January Meeting Minutes


January Meeting 01/07

07 January 2020 / 8:00 AM / Library 


President: Erin Weis, Secretary: Laurie Hurley, Heather Kost, Dana Midles, Joy Vlcko, Jenise Smith


Last Meeting Follow-up

  • Minutes were approved
  • Financial Report
    • Kid Kreations totals: $2649
    • Classroom Purchases: 
      • Headphones for classrooms have been purchased
      • $350 for 4th grade OMSI class on Tectonic Plates


  • Movie Night- February 21st
    • Looking for volunteers to help chaperon
    • 5th grade parents needed to help with concessions 
  •  NWCT 
    • Look for flier and audition sheets coming home Friday (1/10), Kids bring them to additions 28th and 29th after school
    • Volunteers needed during auditions and during week of rehearsals
  • Family Breakfast – January 24th
    • Using 2 Girls Catering
    • Volunteers needed to help set up tables
    • Teacher help serve food for the breakfast
    • Look for Prepays 


  • Online School Spirit Wear
    • Working to have the website up and running soon
    • Variety of options including: New shirt/sweatshirt designs, hats bags, blankts, towels
    • Planning for one bulk order a month
  • Fun Run – Still looking for a chair/co-chairs
    • Sponsorships cover all the costs so all the money the students collect goes directly to the school
    • Need someone to start looking for Sponsors now – Shannon Ilis reached out on Facebook Live
    • Other Planning/Responsibilities:  Tshirt design and orders, kick off assembly, incentives (get rid of the charm system-Ms McSpadden has a different idea), set up and running of actual Fun Run, money counting

Committee Updates

  • Teacher Appreciation Committee
    • January starts monthly themes New Year Theme
    • Collecting kindness notes for teachers and staff.  Look for information on when to bring notes to school to place in special jars.
  • Eco Team  
    • Planning community work parties for garden and wooded area clean ups/weeding with the goal to prevent the need to the District to use Roundup
    • Book Swap – Date TBD  Collecting books from families, library… All students will get to take a book home.  Need to find a location to have it.
    • 1 Paper Towel Challenge: Challenge students to use less paper towels after washing hands.  Wash, shake and wipe with 1 paper towel.    

Meeting ended at 9:15

Sunset PTSO

December Meeting 12/03

03 December 2019 / 8:00 AM / Library 

Full Meeting can be viewed on Facebook Live


President: Erin Weis, Vice President: Clare Bean, Treasurer: Stephan Fretz, Secretary: Laurie Hurley, Heather Kost, Sarah Duffin, Sheryl Montour


Meeting called to order at 8:00 AM.

November Minutes approved.

Financial Report 

  • Review Budget and Fundraising 2019-2020 Stephan Fretz
    • State Tax Filing was approved
    • Additional income for Fill the Jars has come in making the total $5,081 surpassing the $4,000 goal
  • Classroom Purchases & Requests Erin Weis
    • Working with IT to move ahead and purchase classroom headphones
    • Sufficient funds to purchase about 15 Lego Kits.  Looking into if Lego provides grants or deals for school purchases for additional kits.
    • 4th grade has requested funds for OMSI to come to Sunset for a 4th grade presentation on Earthquakes.  ($300)
    • Continuing to work with Michelle and Willow regarding assistance for all school assemblies.   

Upcoming Events

  • Northwest Children’s Theater Heather Kost & Sheryl Montour
    • Auditions: January 23&24
    • Rehearsals March 20 – April 3
    • Performance: April 4
    • Flyers going home before winter break
    • Looking into having one video made for purchase and pictures 
    • New Chairs planning to continue to work with NWCT:
      • see if script can be received sooner
      • rehearsal schedule can be tweaked so smaller groups of students can be there
      • Specific ideas for students when they are not rehearsing      
  • TBD January or February Movie Night
    • Needs a chair
    • Looking at dates that work
    • Interest has been expressed for turning it into a parents night out  

Upcoming Fundraisers Erin Weis

  • Kids Kreation 
    • Sorting will be done Friday Dec 6
  • Amazon Smile 
    • Remember to Log into Amazon Smile while doing your holiday shopping.  Select Sunset and a percentage of your purchase will come back to Sunset
    • TIP: If you start shopping on the app and have things in the cart, it will remember what is in your cart when you log on to Amazon Smile.

Online School Spirit Wear  COMING in JANUARY

  • Using a new company
  • Bulk orders will be placed once a month
  • Look for reminders


We need chairs for multiple upcoming events.  Without chairs these fun events for the school cannot happen.  You do not need to do it alone. Co-chair an event with a friend.  The Board is happy to help you with these events. 

  • Family Breakfast
  • Movie Night
  • Fun Run

Sunset PTSO November Meeting

05 NOVEMBER 2019 / 6:00 PM / Sunset Library 

Full Meeting can be viewed on Facebook Live


President: Erin Weis, Vice President: Clare Bean, Secretary: Laurie Hurley, Treasurer: Stefan Fretz, Dr. Michelle Wilson, Frances Araujo, Amber Leaptrott, Sarah Duffin, Amanda Callahan, Joy Vlcko


Called to Order at 6:09

Clare Bean moved to approve the October Minutes, Frances Araujo seconded.  October Meeting Minutes approved.

Financial Report Stefan Fretz

  • Fill the Jar met and surpassed the goal.  Total to date $4,857.31, waiting for some more corporate matching gifts
  • Main expenses to date: Fall Fest and Luau 

Classroom Needs Erin Weis

  • Most requests for classrooms are for Electronics
  • Multiple classrooms need new headphones.  105 sets requested. Discount to about $16 each set.  
  • WeDo 2.0 Lego Kits: requested last year.  Use kits to learn programing. 28 sets were requested 
  • Looking at totals: planning to purchase all the headphones and a portion of the Lego Kits.


Fall Festival Feedback

  • People seemed to like having it all in the gym.  
  • Looking for another Co-Chair next year.  
  • Want to keep the same format
  • Eco Notes:  (For all the events) Recycle Bins, using paper for tablecloths

Winter Movie Night

  • Chairs can no longer do it.  
  • Canceling the November 15th – Looking at new dates
  • Idea presented for turning it into parents night out.  

Northwest Children’s Theater: Erin Weis

  • Looking for a chair/co-chair for this event.
  • In March-April
  • Lost Money last year.  Cost $45 per student participating.  
  • Looking to find out this month if children are interested in doing it this year.  
  • Possibility to move to every other year.  

Upcoming & Ongoing Fundraisers Erin Weis

Kids Kreations: 

  • Forms went home with kids art on stickers
  • Forms due Friday, 11/8
  • Online due Monday, 11/11
  • Can order online later, but miss out on the mass shipping deal
  • You can get the students past artwork, call Kids Kreation and they can help you find the id.
  • It is possible to add other artwork (other children, adult).

Amazon Smile: 

  • Use Amazon Smile and .5% to Sunset
  • Needs to use Amazon Smile.org (not able to access it through Amazon App).

Script Fundraiser: 

  • Fundraiser were the purchase of Gift Card earns a percentage back for Sunset. 
  • Look for information on how to purchase via Facebook and as a flyer coming home

Boxtops for Education

  • Box Tops is phasing out the program that requires you clip the BoxTops.  The program will continue to accept the clipped BoxTops so continue to send them into school.  
  • Download the BoxTops for Education App to scan your receipt instead of clipping anymore. 

Phonics Kits  Erin Weis

  • Check with teachers if they need help with their phonics kits.  
  • Possibility of doing it over Thanksgiving Break.  

Principal Update Dr. Michelle Wilson

  • Thank You for effort by community over the last 6 weeks: Fill the Jars, events, meals for the staff, and all the parent volunteers. 
  • Safety:  
    • Dr Michelle would like parents to know It is a priority for the staff: discussions, planning and drills.
    • Lock Out Drill today.  Lock Outs: Building is locked down, students remain in the building continuing with their school day.
    • 6 Safety meetings for the District so since last year.  Discussions (Table Talk) for staff to stay up on safety and problem solving 
    • Fire Marshall is a parent.  Planning a Table Talk with him and the staff during one of the early release days. 
  • Coffee with Dr Michelle: 
    • Tuesday, December 3rd after the next PTSO meeting
    • Discussion about: Positive School Cultures & Behavior Support
    • Everyone is welcome 
  • Kindness Project (a new focus and project at Sunset):
    • Look for the newly created tree (and the eagles perched in the top)in Front Hall – There will be Leaves of Kindness to be blowing into Sunset
    • Each Grade Level will be having an initiative: 3rd grade is starting with Stewardship and helping community, 5th grade canned food drive
  • If you have input about topics for discussions or learning, please bring them to Dr. Michelle or Erin
  • Dr. Michelle is going with 10 fifth graders and Learning Specialist to Inclusive Community Summitt run by Special Olympics.  Will bring information back to Sunset.  

Additional Business

Teacher Appreciation Committee

  • Start in January they will be organizing a special thing each month for the teachers to spread out of appreciation.  The committee has come up with a creative theme for each month.
    • Jan-New Year, Healthy You:  Start Gratitude Jars, Smoothie Bar
    • Feb-You Knock Our Socks Off
    • March-Lucky Us: Starbucks
    • April-Flowers 
    • May-Official Teacher Appreciation Week – Hollywood Theme: Door decorating, treats….
  • Teachers Favorite Things:  They will be creating lists of things each teacher loves.  Great for gift giving ideas.   


  • Apologize for the delay in getting the directory updated.  Sunset just began using it last year so still working out the kinks. 
  • Calling company determine how get it updates.

