Meeting Minutes from 11/7/18

PTSO Meeting Minutes
November 7, 2018
The following handouts were provided:
• Financial Report
• Meeting Agenda
Liz Jacob, Jeff Jacob, Sara Rotkowski, Aaron Rotkowski, Stacy Barger, Lindsay Mantell, Patti Hardie, Cara Chance, Mille Engblom-Deglmann, Rachel Strachan, Josephine Tang, Kelsey Mogyn, Betsy Strumm, Sarah Tycast, Heather Goodrich, Frances Araujo, Claire Reley, Erin Weir, Melissa Rayasam, Polly Meek, Michelle Bonham, Cheryl Fretz, Shannon Ilas, Michelle Toney, Katie

Meeting called to order at 6:30
Meeting minutes approved from October 2018

Financial Report
• Fill the Jars is almost at $7000. Just popsicle costs.
• First beaking brought in $25
• $770 raised from spirit wear order
• Barn Blast brought in $2,113- we have $400 to spear. Goal is to break even and we should be able to do that
• Expenses are normal-some teachers are asking for reimbursement. Biggest expense was art carts
• Amazon Smile-$87 so far. Good to remind people when they are buying Christmas presents. A portion of it will go to the

Kid Kreations
Sarah explained Kid Kreations. All students completed an art lesson with their teachers. We send them out and them out and they will be back before Christmas. Paper orders went out today. Bulk of the orders were completed online. People may be able to order until Friday. You will no longer be able to order and have shipped to the school. We should make about $2500. Orders should arrive mid- December. Will go home with students before Christmas break.

Similar to Amazon smile-you can go online and order gift cards. Just buying gift cards through Scrip and school makes a profit. You can order through paper copy or online. In order to receive your physical gift card before Christmas you must order before Thursday, December 14. Make check out to Sunset PTSO. This is able to be used year round but makes a great gift. There is the potential to make a lot of money this way so we should encourage people to use. We need a chair for Scrip to keep track. Chair needs to approve orders. Right now all of the people who are using it are online. Anyone can use-just need the family code.
Please have families continue to collect boxtops.

How to spend Fill The Jars money
Garden and art projects at school. For $2000 we can winterize or plant something. Website, Farm to School with lessons for each grade level. Each grade gets a bed. 5th grade can help decide what goes together in a bed and then it will go to food insecure families. Then decide what to plant in the spring.
Mrs. Wilson would like for us to come with a proposal so that they can help approve what things we need to buy. Stephanie Tomlinson volunteered to be a co-chair, we just need a chair. There is art literacy, we can also buy kiln accessories. There is a person who will get quotes for those things. Asked if someone who co-chairs has to be an artist. Would love to have students create something that would be in the school forever. There is curriculum that we can buy and possibly get an art resident who would go from class to class.
Other schools have had parents come in and create curriculum as well. We could borrow lessons from other schools and then spend money on supplies.
Would Kiln be part of the day? Yes, if the art that was used needed to be fired.
Liaisons would ask teachers what they would like to do. Many said that an artist in residence would be great.
They will frame last year and this years whole school pictures.

Directory Update
We have 120 families signed up for directory. Just continue to encourage families to sign up. There are step by step instructions on the website and they were sent home
Volunteer Needs
Art Co-Chair
Scrip Chair
NW Children’s Theater Co-Chairs March 11-16 (Parents are point people for the directors to help with supervision at rehearsals, costume repairs and sets, also things the night of. Lots of organizing volunteers and being free that week to help directors with whatever they need. Making sure that people know about auditions and what not. Anyone can be a part of the play and no one gets cut. Just students on stage.

Barn Blast Report
Kids loved Barn Blast and Spooky bus. Lots of people-had to order more pizza. Realizing that more people will come. Possibly charging $5 so we don’t need as many dollar bills. Possibly giving out tickets as opposed to having volunteers having to handle money. Prepay can also help being able to determine how many people are coming so that we can order appropriately. Pay for everything at the door and then only having to do it once. Time was fine. Possibly having 5th graders help.

Upcoming Events
Movie Night-December 7th: There will be popcorn, movie and a raffle for the movie at the end of the night.
Scrip deadline is Thursday, December 14th in order to receive before Christmas.
Next PTSO meeting is December 5th from 7:55-8:55 am