Sunset PTSO Meeting Minutes 10/4/17

Sunset PTSO October Meeting Minutes

6:30pm, Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Shannon Ilas, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Katie Norquist, Volunteer Coordinator Liz Jacob, Principal Michelle Wilson, Emily Goodwin, Darcy Peak, Sarah Duffin, Jenny Frank, Michelle Toney, Stacey Mastromonaco, Frances Araujo, Kelly Manning, Claire Riley, Megan Sullivan, Sarah Liddell and guest presenter Pam Pearce.


Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 6:36pm.


Welcome and Introductions

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The August minutes were reviewed and approved after a motion from Darcy Peak and a second from Jenny Frank.


Financial Report

Treasurer, Katie Norquist, handed out the first quarter Sunset PTSO 17/18 annual budget for review. Everything is similar to last year’s budget. The following was reviewed:

  • Back to School BBQ- sold $280 (more than we expected) which gave a cushion
  • Fall Fundraiser- Have deposited $900 so far, but there is more from this week to deposit. Fall fundraiser chair Michelle Toney said that as of 10/4, we have raised $1,632 and change.


Community Living Above: Presentation by Pam Pearce

Pam Pearce presented to the group about her story of addiction and recovery, which lead to an opportunity to lead a 5013C called Community Living Above (CLA). It is a teen drug prevention organization that is based on community collaboration for a drug-free teen youth.

CLA was recently selected for Facing Addiction’s Pilot Project, making West Linn one of just 15 cities to be selected by the national nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions and providing resources for drug abuse prevention. The pilot project will work to reform the public response to the addiction crisis in the communities selected via a grassroots-driven campaign strategy. Lessons learned will help develop a grassroots template accessible for any community across the country.

With West Linn being one of the Pilot cities, she was asking for help from our group. Primary school age is the best time to start talking to children about drugs and alcohol so we can help nip it in the bud before they have a thought of it. Let our children know it is ok not to do it and not to put poison in their bodies. According to Pam, 12% of children use drugs and alcohol regularly. If we can get our kids to wait to experiment until 17 years old, 70% will outrun the disease. If they wait until over 21 years old, 90% can outrun it.

An upcoming event will be posted on the Sunset PTSO Facebook page. On October 19, a Community Forum-Speaker Panel will be held at West Linn High School. At the event, they will be looking for individuals and organizations to help create a network of support for individuals and families who may be in crisis.



  • Fall Fundraiser: Michelle updated the group on the progress so far. About one third of the money has been raised (our goal is $4000). The top fundraising class will be rewarded. Suggestions from the group included having Sunny the Eagle (our mascot) make an appearance at a Friday school meeting to raise awareness; asking teachers to send out reminders to their parents and having whoever is counting the money that day encourage the class to donate.


  • Beaking: People would purchase a set number of Eagles and choose a yard in the community to be the recipients. It would promote school pride. Since Sunny the Eagle is our mascot, the idea was to call it being beaked. Darcy updated the group on this new fundraiser:
    • Darcy contacted a sign company and we are getting two sets of eight yard signs.
    • There will be a beaking committee who will put the signs in yards and collect them.
    • A flyer will go home to tell people how it works and encourage people to take a picture of their yard and post on the Sunset PTSO Facebook page.
    • Still figuring out pricing, how long to keep them at people’s houses and how people who want to beak someone else will pay.
    • Upgraded packages will be offered- birthday, good luck, congratulations, etc.
    • Suggestions from the group included:
      • Making an email address like for people to order
      • $25 for beaking and $5 for upgrades
      • Pick up from yards in 48 hours
      • Beaking teachers during teacher appreciation week
      • Posting videos of the beaking committee putting up the yard signs


  • Kids Kreations: This an art fundraiser where kids make high quality art in their classroom and the company will make a variety of products with the kid’s art on it. The school receives a percentage of the profits and it doesn’t cost us anything but time for the kids to create their art. We are hoping to get the art created in the next few weeks so that ordered products can be received in time for Christmas.


Upcoming Events

  • Barn Blast: October 27th
  • Chair Sarah Liddell gave an update:
    • Megan Sullivan and Sheri Brooks have offered to co-chair with Sarah
    • 4 main parts of the event:
      • Spooky Walk (starts at walkway from school entrance to playground)
      • Gym- pizza, dancing and group games (pumpkin walk, etc.)
      • Craft table – Emily Gilbo helping (area to do crafty things)
      • Book Fair- in library
    • Need Volunteers for set up, clean up, food, collecting money at the door; stationed in spooky walk. The more people we have, the less time to volunteer and more enjoyable for everyone.
    • Annual crafty party will be held on October 20th at Sarah Liddell’s house.
    • If you have ideas- talent- or know someone- contact Sarah Liddell


  • Social EventsNew!
    • Stacey Mastromonaco used to be the social chair for her old school, which had a large and engaged PTA. She has offered to be the Sunset PTSO Social Chair because she wants us to build a parent community.. The following are events she is planning:
      • BurnCycle- November 11th
        • in Lake Oswego
        • Instructor is Ms. Ellis’ daughter
        • They donated studio time and instructor is donating time
        • $20 to get in
        • Maybe go somewhere afterwards
        • 25 minimum participants- 44 maximum
      • Tumwater Vineyard Wine Night: December 7th (Thursday)
        • Fits 85 people and they will need to sign up
        • Includes 1 glass of wine and heavy appetizers
        • $20/$25 range
      • Other Ideas- from Stacey and the group
        • Go out after PTSO meetings- build community
        • Sunshine Committee that would provide meals and other things for people who just had a baby, are going through an illness, etc.
        • Sunset Bunco group


  • NW Children’s Theater Production
    • Sarah brought to the group’s attention that the production is supposed to be next month, but we still don’t have any co-chairs. In addition, this production coincides with another community production from Krayon Kids. So it was suggested that we move this event to the last week in January. NW Children’s Theater was fine with this. Also, if we move it to January, Katie Christensen and Susie Morgan will be co-chairs.
    • Sarah proposed we move it and the group agreed. Auditions would be held a couple weeks prior and scripts would be handed out at the end of audition week. All grade levels would be invited to participate and all rehearsals would be done in one week. We provide the kids and NW Children’s Theater provides everything else. It will cost $4,000 and we will offset some of the costs by selling popcorn and flowers at the event.


Additional Items

  • Spirit Wear
    • We used to have school spirit wear, but we haven’t had anything new in four years. Both Liz and Darcy have connections with designers, we just need someone to spearhead this. If anyone is interested, please talk to Sarah or Liz.


Principal Update

Principal Wilson gave an update to the PTSO which included:

  • The school dedication last week was well attended and will be in this week’s paper.
  • Teachers are working hard on goal setting conferences. Between assessments and establishing partnerships and connections with their students.
  • There is a new model which has five dimensions and involves classroom culture/environment and how it extends across the school. Really focusing on “I” messages, empathy and boundaries with one another.
  • Book Fair is coming up and there will be a parent coffee on Wednesday of that week.
  • Hoping to start a Monthly Coffee with Michelle to give parents time to talk with her. It will be first thing in the morning.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich