Kids Kreations Art Fundraiser is here – DUE NOV 6!!!


This September, all of our students worked to create an original piece of art for our Kids Kreations Fundraiser.  We have just received back the art and order sheets and they should be coming home in the next few days.

If you don’t have experience with this art fundraiser, or if you need a reminder, here’s the short version:

The students made their art and we sent it to the Kids Kreations folks, who have made a FREE sheet of stickers for each student.  The art and stickers will be coming home ASAP along with an order sheet for products if you wish to order.  This is the cool part! You can choose from over 50 products (mugs, notecards, pillows, coasters, keychains, and more!) to order with your kid’s art on it. The Sunset PTSO makes a percentage of the total order that we place this fall.  Samples will be up at school on today.

Ordering instructions will be in your packet – you can use the order sheet and pay with check/cash or you can order online with your student’s ArtID (also in packet).  Orders are DUE back to us on NOVEMBER 6 so we can stay on a timeline to get the products back by mid-Dec so people can send out for holiday gifts if you wish.

Other details:

  • The stickers are yours to keep.  You are not obligated to buy anything!
  • You can also access your children’s art from past years!  For instance, if you decide you want to have a tile for each year but didn’t think of it last year, you can order it now for last year and this year!  Just enter the last name in the search bar on the website:
  • You can order art after the deadline, but you will pay WAY more in shipping.  As long as you order by the deadline, online or on paper, and choose the “ship to school” option, you pay max $5 in shipping and the rest is subsidized by the company as part of the fundraiser.
  • You can upload other original art to be made into products!  If you have another child who wants to do it (or maybe you are artsy and want to make something yourself!) there is a button to upload on the website and you can order products for the fundraiser!

This is such a fun, creative project.  It’s honestly a bonus that we get some money from it – the best part is to see the kids so excited about their creations and have some special keepsakes to remember these ages!

Questions?  Let us know!

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