NEXT MEETING:  December 3 (8:00 AM) Sunset Library

Meeting finished 7:03

Back to School Luau 9/13 @ 5:30PM

Aloha!! Come say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year with other sunset families at the Back to School Luau! There will be a bouncy house, face painting, and Kona Ice Shaved Ice for purchase (they give back 25% to our school)!

9/13/19 5:30PM to 7PM

You can bring your own meals or purchase the meals catered by Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille. Adult meals are $10 and kids are $7 and they include:

  • Shoyu Chicken
  • Yakisoba with Veggies
  • Rice
  • Mac Salad
  • Lemonade

To purchase your meals in advance, pay using the Venmo app, username @Sunset-PTSO

Or send cash or check to school with your child.

You can round up your purchase to put towards scholarships for families in need.

September Meeting Minutes

Sunset PTSO

September Meeting 08/26/19

26 August 2019 / 8:17 AM / Library 


President: Erin Weis, VP: Clare Bean, Sec: Laurie Hurley, VC: Seamus Barron, Cheryl Fretz, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Adam Deglmann, Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Jennie Madrigal, Jenna Gilchrist, Angela Luchenbill, Kara Clark, Cheryl Landazuri, Sheryl Montour, Laura Huffstutter, Emily Guerrero, Lisa Long, Shannon Brogden, Shannon Ilas, Michelle Toney 


Board Member Voting

Voted Clare Bean as Vice President and Seamus Barron as Volunteer Coordinator 

New Business

  • We hope everyone has seen the improvements to the Sunset Garden, and the artwork that is starting to be installed.  The artwork was created last year by the students using recycled materials.   
  • Committee Update: New committees are being formed this year so teachers and parents can work together, and anyone interested is welcome to join.
    • Garden Committee:  Joy Vlcko and Cheryl Fretz
      • Working to continue to develop the Sunset Garden
    • Art Committee: Karen Detjens, Stephanie Valverde, Mollie Hyman, Carrie Gilbert, Kathleen Miller
      • Art Carts and materials were purchased by PTSO in the past
      • Woking to implement art in the classroom 
    • Outdoor Learning Space Committee:  Angela Ellinger Luchenbill, Tracie Reed, Clare Bean, Joy Vlcko, Kathleen Miller 
      • Picnic tables that were purchased by PTSO have been put together and are in the space.   
      • Learning Landscape, a company that has been working with the West Linn Parks and Rec, is willing to consult with the committee.  Considering some grants to help develop the outdoor learning space.   
    • Assembly Committee:  WIllow McCormick and Mollie Hyman  
      • Working to have more outside groups to come in for educational assemblies.
  • Fundraisers: There are two big fundraisers throughout the year.  Fill the Jars in the fall and Fun Run in the spring.  
    • $27,000 raised between those two last year.  Funds used for garden improvements, Artist in Residence, new yearbook cameras, Lego Robotics kits for after school enrichment, classroom headphones, Kindergarten and 1st grade books.  
    • This year’s fundraising could be used for:
      • Continuing to build up the outdoor learning space.  
      • STEAM stationary bikes (Green Micro Gym) used to read while pedaling to generate energy.  Possibly work with a solar company to do a year long fundraiser.  
      • Grant request from 1/ 2 for more lego robotics classroom kits.  
  • Back to School BBQ – September 13th at 5:30:
    • Sign up sheet was available at the meeting for volunteers
    • It will be catered.  $10 will be the price for the food.  Prepaid orders will be going home.
    • Kona Shaved Ice will be there for purchase – will give a percentage back to Sunset  
    • Additional activities: Bouncy House, face painters, temporary tattoos
  • Phonics Kits:  
    • Dr Wilson asked for help preparing phonics kits that were purchased by the district for the teachers.  
    • After drop off this week people will be staying to work on them. Simply separating perforated cards and grouping them.  
  • We will start using Facebook Live Stream for the next meeting.  
  • Dr Michelle Wilson 
    • Welcomed everyone back, and she will be available at meetings throughout the year.  
    • Staff has been working not only last week, but throughout the whole summer attending conferences and reading profession development materials to prepare for the school year.   
    • There are many new staff members this year 
    • One of the issues that the District and the staff at Sunset will be focusing on is equity to support all children. District website has additional information about how all children is being supported to feel like a valued member of the school community.  
    • This year Sunset’s enrollment had grown to 410 students (not including preschool).  
  • Teacher Representative:  Instead of having multiple Classroom Liaisons we will have one Teacher Representative.  Michelle Engblom-Deglmann will be woking to communicate directly with the teachers.  
  • Social Media/Communication: **Any public sites will NOT have pictures of students  
    • Instagram: Sunset PTSO public site 
    • Facebook: Sunset PTSO private group page & Sunset Primary School public page
    • Website: www.sunsetptso.org board email addresses, calendar with meetings and events (can be linked to various phone and computer calendars), forms, online payments, meeting minutes

Upcoming Dates

  • Sept 13 (5:30-7:00 PM) Back to School BBQ
  • Oct 1  (8:00-9:00 AM)  October Meeting