Kids Kreations Art Fundraiser is here – DUE NOV 6!!!


This September, all of our students worked to create an original piece of art for our Kids Kreations Fundraiser.  We have just received back the art and order sheets and they should be coming home in the next few days.

If you don’t have experience with this art fundraiser, or if you need a reminder, here’s the short version:

The students made their art and we sent it to the Kids Kreations folks, who have made a FREE sheet of stickers for each student.  The art and stickers will be coming home ASAP along with an order sheet for products if you wish to order.  This is the cool part! You can choose from over 50 products (mugs, notecards, pillows, coasters, keychains, and more!) to order with your kid’s art on it. The Sunset PTSO makes a percentage of the total order that we place this fall.  Samples will be up at school on today.

Ordering instructions will be in your packet – you can use the order sheet and pay with check/cash or you can order online with your student’s ArtID (also in packet).  Orders are DUE back to us on NOVEMBER 6 so we can stay on a timeline to get the products back by mid-Dec so people can send out for holiday gifts if you wish.

Other details:

  • The stickers are yours to keep.  You are not obligated to buy anything!
  • You can also access your children’s art from past years!  For instance, if you decide you want to have a tile for each year but didn’t think of it last year, you can order it now for last year and this year!  Just enter the last name in the search bar on the website:
  • You can order art after the deadline, but you will pay WAY more in shipping.  As long as you order by the deadline, online or on paper, and choose the “ship to school” option, you pay max $5 in shipping and the rest is subsidized by the company as part of the fundraiser.
  • You can upload other original art to be made into products!  If you have another child who wants to do it (or maybe you are artsy and want to make something yourself!) there is a button to upload on the website and you can order products for the fundraiser!

This is such a fun, creative project.  It’s honestly a bonus that we get some money from it – the best part is to see the kids so excited about their creations and have some special keepsakes to remember these ages!

Questions?  Let us know!

Sarah Tycast –

Emily Gilbo –





  • Way to go Sunset!  Thanks to your help we exceeded our goal of $4000 for Fill The Jars and raised over $6100!  Thank you to our awesome Chair for this fundraiser, Michelle Toney!
  • Thanks to all of you who purchased spirit wear last month. So far we’ve raid $750!  If you did not have the opportunity to complete a paper order there is still time to order online:
  • Our online directory is taking the place of the paper version.  The PTSO has sponsored this online copy for the first year. Just a reminder, in order to be included you need to log in at: We are unable to automatically add each family, however, enrolling is quick and easy!


            Upcoming Events

10/22-10/26 Book Fair

10/26 Barn Blast 6-8pm

11/7 PTSO Meeting  6:30-7:30

October PTSO Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2018

   PTSO Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:32pm.  The meeting was streamed on Facebook


The following handouts were provided:

  • Fill the Jars
  • Sunset Online Directory
  • Agenda
  • Budget


Amanda and Keira Callahan, Liz and Jeff Jacob, Melissa Rayasam, Michelle Engblom-Deglmann,, Cara Chace, Kelsey Maggi, James Compton, Polly Meek, Michelle Bonham, Sarah Fladwood-Handley, Larissa Ellis, Heather Goodrich, Cheryl Fretz, Sam Burton, Emily Goodwin, Dana Midles, Beth Mavewell, Betsy Stumma, Sarah Tycast, Rebecca Sanchez, Claire Riley, Emily Guerrero, Laurie Hurley, Michelle Toney, Abby Cyman, Branden Combs, Shannon Ilas, Aaron Rotkowski, Sara Rotkowski,


Jeff talked about how we could all be a part of PTSO and mission statement was read in order for people to have a clear understanding of what we do and how we can support school.

Quick overview of agenda.


We have raised almost to 2000 after the first week of Fill The Jars.  Spiritwear has been ordered.  We have broken even with $75 left over.  Some random income $630-possibly from corporate donation.  Make sure that you give Katie expense reimbursement and that it is signed.  If you put them in Katie’s box she will get back to you.  No questions.

Barn blast update

Sarah Liddell-barn blast has Halloween theme.  Coincides with book fair.  Raises money so that we can get more books.  Time for families to come and celebrate the season.  Cost at the door is $2/person or $6/family.  You get entry and every child gets candy.  Kids can wear costumes.  Fliers will be printed.  Scholarships will be available for people who need.  Wil sell Bellagio’s pizza and water.  People will pay at the table.  Pizza can be preordered and will be here ahead of time.  Presto the magician will perform and do magic tricks.  Sarah asked about sound system and whether or not we can use it.  Mrs. Wilson said that we could and she will help us use it.  They had asked if we could by a portable sound system that the PTSO could use.  We do not have money in the budget right now.

Bus company would like to come in as well.  Sent information about either a haunted bus or a monster bus where kids could have a sensory experience (put hands in spaghetti, etc).

There will also be crafts this year.  There will be a spooky walk as well.  Asked if we still wanted to do a spooky walk (Harry Potter World).  Kids could create their own wands to go with theme.  Hoping to do this as well.  Also discussed the possibility of carnival games.  We would need people to man the games.  Any feedback would be great.   October 26th from 6-8.

Someone asked question if Presto begins at 7 there will be an onslot of people who will want to see the show. Show lasts about 45 minutes.  What will other people do? Make sure that people will enjoy the other activities as well.  Do we need spooky walk?  If people have questions they can email sarah@

Liz said that Aaron found a portable loud system for $300 on Amazon.  We could use money from Fill the Jars.  They also have one at Costco.  Mr. Compton says that Sunset already has a portable sound system.

Parent asked if we could ask kids and parents for song requests.  We could also ask if each class would like to pick a few songs to build a sense of community.

We could also do away with spooky walk and then add in the cake walk.  How to make it equitable because we would need prizes.  Possibly a costume contest.  One parent also said at their old school they could call out all princesses for example-then no one is upset that they didn’t win.

A photo booth would also be an idea.  Discussed where we would need to put it.  Could we put them on googledrive and pull them off.

Jeff asked how many people were classroom liaisons.  We had a lot of parents from classroom.  Excited that so many people attended.  They are the key of sending spark through classrooms and families of grades. Ways for families to get to know each other.

Principal update

Michelle Wilson introduced herself.  Excited to talk with children and find out how school year is going.  It has been a strong start to the school year.  Excited to get to know students and know them well.  Theme for the year is working on building community.  Looking for sense of connectiveness and ways to help celebrate student learning as well as how we’re connecting across the community.  Lots of discussion about social/emotional learning.  All of these play an important part in learning.  Helps with things such as setting goals.  Building their capacity by building social/emotional health.  Ways to help students be interactive in their community.

Using circles-knowing each other deeply.  Relationship between teacher/student and student/student.  Making sure that every student feels connected.

Wonderful turnout in classrooms for Curriculum Night.  Asked about what else school can do to make this night meaningful for everyone.

Friday assemblies to help unpack the touchstone standards.  Parents are welcome to come as well.  Please feel free to come and talk any time.  Would also like to do some things where parents can come and have coffee with the principal.

Molly-school counselor also talked about social/emotional learning.   School district has adopted Second Steps.  Different theme every week.  It also has personal safety unit.  Ms. Molly teaches the personal safety unit.  Discussed Erin’s law.  Based on preventing sexual abuse in schools.  Every student receives 4 lessons every year.  Students will be taught to understand what is and are given refusal skills to be able to stay safe.  Ms. Molly will work with one grade level at a time.  Sending out letter to everyone.  Parents will get overview of lessons before they are taught.

Curriculum will be available for parents to look at if they would like.  The talking points are as follows:  Never, never rules, ways to stay safe recognize if it is safe.  Feelings-most important place to go for information and always ask a grownup rule.  Second lesson-unsafe and unwanted touch-you don’t want it and your body is your own.  Third lesson is private body parts rule.  No one touches your body parts and you don’t touch anyone else’s.   Also, that no one should ever tell you to keep a secret about touch.   As a school district they have decided which stories we’re going to use.  Picked carefully so that students would get concepts but not be overstressed by them.  Last lesson is review and teaching kids how to tell so that they can get help.

Letter about curriculum is going home Friday.  Ms. Molly will be available to talk to parents if they would like.  If there is feedback or think it would be good to have a parent night she would be glad to do that.  There will also be home links.  Parent asked if they could get stories ahead of time so that she would know it as well.

Parent asked if they would get a copy of curriculum.  They will send link ahead of time.

Fill the jars

Great turn out so far.  Kids can continue to bring in money.  They will leave donation open until Thursday during conferences.  There will be a raffle and every team will win a prize.  Team that brings in most money will win WWE belt.

Still need someone to wear the Eagle costume at assembly on Friday.  People can also donate online.  Preschool has also been participating.

Still trying to decide what money will be used for.  Possibly a frame for last year’s whole school picture and hanging them in the school.  There is also a kiln at school- so possibly something to do with that.  Some of the money could also go to the garden as well.  We could also get an art literacy curriculum.  Mrs. Wilson will talk to the teachers and ask if they would be interest in art literacy curriculum as well.  Garden needs work.  We have a parent who would chair the garden-needs a co-chair.  Could also buy a brick that would be put near the garden.  Looking into someone who can engrave them.


5th grade Leadership curriculum  could also be bought with the money.

Classroom liaisons

Liaison’s job would be communicating with teachers about what’s happening at PTSO.  Putting together a little blurb for class.  Encouraging parents to sign up for online directory so that they can get all of the information.  Will get all liaisons together so that they can work out how to build community in their classrooms.

Online directory is so that people moving in can also be put into the list so they can be a part of it as well.  Please include link in the newsletter so that parents know that they can sign up.

It would also be a place where they can could let people know about scholarships as well.  Will also reach out to families.

Parent Education

Michelle has put together a list of potential topics that parents are interested in learning about.

Moved to approve minutes and Laurie Hurley seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Respectively submitted by Michelle Bonham














  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Fill The Jars campaign!  Our fundraiser will conclude on October 11th.  Keep sending in that change and fill those jars!
  • We are excited to announce a new online directory at Sunset. You can use it to search by teacher, class level, student, and more!  To make it work we need everyone to register and add your family.  This directory can only be seen by Sunset faculty and staff and you decide what information they see.  To sign up, go to
  • Planning conferences are coming next week and we’ll have dinner for our wonderful Sunset staff on October 9th put on by our 4th and 5th grade parents. Thank you to all of those who have volunteered to donate dishes for dinner.
  • You can find PTSO news on Facebook, the PTSO website and through the Sunset newsletter.
  • Upcoming Events:

October 11: Fill The Jars fundraiser ends

October 22-26 Book Fair

October 26 Barn Blast