PTSO Meeting Minutes: 2/8/17

SUNSET PTSO: February Meeting Minutes

 6:30pm Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Becky Wilson, PTSO Fundraising Coordinator Darcy Peak, Principal Lisa Hawking, Emily Goodwin, Sarah Duffin.

Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 6:32pm.


Welcome, Introductions

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions.


Financial Report

Treasurer Becky Wilson passed out the current budget and discussed the following:

  • Family Breakfast
    • 1,124 pre-pays
    • 928 at the door (cash coming in)
    • Scholarships were given out for the breakfast
    • Confusion with some people coming in the back door instead of checking in at the front. Some pre-pays didn’t check in, but since we ended even with funds, it was fine.
  • Box Tops
    • $350 was deposited from the end of last year. We are expecting around $350 again this year. Sarah mentioned that she is getting positive feedback about having the sheet protectors in each classroom for Box Top collection.
  • AmazonSmile
    • Received $40 on 2/1. We haven’t advertised so it’s great that we are getting funds. A reminder will go out in the newsletter to go to and select Sunset School PTSO as the nonprofit. It’s easy and free.
  • Teacher Request
    • Ms. Puk and Ms. Detjens have requested funds for an owl pellet dissection activity. This would connect a hands on activity to the study of birds. Funds requested would come out of Student Support. PTSO has already funded $184 in scholarships for field trips out of this line item. An amount requested wasn’t specified, so there will be follow up.



Family Breakfast Follow-Up

The Family Breakfast took place on January 27th. The PTSO thanked Sarah Tycast for chairing the event. We had a great turnout. 305 breakfasts were served to students and their families plus 30 more for the new school construction workers. This is a better turnout than last year. The Chinese lanterns that were made during the event were a hit and look great hanging in the hallways.


Family Fitness Night Follow-Up

Family Fitness Night was held on February 3rd. A huge thank you to Sarah Tycast and Tammy Ellis for all their hard work. There were 224 participants- the most we have ever had. Twelve stations were offered from professionals in the community and the PTSO has received great feedback about the event.


Upcoming Event: Spring Fundraiser- Fun Run

The Fun Run will be held on March 3rd with a kickoff assembly on February 10th. Darcy Peak is the chair for this event. The following was discussed:

  • Becky has received $2,750 out of $4,000 confirmed from sponsors. With Mapel Gives Back Night, it is estimated that there will be $5,000 in corporate and personal sponsorships.
  • On February 23, from 6-8pm, a fundraising event will be held at Mapel Boutique next to West Linn Safeway. Mapel Boutique will donate 20% of all sales for the entire day, but will have drinks and sweets from 6-8pm. Just mention Sunset Primary while shopping that day.
  • The T-shirts have been designed. It will be white this year with eight logos from sponsors on the back of the shirt.
  • Packets have been made for each student and will go out on Friday, February 10th.
  • Tokens are new this year. They will be sneakers instead of feet. For every pledge sheet, a student will get a sneaker for their necklace.
  • On Fridays, every pledge for the week that is over $10 will be entered into a drawing. Two or three people will be drawn for a small PTSO swag prize.
  • The student that raises the most money will get to be Principal for the Day.
  • The goal this year is $16,000 to go toward an artist-in-residence to help students create an art installation for the new school.



Upcoming Event: Staff Lunch- 2nd and 3rd grade families

The date for the Staff Lunch has changed to March 23rd because of the extra school days added on that week due to the inclement weather. This lunch is provided by the 2nd and 3rd grade families. The PTSO needs a parent coordinator for this event. They don’t need to cook the food, just organize the menu and set up. Please contact PTSO President Sarah Tycast or Volunteer Coordinator Amber Duncan if you are interested.


Upcoming Event: Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week is May 1-5 this year. The PTSO needs someone to chair this week long event or a couple people to co-chair the event. The chair organizes the week and provides communication to the staff, parents and students. Please contact PTSO President Sarah Tycast or Volunteer Coordinator Amber Duncan if you are interested in chairing this event or co-chairing with friends.


Upcoming Event: Pizza Bingo

Pizza Bingo will be held on Friday, May 19th. We have to have a chair for this event, so please let PTSO President Sarah Tycast or Volunteer Coordinator Amber Duncan if you are interested in chairing this event or co-chairing with friends. The pizza has been ordered and bingo sheets have been purchased. The chair would organize the event and the volunteers.  


Parent/Volunteer Engagement

There was a discussion about how to get more parents to volunteer at PTSO events. There is a core group of people chairing and volunteering at events, but we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to help. Without help, we can’t continue to keep putting on great events, like the upcoming Pizza Bingo night, and we don’t want that to happen. The PTSO board can help the chairs of the events, but we can’t chair all of the events ourselves. Ideas to improve volunteering participation included:

  • Reaching out to other PTSO boards to see how they get parent involvement
  • Give more details of what exactly is involved with chairing an event or volunteering. It is actually a lot of fun, especially when you have enough volunteers to help.
  • Ask earlier for help. It was brought up that when we ask too early, people put off signing up, but when we ask the same week, people are already committed.
  • Ask classroom teachers for names of parents that might be interested.


Other Updates- Principal Hawking

  • Visiting Author Week: Trudy Ludwig is Sunset’s visiting author this year. She is a local author that writes about bullying and adolescent issues. She will present on Tuesday, April 4th to the students at an assembly. That same evening, she will have a parent presentation that includes understanding kids online and offline; friendships, cliques and power plays and give tools and resources to help parents. We are partnering with Cedaroak Park Primary to offer this presentation with Sunset Primary hosting the event.
  • Sunset Touchstone: The touchstone continues to be revised. Lisa read the final two to choose from:
    • A caring community of joyful learners…you belong here
    • Bring your caring, wonder and joy…you belong here
  • Artist in Residence: Kaaren Pixton will help our students and staff create art for our new school. Karen created the mosaic in the current entryway. There are two pieces being planned: one to be designed by our 5th graders so that they can feel connected to the new school and a tree themed component for our Pre-K through 4th graders to help with. All the funds raised from the Fun Run this year will go towards funding both of these are projects.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich