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About Sunset PTSO

Sunset Primary Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is a federally recognized 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Membership in the PTSO includes every parent, teacher and student of Sunset Primary School with no annual dues or obligation.

It is our MISSION to organize events that are fun, which create a culture of community and provide sociable entertainment for children and parents alike and at the same time continue to raise much needed funds for the benefit of all the children at the school now and in the future.

We have a VISION for Sunset Primary to be a school in which the staff, students, and families are united in our effort to provide a quality learning environment.


2017-2018 PTSO Board & Chairs



President: Sarah Tycast – president@sunsetptso.org

Vice President: Shannon Ilas – vicepresident@sunsetptso.org

Secretary: Heather Goodrich – secretary@sunsetptso.org

Volunteer Coordinator: Liz Jacob – volunteer@sunsetptso.org

Treasurer: Katie Norquist – treasurer@sunsetptso.org



Fall Fundraiser – Michelle Toney

Book Fair – Tara Perkins, Librarian

Barn Blast – Sarah Liddell, Megan Sullivan

Family Breakfast – Stacey Mastromonaco

Winter Movie Night- Emily Gilbo and Stacy Barger

Fun Run/Spring Fundraiser- Laurie Hurley and OPEN for co-chair

Pizza Bingo – Kelly Manning and Bettina Jacobs

Family Fitness Night – Sarah Tycast and Stacey Mastromonaco

Staff Appreciation Week- Frances Araujo and OPEN for Co-Chair

Field Day – Tammy Ellis, Wellness Teacher

Library Volunteers – Tara Perkins, Librarian

NW Children’s Theater- Susie Morgan and Katie Christianson