March Meeting Minutes

Sunset PTSO


03 March 2020 / 8:00 AM / Library 

Meeting streamed on Facebook Live


President: Erin Weis, Treasurer: Stefan Fretz, Secretary: Laurie Hurley,Cheryl Landazuri, Heather Kost, Michelle Toney, Dr. Michelle Wilson, Willow McCormick


Last Meeting Follow-up

  • February Meeting Minutes approved
  • Financial Report 
    • Movie Night: $80 positive
    • Ordering 15 Lego kits
    • Helped fund 5th grade trip to BizTown  


  • Northwest Children’s Theater  
    • Rehearsals March 30th-April 3rd; Performances April 4th (Please note that different dates were on the Website.  We are working to get that fixed)
    • Release Forms and Scripts were sent out
    • Heather just received rehearsal schedule and will be sending that out (they did a good job of having the younger students finished early)
    • Volunteer signup will be going out soon 
    • Planning to do 2 performances.  Will be making sure that the students get a good snack between performances.  Michelle Toney volunteered to pick up Costco snacks.  
    • Roses will be for purchase at the shows.  
    • Deciding what would be good for concessions.     


  • Online School Spirit Wear
    • Link is on the Sunset PTSO website (bottom of homepage under “Helpful Links”
  • Fun Run
    • Creating a committee to break up the tasks of planning the Fun Run this year instead of having a Chair or Co-Chairs.  Sign-up Genius is coming with descriptions of the break down of the tasks for planning
    • Sponsorship forms were sent home this week.  Sponsors have covered the cost of the Fun Run in the past so that all the money the students collect goes directly to the school.  
    • Last year a student suggested doing practice runs at recess to get ready for the Fun Run.  Dr. Wilson would like to continue that this year. Looking at a few days a week at one recess time throughout the month of April.  She needs volunteers to help supervise.    
  • Shop Night
    • Shop Night at Mapel Boutique is scheduled for April 23rd.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to Sunset if you shop on that day.  Look for more details to come.
  • Walmart Can Drop Off 
    • Walmart will be adding a box for Sunset.  Drop off your deposit cans to earn money for Sunset.
  • BoxTops for Education
    • Remember to scan receipts using the BoxTops for Education app to earn for Sunset  
    • If you have any of the old BoxTops, send them in.  Laurie will be shipping them before the end of the month.  


  • Teacher Appreciation
    • Appreciation Jars are in the classrooms.  Students and parents can write a Kindness note to drop in the jar so teacher can have a warm fuzzy pick me up when they need it.  Suggested that a note goes home with ideas for the students and a Kindness note for them to bring in to get it started.
    • Continuing to show appreciation throughout the year with Starbucks and breakfast treats.  
    • Hollywood theme for Teacher Appreciation week in May
  • Eco Team
    • One Paper Towel Challenge has been introduced to the students.  Fliers will be going up on towel dispensers.
    • Spring Book Swap will be located on the Stage this year.  Start collecting books that you are okay donating (keep at home for now if possible.  Storage at school is limited). Dr. Wilson thought a date in may would work best. Every student will be able to pick a book even if they do not bring any in to donate.  
    • Joy is looking to organize a school supply bulk order in the fall to help lessen excess packaging, more details to come
    • Date Changes for Community Care Days (Day to clean up and weed the outdoor areas of the school to prevent District from needing to use Round Up)
      • April 19 – 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
      • May 17 – Pre-K, Kinder, and 1st grade

PTSO Survey

  • Survey was sent out to the school community to evaluate how the PTSO is doing.  We want to know what you think is going well and what can be improved. The survey is still open if you have not responded yet. 
  • Things to not after looking at input so far:
    • Adding time at the end of the meetings for parents to bring up, questions, concens, input
    • Having the agenda for the meeting in advance
    • Working with event chairs to have a clear description of the role of the volunteer
    • Adding a volunteer for events specifically in charge of redirecting kids

Dr Wilson

  • Student Led Conferences are coming up.  Sign ups have opened up already to sign up for a time if you haven’t yet.  During conferences, there will be scheduled time when Dr. Wilson will be available in the library to talk to parents.  Look for those times to be sent out. 
  • Student Survey was completed by all the students in the school (younger students had the help of an adult or older student) focusing on Belonging, Safety, and Classroom Environment.  The staff will be looking at the information and taking the student input into future planning. If you want to see the survey it is located on the Library page
  • Upcoming Evening Events
    • World Culture and Art Night: April 9th  If you family has a special connection to a different culture, please consider sharing.  Letter already went home explaining it. Student art will also be displayed. Teachers are working on projects with a cultural focus.  
    • Family Wellness Night: Looking to have in May but date TBD.  Adding on to what was done in the past for Family Fitness Night and looking at adding additional areas of wellness: physical fitness, nutrition, ADHD…. Looking to have it set up with ability to choose from a menu of topics and possibly attend something while your child participates in something else.  Dr. Wilson is looking for experts in these areas. If you are interested please contact her.    

Meeting ended at 9:12

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