PTSO Meeting Minutes 6/7/17

SUNSET PTSO June Meeting Minutes

6:30pm Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator, Amber Duncan, Principal Lisa Hawking, Shannon Ilas, Tyler Toney, Michelle Toney, Katie Norquist, Liz Jacob, Kelly Manning and Grady Manning.


Welcome and Introductions

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The April and May meeting minutes were reviewed. Lisa corrected the May minutes to state that school will end at 11:10 on the last day of school, not 11:20am. After a motion from Lisa and a second from Becky, both the April and May minutes were approved with the time correction.


Financial Report

Treasurer, Becky Wilson, gave the financial report, which included:

  • The last PTSO event- Pizza Bingo- was very successful. We budgeted $1700 for the event and brought in $1791. This is not a money making event so we were happy to be close to even.
  • Teachers are still turning in expense reimbursements.
  • Purchased non-fiction books with the money raised from the Fall fundraiser.
  • From the Spring fundraiser, we paid for the artist- specifically the tree and part of the mosaic. We have funds in reserve to hang the mosaic in the new school in the Fall.  
  • We raised $16,000 less expenses during the Spring fundraiser. The artist was $6,000 and we still have $8000 or $8500 that needs to be allocated to art (since that is what we said we would do with the funds from the Spring Fundraiser).
    • We will figure out something to do for the new school in fall.
    • If you have any ideas, please forward to Sarah Tycast.
  • We made $30 from AmazonSmile. Remember to go to AmazonSmile and choose Sunset Primary when you shop on Amazon.


PTSO Board Elections 2017-2018

Sarah sent nomination forms home with children for the 2017-2018 PTSO board. We received nominations for each open position and Sarah Tycast was nominated to serve as President for a second year and Heather Goodrich was nominated to serve as Secretary for a second year.

Sarah motioned to approve the new proposed board and Heather seconded the motion. The approved board for 2017-2018 is:

  • Sarah Tycast, President
  • Shannon Ilas, Vice President
  • Heather Goodrich, Secretary
  • Katie Norquist, Treasurer
  • Liz Jacob, Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you to all who stepped up to serve on the board next year.


Preliminary 2017-2018 PTSO Calendar

Remember 7:50am in the new start time next year.

  • August 24th @ 2:30pm: Open House and school supply drop off.
    • Doors won’t open until 2:30
    • 5th graders will go in first so that they can give tours of the new school to the Preschool-4th graders and their families. They will be wearing name tags to show that they are there to help.
  • September 8th @ 5:30pm: Back to School Picnic
    • This is the day after curriculum night. Becky confirmed that this is NOT the same back to school night as Rosemont. Rosemont’s is September 1st.
  • December 1st (maybe): Movie Night
    • The school used to movie night in gym. Families would bring chairs and wear their pajamas.  
    • The PTSO would like to try this again. We will find somewhere in the budget to put it in so that is is a fun, free event for the entire family. We hope to sell popcorn and possibly hot chocolate.
  • January 26th: Family Breakfast
    • There was a discussion that with a 7:50am start time, there might not be enough time if we start the breakfast at 7am. It will be held in the multi-purpose room since the new school doesn’t have a cafeteria.
    • It was decided that we wouldn’t start earlier this year. If there isn’t enough time, we will look at moving the start time earlier in following years.
  • April 14th- very tentative date! (Saturday): Pizza Bingo
    • This event is usually on a Friday and has been very successful. Previously, it has been held in May, but with the Fun Run, Staff Appreciation Week and Kindergarten Open House, we decided to move it to April.
    • There was a discussion of moving the event from Friday to Saturday night due to Spring sports. Lisa and Sarah will look into what is involved on holding it on a Saturday.
  • Monthly PTSO meetings:
    • The new board will figure out meeting times and dates for 2017-2018.


Fundraising Ideas

The PTSO would like to look for additional fundraising opportunities for Sunset. We will keep our Fall and Spring Fundraisers because between those, we have been consistently raising $20,000 per year.

The goal is to not have the children sell items that people don’t really want. Ideas that were presented at the meeting were:

  • Pottery Painting Night
    • Sunset used to do this and we are thinking of putting this as a station at the Back to School Picnic. We would only have to buy the paint because the school has a kiln.
  • Flocking Fundraiser
    • People would purchase a set number of something (Eagles, Flamingos, etc.) and choose the same number of yards in the community to be the recipients. Since Sunny the Eagle is our mascot, the idea was to call it being pecked or beaked.
  • Kids Kreations
    • Kids Kreations specializes in transforming original works of art into personalized gifts and keepsakes.
    • This would be something to do at the beginning of the year and built into school curriculum. Every child that wanted to participate would be sent special paper, create their artwork and send it back. Parents would be able to order things like cards, bags, etc. to arrive in time for Christmas.
    • The school that Amber works at has done it and it was very successful.
  • Snap Fundraising
    • Tyler Toney suggested this because it has been successful for the high school football team he coaches.
    • Each class or the whole school would make a video of what the funds raised would be for. Children would have the opportunity to bring in email addresses of people outside the household and/or it could be shared on Facebook. There would not be a minimum for each child for emails, but the competition could be between classes on how much was raised.
    • The school gets to keep 90% of the money raised. Snap would film the videos and there would be no cost from our end to get it up and running. It was suggested to tie in with the Fall Fundraiser.
  • Tiles for Sunset
    • Children would buy a tile, put their name on it and it could be put on an exterior wall of the new school. Lisa will talk to the District about the possibilty of doing this and where to do it. .
  • Restaurants
    • Other schools partner with restaurants to earn a percentage of profits on a night. We would like to look more into this.



Children’s Theater

We have made the decision cut ties with Missoula. We are going to use NW Children’s Theater. It will be similar to last year with the entire event lasting a week- including practices and performance.They can take 50-75 students and it will be a traditional musical production. Susie Morgan has volunteers to be the chair for this event. The cost is $1100 more than Missoula, so the board will look at where that money will come from the budget.


Other Updates- Principle Hawking

  • Sunset has ordered an e-book subscription that teachers can use with classrooms and families can use at home. With this format, you can choose to have it read to your or you can read it yourself. It has 246 books with it and will be coming in the Fall. It is similar to Tumblebooks, but has more non-fiction books.
  • CampFire was selected as the Before and After school care for Sunset Primary. They will be at five out of the six Primary schools in West Linn for the 17-18 year.


Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm..

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich