PTSO Meeting Minutes 3/8/17

Sunset PTSO: March Meeting Minutes

6:30pm Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Susie Morgan, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Volunteer Coordinator Amber Duncan, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Principal Lisa Hawking, Emily Goodwin, Sarah Duffin, Katie Rasouli, Frances Araujo and Jenny Frank,

Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 6:30pm.


Welcome, Introductions and January and February Meeting Minutes Approval

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The January and February meeting minutes were approved after a motion from Becky Wilson and second from Katie Rasouli.


Financial Report

Treasurer Becky Wilson passed out the current budget.The following was discussed:

  • Amazon Smile doubled this month to $40.
  • Spring Fundraiser (Fun Run): Total right now is $14,213. We still have more envelopes coming in, $1000 outstanding from a sponsor and the 20% back from Mapel Boutique night. The expenses were $2100 for the T-shirts.
  • Scholarships have been paid out for field trips.
  • More teachers have submitted for their $200 annual fund from PTSO.


Guest Presenter: Toby Weber- “Count Me In” WLWV Spring Campaign

Toby wanted to educate the PTSO about who and what the West Linn Wilsonville Foundation is and does. The foundation was created 25 years ago with a sole purpose to raise money to hire teachers in the District.  The money raised picks up the cost of the first year of a new teacher. Count Me In is the largest campaign of the year. Honor our Teacher, Blazer event and Tonkin Fun Run are also Foundation events throughout the year to raise money.

The money raised has funded more than 28 positions in the WLWV School District. That equates to 1-2 teachers per year since its inception. The Foundation board is made up of parents, teachers, principals and high school students. In 2016, the Foundation presented a $137,000 check to the District.

The goal for the 2017 Count Me In campaign is $100,000 for Count campaign made up of 1,000 contributors. In 2016, $103,000 was raised with a little over 500 donors. This year, the Foundation would like to broaden the base of supporters. Within the $100,000 goal, each school is given a goal. Sunset Primary’s goal is $5000. Sunset raised almost $6,000 last year with 27 contributors.  

The Foundation would like to establish a 2-4 person action team from each school to represent the school and try to get more participation. The Sunset PTSO already has three parents that are ready to volunteer their time to help.


Fun Run Wrap-Up

The Fun Run was a success! It was smaller this year due to it being in the gym. It is looking like we will be really close to our goal of $16,000. Once all envelopes have come in, the class with the most donations will get a class party and the individual that brought in the most donations will get to be Principal for the day. The kids had a great time, t-shirts looked great and we are excited to be close to our goal.

A huge thank you to PTSO Fundraising Chair Darcy Peak for all her time and effort coordinating this event- from sponsorships to volunteers to collections to everything in between- Darcy did an amazing job! Thank you also to Tammy Ellis for running the event day of and making it a fun and memorable day. Thank you to all the students and parents for donations.

The money raised from the Fun Run will go to working with Artist in Residence Kaaren Pixton. She started on March 8th and will be here through the following week. Preschool through 4th grade children are brainstorming ideas for what should be in the tree. Each child will have their own individual piece of art put on the tree. The 5th graders will work on the mosaic for the entry of the new school. Photos of the old mosaic will be framed next to the 5th grade piece.  

Parent helpers are needed. You don’t need to be artistic to help. Emails and Facebook posts have been sent asking.


Upcoming Event: Staff Lunch- 2nd and 3rd grade families

The Staff Lunch, hosted by 2nd and 3rd grade families, will be held on March 23rd. Nina Ladha is chairing the event. A sign-up has been emailed out and is almost filled. We just need a few more salads and soups. A big thank you to all the families who are contributing either with food or with donations.


Upcoming Event: Read to Us Week

Read to Us Week will be held 4/10-4/14. Community leaders and parents come into the classrooms for a half-hour to read a book to the class. They can talk about their careers and/or community involvement, and the importance of reading. Emily Gilbo, Mai Sorenson and Jenny Frank will be chairing the event. Jenny was at the meeting to give an update:

  • Have lots of new readers this year- very excited about the event
  • Need volunteers to walk readers to the classrooms
  • Teachers will be contacted to get time slots and will build a schedule from there.


Upcoming Event: Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation is May 1-5 this year. Frances Araujo and Katie Rasouli will be chairing this event. More updates next meeting.


Upcoming Event: Pizza Bingo

Pizza Bingo will be held on May 19th. Noel Dahlby and Kelly Manning will be chairing this event. More updates next meeting.


Theater Experience 2017-2018

Missoula Children’s Theatre has been our production company the past few years. Following up on concerns this year about quality, Sarah Tycast has been looking at other options. Willamette Primary is using NW Children’s Theater next year. The PTSO likes the idea of a local company- it will cut down on the need for host families. It would also not have to be done in one week. That is a huge commitment that could be spread out longer with a local group. We need to get a sense of cost from a different organization. Could have funds from the Fall Fundraiser go towards it.  More information to come next meeting.


Athey Creek PTSA Garage Sale

Athey Creeks big fundraiser will be held at the end of April. They are currently accepting donations and have asked the PTSO to publicize it. A handout will go out in the 3/10/17 newsletter email. Everything that didn’t get sold got sent to Honduras last year.


Other Updates- Principle Hawking

Lisa Hawking gave updates on:


  • Field Day
    • Without a field, there will be no field day this year. Tammy Ellis looked at Sunset Park as an option, but the terrain isn’t safe. It was suggested that the school does something with nature.


  • Conferences
    • The Spring conference format will be different this year. It will be an open house format to celebrate learning. This will enable more families in at a time and will be able to reflect on learning. This will be the final conference of the year, but the final progress report won’t go out until the end of the year.


  • Reading Challenge
    • Kicks off week before Spring Break. Teachers will do an assembly to kick it off. The components are:
      • Read to Us Week
      • Author visit
      • Home component (keep track of minutes. individual goal)
        • Draw or write what they learned from experience
      • Get together with buddy class to share what they learned.


  • Preschool
    • Looking at offering a four day preschool. We need 15 kids to want four day in order to hire another teacher. Currently, there are 10 interested in three day and 10 interested in four day. An idea was to have an extra hour with an IA and include lunch.
      • Reminder- all primary schools will start at 7:50am next year.
  • Touchstone
    • “A caring community of joyful learners…you belong here.” was chosen. There will be a project related to it for the SUnset Showcase on April 27th. More to come.


Meeting adjourned at 730pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich