February Meeting Notes

Sunset PTSO

February Meeting  02/04

04 February 2020 / 6:00 PM / Library 

Meeting streaming on Facebook Live


President: Erin Weis, Vice President: Clara Bean, Secretary: Laurie Hurley, Treasure: Stephan Fratz, Amanda Callahan, Kelly Manning, Emily Goodwin, Heather Kost, Christy Thompson, Joy Vlcko


Last Meeting Follow-up

  • January Meeting Minutes approved
  • Financials
    • $138 in the negative for Family Breakfast
    • Children’s Theater $3300 paid so far.  Last year cost $4300
    • Projected a $3500 surplus for the year so there is room to cover
    • Moving forward to purchase Lego Kits.  
    • 5th grade will be going to BizTown


  • Family Breakfast 
    • Look toward adding healthier options such as yogurt and fruit
    • Better Beverages: Coffee with flavored creamer & Tea **Use the coffee urn
    • Needing to make sure that it is finished before buses start arriving so teachers can be back in the rooms for students not participating
  • Family Movie Night February 21st
    • Small Foot is being shown 
    • Candy and drinks purchased: $1.00 candy bags, popcorn, water, sparkling water, juice
    • Needing some more volunteers to sign up for concessions and set up
    • Raffle: movie and some movie bucks and the DVD of the movie
  • NWCT 
    • 74 kids, every class is represented  
    • 49 speaking parts
    • Volunteers: That is the next phase.  Be looking for sign-ups. 2 hour time slots 


  • Online School Spirit Wear
    • Delayed with the cost markup, prices have been adjusted
    • Website will be up soon
    • Considering doing a bulk purchase to have for sale events
  • School Store
    • Looking at trying to get it going
    • Sell school supplies
    • Need location for it and volunteers
  • * Still looking for Fun Run Co-chair
    •  Looking at just creating a sign-up genius to separate roles since we do not have co-chairs
    •  Look into the company Bolton used for their event?
    •  Phasing out the charms for donations.  Ms McSpadden had another idea of working toward a class goal of 
    • Additions: Encouraging Signs to hand out to parents coming to watch  
  • Walmart Can/Bottle Collection
    • Walmart on 43 is working with local school.  Boxes will be provided to drop off your empty cans and bottles and the money from the refund will go to the school.
    • Erin will to reaching out to them to set it up for Sunset


  • Teacher Appreciation Committee
    • Jars will be going in the classrooms soon for the kids to write teachers notes
  • Eco Team
    • Paper Towel Challenge:
      • Flyers are being created
      • Ms Pesicka’s class is helping to create a presentation for a morning meeting.
    • Valentines Day cards: Bring extras that your child does not need to use to 
    • Book Swap: need a location and date still.  Erin going to check if we could use the stage 
    • Community Care Days: Goal of keeping Sunset’s grounds clean and deal with weeding which would in turn reduce the need for the District to spray Roundup.
      • Working with staff to find times (20 mins) for classrooms to go out to do quick working around the grounds
      • Grade Level Work Days tentatively scheduled:
        • 1st & 5th – March 8th (10:00-11:30)
        • 2nd & 4th – April 19th (10:00-11:30)
        • K & 3rd – May 17 (10:00-11:30) 

Additional Items

  • Health and Safety Classes: Presented by the District Nurses
    • Announced in the newsletter.  Be aware that you can find out what is being presented, and if you feel it is not right for your child to look in to opting out.  
  • School Board member, Christy Thompson, wanted to thank the parent volunteers for all the extra they give to the school.  She also wants parents to know that she is always willing to talk to parents about their questions and concerns. Her contact information is the the District Website.  She does not want parents to feel like the school board members are inaccessible.

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