Family Fitness Night 3/8

Please join us for Family Fitness night this Friday night from 6:30-8:00 pm. We will have circuit stations with coaches, fitness instructors, medical and nutrition professionals.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be ready to move!

Meeting Minutes from 2/6/19

                                             PTSO Meeting

People in attendance

Katie Norquist, Amanda Callahan, Jeff and Liz Jacob, Kelly Manning, Sarah Tycast, Laurie Hurley, Cheryl Fretz, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Cara Chace, Erin Weiz, Sara Rotkowski, Melissa Rayasom, Shannon Ilas, Michelle Bonha, Danalee Corso, Brian Coroso and Michelle Wilson

Approve January Minutes:  January minutes approved


Family breakfast broke even.  The purpose of all family events is to break even.  First check for box tops was $225. 

Principal Update

Missed lion dancers due to snow.  Will not get back this week, but will try to get them to come back.  Tomorrow we will serve spring rolls at lunch and Friday we will have activities at lunch.  World language teacher has been doing activities with the kids.

  Multicultural night in April, with cultures and traditions.  ELD specialist is working with other teachers to plan events and we are encouraging families to sign up to share their traditions.

  STEM fair is on 28th of this month.  Give students opportunity to share their projects during the day and then in the evening.  Now is the time to get started if children want to participate.

  Today for professional growth Wednesday.  There will be 2 every month instead of 1.  One is always facilitated by leadership team and the other is teacher directed.  Focused on data and putting student learning on the table.  Today we looked at reading data-importance of knowing students well and way to support them as readers.  Used research based tools to look for ways to support students.  Helps us to create equitable experiences for all students regardless of which class a child is in.

  Kindergarten is having a new screener to look at dyslexia which is an Oregon statewide mandate.  Will help to find early intervention for students who may have difficulty with reading now or later on.  We continue to work with older students who may be having difficulty with reading.

  Health and wellness curriculum meeting was postponed due to snow.  District has wanted to be responsive to community about teaching the standards.  Second step curriculum pertains to social/emotional learning, bullying, curriculum related to refusal skills (related to Erin’s Law) to protect them from child sexual abuse.  Lessons have been going well.  There are other health and wellness standards to teach but we continue to look for other resources to teach those.  They will also have community meeting for those as well.   Nothing has changed for elementary, but middle and high school has changed.

 Bond summit will happen February 23.  Putting people to work to look at bond, we continue to need 5 families (parents) to volunteer. 

 In the next month or so Michelle would like to set up forum for restorative practices at Sunset.  How we appreciate and enlist your support in our school.  Would like to be open and transparent of behavior supports and practices at school.

  Valentine/Friendship Card Drive

  Message went out on Facebook about left over Valentine’s Day cards.  There is a box by the office to drop them in so that Mollie can help support students who may not have any for one reason or another. 

Lunar Celebration

 We still need 2 more volunteers for Friday’s event (1 more for the morning and 1 for the afternoon).  If we could reach out to classroom liaisons to see if we have any parent volunteers it would be great. 

Family Breakfast recap

  Family breakfast line was much better this year.  Prepaid was great as well.  We had a lot of donations.  We got charged for 30 more people who came.  Felt full, but more comfortable than last year.  Ordered more tables and chairs from district which helped.  We have 40 tables and 400 chairs on site and they help significantly.  Talked about doing flat fee for everyone as opposed to one price for kids and another for adults. 

Family Fitness Night

  March 8th is Family Fitness Night.  This will be the 6th year for Sunset.  It will be in the gym and there will be a circuit for people to go through.  There will be a nutrition room, soccer, Pilates.  There will also be snacks.  Do not need to be an athlete to participate.  Ways to help families be active.   Events will begin at 6:30. Please let us know if you’d like to help.  

NWCT Update

  Auditions went well.  Waiting for email for parts students have.  Play will be very cute-collaboration of Ronald Dahl.  Sounds like it will be more organized than last year.  We need some volunteers.  Times for shows are 2 and 4. 

  We will need volunteers to help tell students when to go on and helping students change costumes.  It would be great to have people trade off so that volunteers can see the show as well.   Shannon will set up Signup Genius to help elicit volunteers.    Also need people to help take money at the door and run concessions.  Need to find out from 5th grade teachers if they would like to use it as a fundraiser.  Possible have students help run the concession.  Money will go towards party at the end of the year. 

Also people to set up popcorn machines, microphones and whatnot. 

Expectations for rehearsals will vary by grade level.  Other kids will stay the whole lime, but other students will stay less time. 

Art Update

Ms. Wilson will talk with teachers.  We continue to need volunteers from classrooms who can help.  We are looking at getting an artist in residence.  Want to make sure that parents are aware of what the commitment will be.  We try to have the larger projects be no longer than an hour at time (ex-mural took 4 hours).  Parents will not necessary be with their child’s class. 

  Art literacy might come in the fall but we would need 1-2 volunteer for garden projects.    Will have students and teachers vote on what the art project should be.  First we need to know who is interested.  

Goal is to have it completed by the Fun Run in May. 

Asked if we recycle glue sticks or Crayola markers.  Michelle said if we had volunteers that would be great.  Will check with eco team to see if that would be a next step. 

Garden Update

    Garden has evolved and has put together list of things that we would need.  Becky at Crest is putting together proposal so they can look at what curriculum it would touch on.  Also trying to align it so that the students would use it.

  Also looking at composting but trying to figure out what we can do with food scraps.  We are buying most of what we need this next week.  We need volunteers.  Becky would like to add an enrichment class after school. 

  We can also look to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to volunteer for things in the garden as well.   

Liz said that at Trillium was that students having job of helping compost.  Michelle said that having a waste audit so that kids know what can be composted and what can not

Upcoming Events

March 8th  6:30-8pm  Family Fitness Night

March 11-15  NWCT Rehearsals

March 16th 2 and 4 pm  NWCT performance

March 20th  2nd and 3rd grade families provide staff meals for conferences

March 25th-29th Spring Break