Family Fitness Night 3/8

Please join us for Family Fitness night this Friday night from 6:30-8:00 pm. We will have circuit stations with coaches, fitness instructors, medical and nutrition professionals.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be ready to move!

Meeting Minutes from 2/6/19

                                             PTSO Meeting

People in attendance

Katie Norquist, Amanda Callahan, Jeff and Liz Jacob, Kelly Manning, Sarah Tycast, Laurie Hurley, Cheryl Fretz, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Cara Chace, Erin Weiz, Sara Rotkowski, Melissa Rayasom, Shannon Ilas, Michelle Bonha, Danalee Corso, Brian Coroso and Michelle Wilson

Approve January Minutes:  January minutes approved


Family breakfast broke even.  The purpose of all family events is to break even.  First check for box tops was $225. 

Principal Update

Missed lion dancers due to snow.  Will not get back this week, but will try to get them to come back.  Tomorrow we will serve spring rolls at lunch and Friday we will have activities at lunch.  World language teacher has been doing activities with the kids.

  Multicultural night in April, with cultures and traditions.  ELD specialist is working with other teachers to plan events and we are encouraging families to sign up to share their traditions.

  STEM fair is on 28th of this month.  Give students opportunity to share their projects during the day and then in the evening.  Now is the time to get started if children want to participate.

  Today for professional growth Wednesday.  There will be 2 every month instead of 1.  One is always facilitated by leadership team and the other is teacher directed.  Focused on data and putting student learning on the table.  Today we looked at reading data-importance of knowing students well and way to support them as readers.  Used research based tools to look for ways to support students.  Helps us to create equitable experiences for all students regardless of which class a child is in.

  Kindergarten is having a new screener to look at dyslexia which is an Oregon statewide mandate.  Will help to find early intervention for students who may have difficulty with reading now or later on.  We continue to work with older students who may be having difficulty with reading.

  Health and wellness curriculum meeting was postponed due to snow.  District has wanted to be responsive to community about teaching the standards.  Second step curriculum pertains to social/emotional learning, bullying, curriculum related to refusal skills (related to Erin’s Law) to protect them from child sexual abuse.  Lessons have been going well.  There are other health and wellness standards to teach but we continue to look for other resources to teach those.  They will also have community meeting for those as well.   Nothing has changed for elementary, but middle and high school has changed.

 Bond summit will happen February 23.  Putting people to work to look at bond, we continue to need 5 families (parents) to volunteer. 

 In the next month or so Michelle would like to set up forum for restorative practices at Sunset.  How we appreciate and enlist your support in our school.  Would like to be open and transparent of behavior supports and practices at school.

  Valentine/Friendship Card Drive

  Message went out on Facebook about left over Valentine’s Day cards.  There is a box by the office to drop them in so that Mollie can help support students who may not have any for one reason or another. 

Lunar Celebration

 We still need 2 more volunteers for Friday’s event (1 more for the morning and 1 for the afternoon).  If we could reach out to classroom liaisons to see if we have any parent volunteers it would be great. 

Family Breakfast recap

  Family breakfast line was much better this year.  Prepaid was great as well.  We had a lot of donations.  We got charged for 30 more people who came.  Felt full, but more comfortable than last year.  Ordered more tables and chairs from district which helped.  We have 40 tables and 400 chairs on site and they help significantly.  Talked about doing flat fee for everyone as opposed to one price for kids and another for adults. 

Family Fitness Night

  March 8th is Family Fitness Night.  This will be the 6th year for Sunset.  It will be in the gym and there will be a circuit for people to go through.  There will be a nutrition room, soccer, Pilates.  There will also be snacks.  Do not need to be an athlete to participate.  Ways to help families be active.   Events will begin at 6:30. Please let us know if you’d like to help.  

NWCT Update

  Auditions went well.  Waiting for email for parts students have.  Play will be very cute-collaboration of Ronald Dahl.  Sounds like it will be more organized than last year.  We need some volunteers.  Times for shows are 2 and 4. 

  We will need volunteers to help tell students when to go on and helping students change costumes.  It would be great to have people trade off so that volunteers can see the show as well.   Shannon will set up Signup Genius to help elicit volunteers.    Also need people to help take money at the door and run concessions.  Need to find out from 5th grade teachers if they would like to use it as a fundraiser.  Possible have students help run the concession.  Money will go towards party at the end of the year. 

