PTSO Meeting Minutes 5/3/17

Sunset PTSO May Meeting Minutes

9:30am Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Susie Morgan, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Principal Lisa Hawking, Kelly Manning, Katie Rasouli, Liz Jacob, Jessica Nazario, and Michelle Toney.


Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 9:30am.

Welcome and Introductions

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The April meeting minutes will be reviewed with the May meeting minutes at the June meeting.


Financial Report

Treasurer, Becky Wilson, gave the financial report, which included:

  • $16,039 was the final dollar amount raised from the Fun Run.  
    • Samantha Houston was the individual with the highest donations and will get to be Principal for the day.
    • Ms. Nofsinger’s class raised the most with the most children participating. They raised $1240 total.
  • Teachers have been turning in their supply receipts. The PTSO gives each teacher $200 per year.
  • The PTSO is going to donate a $50 grocery gift card to the 5th grade family that lost their family member. This money will come out of the PTSO discretionary fund.
  • The PTSO sponsored the 5th graders tuition to BizTown and in turn, the 5th graders wrote notes of thanks to the PTSO. The thank you notes were passed around the meeting with an overall theme that adulting is difficult.


Staff Appreciation Week

This first week of May is Staff Appreciation week. Frances Araujo and Katie Rasouli chaired this event and we thank them for creating such a great week! Bus Driver appreciation is also this week and a sign was created for students to sign and on Friday, desserts will be sent with bus drivers.  


Upcoming Event: Pizza Bingo

Pizza Bingo will be held on May 19th with Noel Dahlby and Kelly Manning chairing the event. Darcy Peak will be the bingo caller and an email will go out asking for volunteers to help collect money and serve food.


PTSO Board Recruitment 2017-2018

Sarah is going to send out a letter and a PTSO nomination form for board positions and event chairs.

The Sunset PTSO bylaws state that each position is a term of 1 yr and the same person cannot serve more than two years in a row for the same position. President and Secretary have served one year, but all other board positions need to be filled by someone new. Voting will take place at the June 7th meeting.

It was decided that we will not fill the Fundraising Chair, since it isn’t an official board position,  instead asking for separate fall and spring event chairs.

There was a suggestion to create a SurveyMonkey survey asking parents what they would like to see from the PTSO, how to create better participation at meetings and how to get more parents involved with volunteering for events.


Community Building

Sarah brought up the topic of Community Building at Sunset. This would be a time to build community, meet other parents and down the road- add raising money for events. It was agreed that we should start with smaller parent social events rather than focusing on asking for donations.

Ideas included parent socials, poker nights, destination events such as wine tasting or going to entertainment type events.

Ideas for future fundraisers included auctions, online auctions, silent auctions, etc. Other schools have been very successful with auctions for fundraising and building community at the same time. It was also suggested to offer childcare to get more participation.


Children’s Theater

There is a new contact at the NW Children’s Theater. More to follow next meeting.


Other Updates- Principle Hawking

  • Lisa  thanked the PTSO for Staff Appreciation week. A HUGE thank you to Katie Rasouli and Frances Araujo for all their hard work in organizing the event this year.
  • Without a field to have Field Day in, all students will go on a field trip to the Oregon Zoo on June 19th.
  • The 5th grade celebration will be on June 15th with the 5th grade party afterwards.
  • The end of the year assembly will be at 8:25am on June 20th and all parents are invited to attend. Remember, school that day is a half day with children getting out at 11:10am.


Meeting adjourned at 10:20am.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich