Meeting Minutes 4/3/19

PTSO Meeting April


People in attendance:  Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Michelle Wilson, Sarah Tycast, Shannon Illas, Frances Araujo,  Laurie Hurley, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Stephanie Tomlin, Kelly Manning, Bettina Jacobs, Cheryl

Approve March Minutes- approved

Meet Christy Thompson-Running for School Board

Christy is a retired teacher.  She taught biology at Hillsboro High School.  Her children have gone to school in this district.  She volunteered at Athey Creek Middle School and the High School.  She has been volunteering for Wilsonville High School booster club.  She has also participated on researching what a new high school would look like in this school district.  Great love of schools, students and parents.  Has recently subbed in classes.  Would like to focus on priorities for budget, class sizes, helping teachers to get more tools to deal with disruptive behaviors and more mental health supports for schools.  Having parents have a voice in the curriculum-staff development.   Looking at Career and technical education and ways to expand those opportunities for students. 

Principal Update:  Great coming back to school.  Revisiting culture and community-excellence will be awarded every week.  This week we are focusing on recess and building community.  Good way to promote school spirit. 

 Student voice and spirit.  The 5th graders are going to have a food drive.  4th and 5th grade will do spirit week.  1st and 2nd grade are having a friendship table.  One student asked about a running club during recess and having training runs at recess.

  World Culture is April 18th-there are 15 countries represented so far and still time to participate if you would like to present.

School calendar has changed and last day of school will be June 11th.

There will be a music informance for 1st and 2nd grade this month.  3rd and 4th grade will have a concert in May and 5th grade will perform at

Kindergarten registration has begun-will have parent meeting soon.  Also preschool visit to kinder.

Assessments will start for SBAC in May.  Kindergarteners will be screened for dyslexia in June.  We will also start to look at placement for students for Fall.  Will look at school numbers and see what those and staffing look like.  Right now enrollment is at 385 (including preschoolers)

Instructional assistants and teachers will work together on restorative practices during next two professional growth Wednesdays. 

Mrs. Wilson would also like to have some coffee talks with parents.  Hopefully on April 19th from 8-9 am. 

Garden Art Project:  Cannot be mounted on the wall outside.  Looking at having it placed inside until they can find a new place.  Continue to collect caps-we may need more as we go so please continue to send them to school. 

Recap Family Fitness Night:  Fun for kids-Good turnout.  Lots of direct parent involvement in circuits. 

Recap NWCT:  Scheduling with rehearsals was a bit frustrating so hopefully be able to straighten it out for next year.  Difficult to get a hold of.  Costumes were in good shape this year.  NWCT is open to feed back so we should reach out.  Quality of performance is good.  Performance was great-music that went to each piece was a bit confusing.  Difficult to get in touch with people to get information.  Feedback was given last year as well. 

Pizza Bingo Night:  Everything is on track for Pizza Bingo.  Chairs will not be here next year so willing to let people shadow if they have a desire to do it next year let us know.  Repost call for volunteers please.  Two things have been signed up for-and relatively easy.  Reached out to Mrs. Pesicka for help from 5th graders.

  Just a couple of questions about how to get cash boxes and where banners are for pizza bingo.  We need popcorn for the popcorn machine. 

We need a new cooler, if we could get a new one that would be great.  Will pick up one at Costco.

Will hang fliers for Bingo this Friday.  Doors open the 12th at 5:30.   We will hopefully send flier home for preorder this week. 

Fun Run:    Event is May 3rd  Helping to finalize sponsors, will post it again on Facebook. Will need by April 9th.  Trotting for Tech this year.  Lego robotics-money will go towards that.  Also to buy new cameras for yearbook.  Money would also go towards maker corner (engineering supplies.  Line item to support assemblies.  At the kickoff kids will get packets.

April 18th will be Shop for Sunset at Maple Boutique from all of their stores.  This is how they support the Fun Run. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to be Sunny, we love to have him at the event.  We will have water squirters, limbo and bubbles to run through. 

 What is the best way to pass out charms?  If you have any ideas please let us know. 

Teacher/Bus Appreciation Week:   May 6-10, Welcome to Paradise theme.  Coffee and pastry bar, catered lunch.  Dessert bar and snack bar as well.  Got wine for teachers.  Have raffle basket for teachers to try and win.  Will put something on Facebook for request.  Will need volunteers for door decorating-precut door paper.  On sign-up sheet make sure that there is someone to decorate every teacher’s door.  Possibly ask classroom liaisons to ask for volunteers.

 Appreciation station for people to write notes to teachers.  Send out flowers that kids can write on and then be able to put on the doors.  Possibly having someone give the teachers a break so class can do it while the teacher is gone.  If you have any ideas please let us know. 

Open PTSO Board and Chair Positions for 2019/20 school year:


Vice President


Volunteer Coordinator


  If you are interested in running, please let us know.  Also, if you were the chair of an event this year and would like to continue that next year please let us know. 

Eco Team:  There are 4 teachers and 3 parents on team.  Looking at plastic bag recycling, butterfly parking strips.  Earth Day-planted underwear in the garden to see if it has been eaten we have a healthy garden.  There will be nature inspired art.  We have asked for seeds and bags to go home.  West Linn/Wilsonville school district also has eco team as well.  Looking at reusable trays, silverware.  Hopefully composting lunch scraps. 