Also people to set up popcorn machines, microphones and whatnot. 

Expectations for rehearsals will vary by grade level.  Other kids will stay the whole lime, but other students will stay less time. 

Art Update

Ms. Wilson will talk with teachers.  We continue to need volunteers from classrooms who can help.  We are looking at getting an artist in residence.  Want to make sure that parents are aware of what the commitment will be.  We try to have the larger projects be no longer than an hour at time (ex-mural took 4 hours).  Parents will not necessary be with their child’s class. 

  Art literacy might come in the fall but we would need 1-2 volunteer for garden projects.    Will have students and teachers vote on what the art project should be.  First we need to know who is interested.  

Goal is to have it completed by the Fun Run in May. 

Asked if we recycle glue sticks or Crayola markers.  Michelle said if we had volunteers that would be great.  Will check with eco team to see if that would be a next step. 

Garden Update

    Garden has evolved and has put together list of things that we would need.  Becky at Crest is putting together proposal so they can look at what curriculum it would touch on.  Also trying to align it so that the students would use it.

  Also looking at composting but trying to figure out what we can do with food scraps.  We are buying most of what we need this next week.  We need volunteers.  Becky would like to add an enrichment class after school. 

  We can also look to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to volunteer for things in the garden as well.   

Liz said that at Trillium was that students having job of helping compost.  Michelle said that having a waste audit so that kids know what can be composted and what can not

Upcoming Events

March 8th  6:30-8pm  Family Fitness Night

March 11-15  NWCT Rehearsals

March 16th 2 and 4 pm  NWCT performance

March 20th  2nd and 3rd grade families provide staff meals for conferences

March 25th-29th Spring Break

Meeting Minutes 1/9/19

PTSO Meeting


People in attendance: 

Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Aaron Rotkowski, Polly Meek, Sarah Tycast, Laura Ausley, Amanda Callahan, Frances Araujo, Sam Burton, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Cara Chace, Cheryl Fretz, Katie Norquist, Michelle Wilson, Heather Goodrich, Claire Riley, Michelle Bonham, Shannon Ilas

Approve December Minutes:   December minutes approved

Sunset Park

  Next planning meeting for Sunset Park is January 29th at 7pm.  Ken, planner for park came to speak about current layout.  They have been working with neighborhood association.  People would like some kind of water feature.  Needs to be recirculating due to needles from trees that would get caught in drains.   There are some trees that need to be removed during construction.

There will be two new restrooms and a new shelter.  There will be some climbing structures, water feature, sitting areas and log climbers.  Water feature will be fresh water. There will also be a rock fort feature. Different types of log steppers.  They would also like to make willow cave, can also use reclaimed water for that as well.  There will also be loose parts things so that kids can build structures.  However, not so loose so that someone gets hurt. 

Cathedral playground, lots of substantial posts, slides, different access ways and access materials.  Slides will be metal instead of plastic.  There will also be a zip line.  Also looking to put gardens in around tennis court.  They are working with safe routes to school.  Park will be secure and safer.  Will extend sidewalk on a couple of the streets.  Whole park will be ADA accessible. 

Restrooms will face inside of the park and will look similar to Hammerle

Hoping that it will go out to bid in mid-February.  Would like to have completed early or mid-summer.  The more money that we can put into the park the better it will be.  Asking for volunteers and then this will help to cut down costs and allow more money to go into materials as opposed to labor for park. There will be some smaller projects that might be good for Eagle Scout projects and some other planting projects. 

Principal update

Mrs. Wilson said there was a nice welcome back this week.  Kids were happy to be at school.  Good community building.  Teaching and learning.  Next week is Anxiety 101, here in the library.  Sponsored by PTSO. 

Chinese New Year is coming up at the end of the month.  It will be a daytime event.  More of a celebration for the kids.

STEM at the end of February.  Going to push the science fair more this year.  More information coming out soon. 

