PTSO Meeting Minutes 8/29/17

Sunset PTSO August/September Meeting Minutes

8:30am, Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Shannon Ilas, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Katie Norquist, Volunteer Coordinator Liz Jacob, Principal Michelle Wilson, Instructional Coordinator Willow McCormick,Caitlin Scales, Scott Scales, Emily Guerreno, Amanda Callahan, Laurie Hurley, Dana Midles, Lana Tucker, Darcy Peak, Mai Sorenson, Emily Gilbo, Sarah Duffin, Claire Riley, Jenny Frank, Stacy Barger, Lucie Shook, Bettina Jacobs, Linda Ta, Jenessa Dixon, Michelle Toney, Allison Lorenzen, Amy Varga, Jessica Lew, Cheryl Landazuri, Karen Compton, Stephanie Tomlin, Caitlin Rychel, Patty Dawson, Noy Bunn and Jacob Faust from Eco-School Network.


Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 8:25am.


Welcome and Introductions

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The June 2017 minutes were reviewed and approved after a motion from Darcy Peak and a second from Laurie Hurley.


2017-2018 Calendar Review

  • PTSO Meetings
    • Most monthly PTSO meetings will be held at 6:30pm in the evening, with the August/September, December and May meetings at 9:30am.
    • The PTSO has a website with the current calendar, meeting minutes and other helpful items. Go to and sign up on the lower right hand side to follow the blog. Any calendar changes will be updated here.
  • Back to School Picnic
    • Will be held on September 15th behind the gym on the covered concrete area. Families should bring chairs and we are hoping the school will also put out tables.
    • Flyers will come home with children about the event and offering a pre-pay option for dinner. You can also pay at the event or bring your own dinner.
  • Fall Fundraiser: Fill the Jars
    • We need a chairperson for this fundraiser- let Sarah or Liz know if you are interested. Can be a single person or a group of people.
    • This fundraiser is a check writing campaign. We want children to bring in checks, cash and change. The goal is to raise $4000 and we are still deciding what the money will go for. The last couple of years, funds from this fundraiser bought non-fiction books for classrooms.
  • Chairs for Fundraisers
    • Liz made a list on the calendar where we need event chairs:
      • Fall Fundraiser: need a chair or co-chairs- NEED NOW!
      • Barn Blast: Need a co-chair with Sarah Liddell- NEED NOW!
      • NW Children’s Theater Performance: Need a co-chair with Susie Morgan
      • Winter Movie Night: need a chair or co-chairs
      • Family Breakfast: need a chair or co-chairs
      • Fun Run: need a chair or co-chairs
      • Staff Appreciation Week: need a co-chair with Frances Araujo



Financial Report

Treasurer, Katie Norquist, handed out the Sunset PTSO 17/18 annual budget for review. Everything is similar to last year’s budget. The following was discussed:

  • Items to be changed if voted (later in meeting):
    • Moving money from tax accountant to staff appreciation luncheon
    • Moving money from Popsicle Palooza- moving 200 to “Beaking” fundraiser
  • We still have money left over from the Fun Run. It was dedicated to the Artist in Residence project last year which designed the tree and the mosaic in the new school. After paying the artist, we still have funds to be used towards the arts (since that is what we said we would do with the money when we raised the funds).  Sarah suggested putting some of it towards the NW Children’s Theater. We are switching from Missoula and it will cost quite a bit more. If we dedicate some of the leftover funds, the cost per participant will be similar to last year. It was also discussed to use part of the money for art literacy in the school and supporting an art literacy parent or parents.


Center for Earth Leadership: Eco-School Network Presentation by Jacob Foust

Eco-School Networks are composed of parents leading projects at elementary schools with a goal to introduce sustainable practices and raise eco-awareness with the children. This presentation was to introduce himself and the network to the PTSO and build an opportunity to work together and develop initiatives with the new school.  

It was suggested that Sunset let parents know what type of sustainable practices were put into the new school.

For more information, contact Jacob Faust at or go to


Fundraising Overview

At Sunset Primary, instead of selling things to raise funds for the school, we have two donation campaigns: Fill the Jars and Fun Run. The Fall Fundraiser still needs a chair and will be previewed at curriculum night. The Fun Run will be a Star Wars theme: May the 4th be with you.

The other fundraisers are ongoing throughout the year and include:

  • “Beaking”- People would purchase a set number of Eagles and choose a yard in the community to be the recipients. It would promote school pride. Since Sunny the Eagle is our mascot, the idea was to call it being beaked.
  • AmazonSmile- When you shop on Amazon, if you go to and select Sunset School PTSO, a portion of your order will come back to the school.
  • Box Tops- Collect “Box Tops for Education” from the tops of hundreds of products and send them to school with your children. The school receives 10 cents per box top collected. Box Top flyers will be going home the first week of school.  Amber Duncan is the Sunset Box Top Coordinator.

Sarah brought up an idea that was brought to the PTSO last spring. Kids Kreations is an art fundraiser where kids make high quality art in their classroom and the company will make a variety of products with the kid’s art on it. Items include water bottles, cards, Tshirts, blankets, etc. The school receives a percentage of the profits and it doesn’t cost us anything but time for the kids to create their art. We are hoping to get the art created in the next few weeks so that ordered products can be received in time for Christmas. If there are any parents who would be willing to teach an art class, let the PTSO know.


Items for Vote

Sarah brought the following items up for a vote from the PTSO:

  • Move $200 from Popsicle Palooza to “Beaking” Fundraiser startup costs.
    • Popsicle Palooza was overfunded and will not be over budget with this move.
    • Darcy Peak moved and Liz Jacob seconded the motion. It was approved to move the funds.
  • Increase Staff Luncheons/Appreciation budget to $1300 by moving funds from the tax accountant line item.
    • Current treasurer, Katie Norquist, can prepare the taxes.
    • Karen Compton moved and Laurie Hurley seconded the motion. It was approved to move the funds.
  • Addendum to bylaws: extending board membership to 3 years- vote to drop temporary addendum
    • In 2016, an addendum to the PTSO bylaws was added to extend maximum board membership from two to three years. This was due to no interest in PTSO positions, so those who had already served two years stayed a third year. Since there is much more interest, Sarah asked to remove the addendum.
    • Laurie Hurley moved and Darcy Peak seconded the motion. It was approved to remove the addendum.


Principal Update

New Principal Michelle Wilson gave an update to the PTSO. Her goal is to build a culture of cooperative and contributing citizens with a strong connective sense of community. She spoke of new procedures, like the five point scale to help children be aware of themselves and others.  She also thanked the PTSO for the back-to-school lunch the previous week and the Popsicle Palooza.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:25am.


Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich