perry suggested a car magnet sale as a potential fundraiser.  This was moved to a vote.

Kathy Ludwig made two requests for funds ($500 for leveled literature support and $3000 for funrniture for new technology) which were moved to a vote, reminded everyone of Howard Hilton’s presentation of February 9th,and thanked Kimberly Steele for another wonderful Family Fun Night.

At 7:10 pm the meeting was turned over to Jane Stickney, assistant superintendent, who spoke to her background, the district’s vision goals, and answered questions from the group.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

November Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2009

3:15 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Theresa Parker, Heathyr Nance, Michele Beyer, Connie Hopkins, Maraya Radcliffe, Janet Runyan, Kari Perry, Jenny Palmer, Angie Roane, Robyn Deep, KJ Wesenburg, John Ling.

John Ling from “Jump Rope for Heart” and the American Heart Association spoke regarding the possibility of a program/fundraiser at Sunset and it was agreed that it was a possibility for the future, but not something to focus on at this point.

The October minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the October financial report.  The report reflected profits from Pizza Bingo and a modest $3800 from fall fundraising ($2350 in donations and $1450 from gift wrap).  Parents who gave cash donations will receive receipts for their tax records.

The brief recaps of Barn Blast, PACE, and gift wrap fundraisers indicated that barn blast showed a loss of $106 – possibly from over ordering food (leftovers were donated to the Clark Center) and the bottle toss game might be easier if we incorporated some cans with the 2 L bottles.  PACE has already brought in $1600 and any remaining gift wrap can be found in room 6.

Heathyr Nance and Theresa Parker gave updates on the spring fundraiser/auction.  The event date has been changed to May 14th and the location is the Oregon Golf Club.  The theme, A Taste of Sunset, will reflect donated food from local businesses.  Expect to see a comedian, silent auction, paddle raise, wine pull, and a dessert dash!  Volunteers are meeting Wednesday, January 6 at 6:30 pm – please come!!

At the time of the meeting the Family Breakfast was scheduled for Friday December 4th, but this has since been changed to January 29th.  Please contact David Fels to volunteer your help.

The deadline for ordering spirit wear was Friday November 20th to accommodate any holiday requests.

In the way of wrapping things up, we canceled the spring carnival and are replacing it with another family fun night (the carnival is very volunteer intensive and we are having trouble getting parents to commit).  We toyed with the idea of a childcare/shopping event – possibly teaming with a MS or HS group of sitters.  The next Box Tops deadline is in February – keep bringing them in!

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm

Barn Blast!

Join us from 5:30-8:00 tonight at Sunset School.

There will be great music, games, food, crafts, and treats.  Fun for the whole family!

Pay at the door – $1 per person or $5 per family.  Hot dogs and popcorn available for purchase.

October Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2009

6:30pm call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance: Maraya Radcliffe, Kari Perry, Theresa Parker, Brenna Burke, Caroline Popma, Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Robyn Deeb, Kathy Ludwig, Tiina Lemetyirer, Laurie Hurley, Anne Wilson, Melinda Doblie, and Connie Hopkins.

September minutes were approved. The September financial report was also approved showing a temporary loss from Scrip, expenses for Curriculum Extension, administrative costs, and staff luncheon.  Income from PACE, Dine Out for Sunset, etc will appear next month.

Family Fun Night reported record numbers, (running out of 400 slices of pizza), a possible profit, and a need for more tables.  It was also discussed that we might be able to do with less candy.

Dine Out for Sunset earned $160 from Coldstone Creamery.  They would like to do more in the future with Sunset.  Maybe another Dine Out after an evening event/activity.

Teacher Luncheon—Kari Perry reported that all went well; plenty of volunteers and food, lots of appreciation.

Box Tops—end of the next redemption period is October 25th.  (Please bring in Box Tops for Education!)  Right now we have 250 points.

PACE- deadline was extended for the prize-earning period due to a typo.  77 families have signed on earning $770 for the school!  We discussed ways to make the program more environmentally friendly and that the intrastate use needs improvement.

Gift Wrap and Write-A-Check fundraiser deadline was extended to October 19.

Barn Blast—We need volunteers!!  Classroom reps were asked to go back to the classes and try to find parents who can work in 30 minute shifts on Friday, October 23rd.  No photo both this year, but hopefully Sunny can make an appearance.

Spiritwear – we have some samples and are trying to get an order put together, but could use a coordinator.

Kathy Ludwig spoke briefly, suggesting that she find a few 5th graders to take on the job on improving school spirit with dress-up days, etc.  She also thanked the PTSO for the 2 teacher luncheons (back to school and conferences), indicated that Janet Runyan volunteered to be the teacher rep for the PTSO, and gave a big “thank-you” to those who helped with the pre-school museum – a great success!  Kathy also gave an update on the math curriculum and the great support the teachers are getting (starting with 5th grade teachers) with implementation.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 with the sale of old Halloween decorations (from storage).  Great deals!