May Meeting Minutes

PTSO Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2018

Meeting called to order at 8:05 AM. The meeting was streamed on Facebook.


The following handouts were provided:

  • Financial Report
    • PTSO April 2019 Meeting Minutes
    • Meeting Agenda
    • PTSO Board Descriptions


Sarah Tycast, Laurie Hurley, Adam Deglmann, Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Katie Norquist, Cheryl Fretz, Shannon Ilas, Sara Rotkowski, Michelle Wilson, Erin Weis

Meeting minutes from April 2019 were approved.

Principal Update

The school year is wrapping up and the staff is thinking about class placements. The school sent out the placement forms for parents to fill out. Ms. Wilson indicated that there may be classroom blends again next year as the administration addresses class sizes.

Ms. Wilson cancelled the parent coffee because not enough parents indicted they would attend. Ms. Wilson is considering this for next fall.

Field Day is coming up. The students have been running and practicing so they are in good shape for it.

May 20th is volunteer appreciation day. All volunteers can come and enjoy what the staff has planned for them.

Assessments will start soon, and Ms. Wilson asked that kids get a good breakfast and lots of sleep.

Kindergarten orientation is May 16th. There are approximately 40 kindergartners signed up, but the final number could be greater.

The following events have new dates: the 5th grade celebration is June 7th, Field Day is June 10th, and the Kindergarten promotion is June 10th.

Financial Report

Katie Norquist gave the financial update.

Pizza bingo was held in April and exceeded our income estimates. Expenses are still coming in but that event is expected to break even.

Family Fitness was held in March and was on budget.

The play was held in March and came in under budget (a $700 loss instead of a budgeted $1,000 loss). The 5th grade class worked concessions and added $419 to their graduation money.

Last year’s surplus and money raised from Fill the Jars was spent on (1) headphones for three classrooms (around $1,500), (2) the art garden project (around $400 so far), and (3) the Sunset Garden (around $1,500). We will have additional expenditures for the art garden project.

We are still getting teacher and work room reimbursements.

Overall, we are currently under budget on the expense side.

Fun Run Update

Fun Run income from the sponsors and slips is over $8,000. The Fun Run has enough volunteers for Friday. Parents are reminded to have their child bring a water bottle with the childs name on it. Sonny the mascot will make an appearance. The course will have bubbles and limbo to add some fun to it. Liz Jacob will get a bubble machine and pick up the T-shirts. Shannon will pick up popsicles and the kids can eat those on the playground. Music will be played through the PA or, if it’s too loud/bothersome for the neighbors, through a portable speaker. Erin Weis will bring a playlist. Teachers will give the kids the Fun Run T-shirts on Friday.

Teacher Appreciation Update

Erin Weis asked that classroom liaisons help decorate doors for teacher appreciation. She and Frances Araujo will decorate the specialist’s doors. Kids can write notes and color flowers to put in buckets. Last year there was a table with flowers for kids to color while the parent volunteers decorated the doors.

Erin went over the list of each day for teacher appreciation. They need volunteers for Wednesday for the snack bar. Parents can bring in food for the snack bar on Tuesday if it’s easier since there is no school on Wednesday. Sarah Tycast will pick up lunch on Thursday for the staff. Volunteers will collect wine on Friday for those that signed up. Erin mentioned that there was a raffle for prizes. There are great prizes for the teachers, but not enough for every teacher. She was going to double check her list to see if we have enough volunteers for everything.

Bus driver appreciation will have a banner that all the kids will sign. They need a volunteer to stand with it while the kids get off the bus. Laurie Hurley said she will sign up for that.

2019-2020 Board Positions

Jeff Jacob said that we have board positions available for the next school year. Cheryl Fretz’ husband will be the treasurer unless someone else wants to do it. Jeff talked about how it was a great year and very enjoyable. Shannon Ilas said that joining the board is a good way to meet new people. Liz Jacob said that the new board will be supported by the old board—they will be available to help if needed. Jeff said that people can email or talk to him or Liz if they have any questions. The back of the agenda had board member descriptions. Whoever takes a position will be trained. Jeff mentioned that the PTSO needs chairs for next year too, but we need to fill the board positions first.

Garden Update

Cheryl Fretz gave a garden update. Cheryl said that the district will donate pavers for the walkways. The pollinator bed is in the garden. The garden enrichment program is going well. The enrichment class installed a bee house to attract mason bees. The PTSO purchased a garden shed, and Adam Deglmann, Aaron Rotkowski, and Jeff Jacob built it.

Homeplate/Food Drive Update

The 5th graders started a food drive. It’s going great—the food is overflowing. Kid-friendly food goes directly to kids in our district that take food home on the weekends. The rest of the food collected goes to the Home Plate program. The food drive continues through the end of May.

Meeting adjourned 9:05 AM.

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