Food Drive:   Would like to do a Spring food drive-5th graders will take that on.  Looking at doing something for Home plate.  They are start getting low on things-you can start donating apple sauce and fruit cups now.  Look at doing at the beginning of May. 

Your PTSO dollars at work:  We sponsored the 3rd grade classes in the price difference between a normal ticket to OMSI and a “special exhibit” ticket to view the PIXAR exhibit!

Meeting Minutes from 3/6/29

PTSO  Meeting  March


People in attendance: 

Jeff and Liz Jacob, Sara Rotkowski, Katie Norquist, Amanda Callahan, Kelly Manning, Sarah Tycast, Laurie Hurley, Cheryl Fretz, Michelle Englom-Deglmann, Cara Chace, Erin Weis, Melissa Rayasom, Michelle Bonham, Shannon Ilas, Danalee Corso, Brian Corso, Michelle Wilson

Approval of February Minutes-  approved

Review of Budget

February is pretty quiet.  We deposited a little over $2400 for NWCT money coming in for kids participating.  We’re on budget and we have some things coming this month, Family Fitness Night and NWCT.  More kids signed up this year than last year. 

Garden Art Project

Starting art project with all grades except preschool-but trying to find a way to get them involved.  We are creating a mural for above the garden beds.  We will find a place to mount it in panels, probably of treated wood.  Each student will get a 10×10 square, paint it and then put the recycled design on it.  Monday we got results of designs of what the mural could look like.  The first and fourth options won so Stephanie will make a design that incorporates them both.  We have a parent who can donate treated wood so we will just need particle board and paint and whatever we choose to mount it with. 

 We continue to need recycled materials so please continue to bring them in until April 1st.  The more variety the better.  We will figure out if it will be 3 or 6 panels.    It will be 25 feet long when it is finished and about 8 feet tall. 

Parent asked what volunteers can do.  Stephanie said that they could sort materials by color which would be very helpful.  If people want to volunteer to sort what has come in now it would be great.  Will reach out to classroom liaisons to help gather volunteers. 

Family Fitness Night

Free event about family fitness and nutrition.  Everyone will get a map and assigned a place to start.  Everyone will go to their place and do the circuit and spend 6 minutes at each station.  In the music room there will be a pediatric dentist and a nutritionist.  There will be snacks at the end as people are leaving and cute souvenirs.    It will be about an hour of going through the circuit and then a little cool down with the event ending at 8.  It is not an RSVP event but a come if you can.  We have a lot of people volunteering to come who have ties to Sunset so it will be great to see them working with our Sunset families.  We still need a few volunteers to help set up snacks and the gym.  It would be great to have 4-5 people if possible. 


There will be tickets at the door and concessions.  Asked 5th grade teachers for volunteers and will follow up this week.   We still need to figure out the sound system.  Will ask Ms. Wilson or the IT person.  We have volunteers who will come at 2:50. Monday all students will show up after school for rehearsal.  Parents need to send a snack.  There will be crafts for students to do while they wait for their turn.   There will be two dress rehearsals.  We have sent out an email with the songs so they will know how they go.  Performances are next Saturday, March 16th at 2 and 4 pm. 

Pizza Bingo Night

Will be April 12th at 6 pm.  Doors will open at 5:45 and the first game will be at 6:30. We will order ahead of time from Bellagio’s .  We need lots of volunteers- at least 6 people.  Would the 5th graders like to help with drinks and snacks serving.  People will be asked to prepay which makes the event run smoother.  $10/2 players and $5/one player.  Very similar to last year’s event.   Playing bingo, different games, door prizes-usually more winner per round. 

Staff Meal

Michelle Toney is running this year.  We will keep the same as last year-soup, salad dessert.  There are also a couple vegetarian options.  Michelle will pick up bowls.  Signupgenius is coming soon. 

Bond Summit Update

Shannon attended the bond summit.  Attended by 300 people.  They went over what is happening with bond.  There will be a bond on November ballot-for facilities improvements only.  In 2014 Sunset’s new building is a result of that bond.  The new bond does not propose to build a new school in West Linn but they are talking about making security improvements and putting things like air conditioning in every room.  They would also like to expand the parking lot at the high school and stadium seating.  Technology is also on the list of things to improve as well.  At CREST they will add wet labs and green houses at the middle school.    They are also looking at possibly moving Art Tech High School to Athey Creek and then building a new middle school on land that the district owns on Dollar Street.  They may also look at shifting boundaries eventually.  Depending on how much money is raised the district may need to prioritize. 

Home Plate Program

Program through West Linn School district for students who may need food on the weekends.  On Thursday they put together bags for students to take home on the weekends.  Shannon has been putting things on Facebook asking people for donations and we have been getting a lot.  They are delivered to students.  Please keep donations coming.  Usually donations tend to dwindle after the holidays so if we could get people to donate it would be great.

Fill the Jars spending

  1.  We purchased headsets for the 1/2/3 grade classes
  2. We are stocking our new garden with all the supplies our Garden committee and CREST supervisor agreed we would need to have a successful garden!  We always need volunteers. 
  3. Hiring an Art Resident to lead the students in creating a piece of art for our garden.  Our very own Sunset parent, Stephanie Tomlin will be our art resident.

WAY TO GO SUNSET!!  All because of your generous donations!