Teachers were excited to get new headphones.  Kids made poster as a thank you.  They have been using with Redbird (math supplement)

Art/Garden update

Working on thinking about art.  Art literacy and garden art project.  Very interested in getting something going that is sustainable.  Having parents trained so that they can help as well.  There is an art committee, 15 lesson plans for each grade.  Resident artist to come in and help teach.  There was also an idea for garden art.  Sara met with them in December and then met with Ms. Wilson about what would work.  We will have parent led art lessons and try to do an artist in residency when we can find a volunteer (more for the garden).  PTSO will vote to approve funding and then Michelle will check in with teachers so that they know how much time they would need to make in the day.  Michelle says that teachers feel that once a month would be sustainable. 

Aaron said that needs of the teachers may be different so that we can customize for each one.  Classroom liaisons will help to find parent volunteers.  Parents would volunteer to put in lessons.  Working out how we would fund, would PTSO fund all or some.  Michelle reports that they have many of the materials so we may only have to pay for the artist in residence.  Also discussed project for 5th graders so that they can leave their legacy behind.  Liz asked about what happened to tiles from last year.  Michelle said that she would talk with Ms. Pesicka and see what they will do.

Jeff asked if we would be ready to ask for volunteers and an artist in residence.  Aaron said we are just days to weeks away as opposed to being weeks to months away.  Letting parents know about the time commitment would be helpful.  Possibly a once a week with the artist in residence.  If we did in February-March.  Art literacy would start in March for monthly art projects.  Then next year we would be able to begin in September.

Family Breakfast

 January 25th is breakfast, 6:45-7:45 am.  Caterers are locked in.  There will be a craft activity. Polly will be meeting with Michelle and Willow tomorrow morning to settle on what.  There is a volunteer sign up.  Flyer will come out so that we can edit and inform parents.  Flyer will do presale.  If there can be a slip on the bottom so that families can send it back and get ready.  Sarah said that she would check in and see if she had flyer from last year.  Will reorganize with two lines so that it won’t be so long.    Often a family tradition, we have grandparents who come with their grandchildren-so people enjoy this.  Asked if Sunny will make an appearance for the breakfast.  He was there last year and it could be a possibility. 


 Have two directors.  Two volunteers for auditions.  Going to have students audition by grade level K-1(2:30-3:25), 2-3 (3:30-4:25) and 4-5(4:30-5:30). They can audition on either January 24th or 25.

Kids can do whatever they would like for an audition.  Takes about 45 minutes.  Anyone can audition. 

There will two shows one on Friday and then one on Saturday.  Will check show times.  Hopefully matinee on Saturday, evening show on Friday.  They will bring sets and costumes the week before.  We will need volunteers to go through and organize.  Shannon said that she can help with that.  Sheet will ask you to volunteer if your child is in it.

 Cost is $45/child to participate.  There are also scholarships available if need be.  Microphones have been fixed.

We need to do a program.  Had ideas to have kids make cover art.

Financial Update

Received more money from Kid Kreations which put us up to $2900.  Got $1550 for Eagle Drive.  On movie night we did not lose any money which was perfect.

Expenses $1427 were spent on headphone.  The others were expenses for teachers.  Should also get some for Amazon smiles.

Also just received a check for box tops. 


Eagle Drive:  We received $1550 dollars, all of which went back to families in our community.

Canned food drive:  Shannon talked about West Linn Food Pantry, just need to be able to show that you live in West Linn.  She helps with children’s programs, food for the weekend.  She helps to pack those bags.  She will ask what our final total amount we donated.  She asked if they had any other needs.  They also have a need over the summer.  We could possibly have another drive later in the year.  They also keep track of dates and cans keep up to 2 years after expiration dates so you can also donate those as well. 

Upcoming Events:

January 24th  and January 25th (times the same on both days) NWCT Auditions  K-1 (2:30-3:25), 2-3 (3:30-4:25) and 4-5 (4:30-5:30)

January 25th Family Breakfast 6:45-7:45 am

February 6th PTSO Meeting 6:30-7:30

February 6th Classroom Liaison Meeting (5:45-6:25)

March 11-15th NWCT Rehearsals 2:30-8:00 pm (exact times to be determined)

March 15th   NWCT Dress Rehearsals 2:20-6:30

March 16th NWCT Performances 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

PTSO News 1/14/19

Sunset PTSO News

  • Thank you to everyone who donated to our Eagle Drive in December!  We were able to raise $1550, all of which went to families in our Sunset community.  
  • Because of all your generous contributions Sunset was able to donate 2225 pounds of food to the West Linn Food Pantry.  That’s a 25% increase from last year. Way to go Sunset!!
  • NWCT auditions will be held January 24th and 25th after school.  K-1 from 2:30-3:25, 2-3 from 3:30-4:25 and 4-5 from 4:30-5:30. Everyone is welcome to participate.  Rehearsals will be held the week of March 11th with two performances held on March 16th (3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.)  
  • Please join us January 25th for the Sunset Family Breakfast from 6:45-7:45 am.  

         Upcoming Events

1/24-1/25 Northwest Children’s Theatre Auditions, K-1st  2:30-3:25 pm, 2nd -3rd 3:30-4:25  and 4th-5th 4:30-5:30p

       1/25  Sunset Family Breakfast 6:45-7:45 am

       2/6    Classroom Liaison Meeting 5:45-6:25 pm

       2/6    PTSO Meeting  6:30-7:30 pm

       3/11-3/15  NWCT rehearsals 2:30-8:00 pm (exact times to be determined)


  • Thank you to our movie night chairs, Emily Goodwin and Dana Midles for putting on a wonderful event last Friday night!  We hope everyone had a wonderful evening[!
  • There’s still time to place Scrip orders in time for Christmas and print them at home.  Sign    onto and follow instructions.
  • Another great way to support Sunset is to use  Please support Sunset by using it when you shop online at Amazon.
  • This month the PTSO was able to purchase 75 paris of headphones for use in classrooms at Sunset.  We’re excited to use money from our fundraisers to purchase supplies that support our students and teachers.
  • The Eagle Drive is a wonderful way to support families in need in our Sunset community.  Donations will be accepted until December 17th.  Cash, Check or Venmo accepted (venmo!@Suntset-PTSO) Our goal is to exceed the $1500 we were able to raise last year.  All proceeds are distributed to Sunset families in need.
  • We continue to collect cans and dried goods for the West Linn Food Pantry.  So far we have been able to donate 1340 pounds of food.  We’re just 200 pounds short of what we donated last year.  Please help us meet our goal.  Donations will be accepted until Friday, December 21st

  • In January or Sunset students will have the opportunity to audition for the Northwest Children’s Theatre production of   

          Upcoming Events

        1/9   Classroom Liaison Meeting @ 5:45pm

        1/9    PTSO Meeting 6:30-7:30 pm 

        1/24-1/25 Northwest Children’s Theatre Auditions 2:30- 3:30

        1/25  Sunset Family Breakfast 6:45-7:45 am

Meeting Minutes from 11/7/18

PTSO Meeting Minutes
November 7, 2018
The following handouts were provided:
• Financial Report
• Meeting Agenda
Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Sara Rotkowski, Aaron Rotkowski, Stacy Barger, Lindsay Mantell, Patti Hardie, Cara Chance, Mille Engblom-Deglmann, Rachel Strachan, Josephine Tang, Kelsey Mogyn, Betsy Strumm, Sarah Tycast, Heather Goodrich, Frances Araujo, Claire Reley, Erin Weir, Melissa Rayasam, Polly Meek, Michelle Bonham, Cheryl Fretz, Shannon Ilas, Michelle Toney, Katie

Meeting called to order at 6:30
Meeting minutes approved from October 2018

Financial Report
• Fill the Jars is almost at $7000. Just popsicle costs.
• First beaking brought in $25
• $770 raised from spirit wear order
• Barn Blast brought in $2,113- we have $400 to spear. Goal is to break even and we should be able to do that
• Expenses are normal-some teachers are asking for reimbursement. Biggest expense was art carts
• Amazon Smile-$87 so far. Good to remind people when they are buying Christmas presents. A portion of it will go to the

Kid Kreations
Sarah explained Kid Kreations. All students completed an art lesson with their teachers. We send them out and them out and they will be back before Christmas. Paper orders went out today. Bulk of the orders were completed online. People may be able to order until Friday. You will no longer be able to order and have shipped to the school. We should make about $2500. Orders should arrive mid- December. Will go home with students before Christmas break.

Similar to Amazon smile-you can go online and order gift cards. Just buying gift cards through Scrip and school makes a profit. You can order through paper copy or online. In order to receive your physical gift card before Christmas you must order before Thursday, December 14. Make check out to Sunset PTSO. This is able to be used year round but makes a great gift. There is the potential to make a lot of money this way so we should encourage people to use. We need a chair for Scrip to keep track. Chair needs to approve orders. Right now all of the people who are using it are online. Anyone can use-just need the family code.
Please have families continue to collect boxtops.

How to spend Fill The Jars money
Garden and art projects at school. For $2000 we can winterize or plant something. Website, Farm to School with lessons for each grade level. Each grade gets a bed. 5th grade can help decide what goes together in a bed and then it will go to food insecure families. Then decide what to plant in the spring.
Mrs. Wilson would like for us to come with a proposal so that they can help approve what things we need to buy. Stephanie Tomlinson volunteered to be a co-chair, we just need a chair. There is art literacy, we can also buy kiln accessories. There is a person who will get quotes for those things. Asked if someone who co-chairs has to be an artist. Would love to have students create something that would be in the school forever. There is curriculum that we can buy and possibly get an art resident who would go from class to class.
Other schools have had parents come in and create curriculum as well. We could borrow lessons from other schools and then spend money on supplies.
Would Kiln be part of the day? Yes, if the art that was used needed to be fired.
Liaisons would ask teachers what they would like to do. Many said that an artist in residence would be great.
They will frame last year and this years whole school pictures.

Directory Update
We have 120 families signed up for directory. Just continue to encourage families to sign up. There are step by step instructions on the website and they were sent home
Volunteer Needs
Art Co-Chair
Scrip Chair
NW Children’s Theater Co-Chairs March 11-16 (Parents are point people for the directors to help with supervision at rehearsals, costume repairs and sets, also things the night of. Lots of organizing volunteers and being free that week to help directors with whatever they need. Making sure that people know about auditions and what not. Anyone can be a part of the play and no one gets cut. Just students on stage.

Barn Blast Report
Kids loved Barn Blast and Spooky bus. Lots of people-had to order more pizza. Realizing that more people will come. Possibly charging $5 so we don’t need as many dollar bills. Possibly giving out tickets as opposed to having volunteers having to handle money. Prepay can also help being able to determine how many people are coming so that we can order appropriately. Pay for everything at the door and then only having to do it once. Time was fine. Possibly having 5th graders help.

Upcoming Events
Movie Night-December 7th: There will be popcorn, movie and a raffle for the movie at the end of the night.
Scrip deadline is Thursday, December 14th in order to receive before Christmas.
Next PTSO meeting is December 5th from 7:55-8:55 am



• Thank you to everyone who volunteered for our Barn Blast last Friday night-everyone had a great time! A big thank you to
Sarah Liddell and Megan Sullivan for organizing!!

• Kid Kreations Art Fundraiser order forms came home with students on Monday. These make great gifts for the holidays. Please
remember to send order forms back to school with children by November 6th.

• Please mark your calendars, our movie night has been rescheduled for Friday, December 7th.

• Looking for something to do with leftover Halloween candy? Donation boxes will be located in the front office to collect
unwanted candy until November 6th. All donated candy will be donated to our veterans and troop

• Thanks to everyone again for your donations for the Fill The Jars contest! Money raised used for art and garden education
materials for our students.

Upcoming Events
11/7 PTSO Meeting 6:30-7:30



  • Way to go Sunset!  Thanks to your help we exceeded our goal of $4000 for Fill The Jars and raised over $6100!  Thank you to our awesome Chair for this fundraiser, Michelle Toney!
  • Thanks to all of you who purchased spirit wear last month. So far we’ve raid $750!  If you did not have the opportunity to complete a paper order there is still time to order online:
  • Our online directory is taking the place of the paper version.  The PTSO has sponsored this online copy for the first year. Just a reminder, in order to be included you need to log in at: We are unable to automatically add each family, however, enrolling is quick and easy!


            Upcoming Events

10/22-10/26 Book Fair

10/26 Barn Blast 6-8pm

11/7 PTSO Meeting  6:30-7:30