PTSO Meeting Minutes 1/4/17

Sunset PTSO: January Meeting Minutes

 6:30pm: Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Volunteer Coordinator Amber Duncan, Treasurer Becky Wilson, PTSO Fundraising Coordinator Darcy Peak, Principle Lisa Hawking, Charles Hull, Kelly Manning, Katie Norquist, Bryan Goodwin, Sarah Duffin and Jenny Frank.


Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 6:30pm.


Welcome, Introductions and December Meeting Minutes Approval

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The December meeting minutes were approved after a motion from Darcy Peak and second from Lisa Hawking.


Financial Report

Treasurer Becky Wilson passed around the current budget. The only change for the month of December was $0.29 cents of interest. There were no checks written or deposits in the month of December.


Upcoming Event: Family Breakfast

The Family Breakfast will take place on January 27th from 7-8:15am. Sarah Tycast has stepped in to organize the breakfast due to not having a chair for the event. The following items were discussed:

  • PTSO will plan for 300 people like was planned last year. 240 people showed up and we had to pay for 275 meals instead of the full 300 (caterer gives the option to send some food back). The extra food that was paid for was used at lunch last year.
  • Pre-pay forms will go out very soon (Friday hopefully). There will be an option to check boxes on the form to help volunteer for the event.
    • Last year, 2/3 of the meals were pre-paid.
    • Will have until Wednesday, 1/25, to turn in the pre-pay forms
  • The price has gone up to $6 per person. This includes pancakes, strawberries, butter, syrup, fruit, bacon, coffee, milk and juice. Not sure if eggs are included- Sarah will follow up. It was reiterated that sprinkles, chocolate chips and whipped cream will NOT be served with the breakfast.
  • Volunteers are needed:
    • Thursday night to set up (4-5 people)
    • Friday morning to help Becky collect money (1 person)
    • Friday morning to serve from 8-8:15am (teachers serve from 7-8am, but have to go to their classes at 8am)
  • Chinese New Year begins on January 28th, so it will be incorporated into the breakfast.
    • Lisa will get pricing for oranges from nutrition because it would be more expensive to get them through the caterer.
    • An activity table will be set up for kids to make Chinese New Year crafts


Upcoming Event: Family Fitness Night

Family Fitness Night is coming up on February 3rd from 6-8pm. Sarah Tycast is the chair and the following was discussed about the event:

  • Similar format to last year: fitness stations in the gym with health/nutrition stations in the library. Families will get a passport/map and will be assigned a number to know which station to start at. Every 6-8 minutes, will switch stations.
  • Event is free.
  • Volunteers:
    • No parent volunteers during this event to encourage parent’s participation with their children.
    • Need volunteers to help set-up the stations before the event
    • Need three people to help with check-in
    • Need one to two volunteers to watch over the snack table at the end (to make sure everyone gets something before people go through again).
  • Sarah has been working on donations: Safeway, Market of Choice and applied for Walmart Foundation grant. She is going to follow up with Pacific Foods. Francis Araujo has also been helping Sarah.
  • Most of the fitness and nutrition stations are set. Still needs a yoga station, Pilates station and one or two more. Please let her know if you have any recommendations.
  • Amber requested an information table about Girls on the Run be set up at the event.


Spring Fundraiser- Fun Run

The Fun Run is on March 3rd with a kickoff assembly on February 10th. Darcy Peak is the chair for this event. The format will be the same as usual. Every student will receive a pledge sheet and a chain with one charm (foot in the past). As the children get pledges, they will bring in a donation sheet (without money- that is turned in at the end) for each donation. They will earn charms for donations. The class that earns the most donations gets to choose if they want a popcorn or popsicle party. The top two students who earn the most donations will either get to be principle for the day or get a street sign with their name outside the school. In addition, the following items were discussed:

  • Sponsorship opportunity letters will go out soon (hopefully Friday, 1/6). Letters will go out via Listserv and in children’s backpacks. The goal is to raise $16,000.
    • Last year, the goal of $16,000 was met and was used to buy 1:1 technology for classrooms.  
    • With the success over the last two years with purchasing technology, it was suggested that this year’s funds go toward an Artist-in-Residence project for the new school.
      • The current mosaic at Sunset cannot be saved.
      • The same artist that created the current mosaic can make the new project and installation.
      • All the children would have an opportunity to help create the new project.
      • Lisa Hawking will get more information about this and send it out.
    • All money donated goes back to the school.
    • Goal is to get 8-15 companies to sponsor.
  • The PTSO budget is $1,500 for the event. This money will cover T-shirts (every child gets a T shirt to wear at the Fun Run), tokens for the necklaces and popsicles at the finish line.
    • Noel Dalby will design the T-shirts with logos of all the companies that donate.
  • Darcy will be forming a committee to come up with a plan to solicit donations and plan the event. This is Sunset’s largest fundraiser of the year. She wants to committee to brainstorm ideas to make it new and fun.
  • Mapel Gives Back: Mapel Boutique will offer another event where for one day, they give 20% of their sales to the school for anyone who mentions Sunset Primary. Last year, they donated $600 from this event.
  • Other ideas discussed for the event were:
    • The possibility of doing a different charm other than feet this year.
    • Looking at local restaurants to see if they will donate a percentage of sales on a certain day.

Other Updates- Principle Hawking

Lisa Hawking gave updates on:

  • 5th Grade Party
    • This is not a PTSO event. The 5th grade parent run it and the PTSO has funds to donate if needed. Last year, they raised all the money needed and didn’t use the PTSO budget.
  • Sunset Touchstone
    • The touchstone continues to be revised. Lisa read a few ideas for the touchstone:
      • A caring community of joyful learners…you belong here
      • Bring your wonder, possibility and joy…you belong here
      • A caring community of wonder, possibility and joy…you belong here
    • After a discussion of each of these, the following was suggested by the group:
      • Wonder, passion and joy…you belong here
  • Middle School Boundary Process
    • There was a meeting held at Sunset Primary on January 6th. Only three community members attended with five task members.
    • If anyone has any feedback, please let Lisa Hawking know.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich

PTSO Meeting Minutes 12/7/16


December Meeting Minutes

12/7/16 9:30am Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Secretary Emily Gilbo, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Principle Lisa Hawking, Instructional Coordinator Willow McCormick, Liz Jacob, Laurie Hurley, Abby Schmidt- Representative from Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington.

Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 9:35am.


Welcome, Introductions and November Meeting Minutes Approval

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The November meeting minutes were approved after a motion from Laurie Hurley and second from Liz Jacob.


Financial Report

Treasurer Becky Wilson handed out the current budget and discussed the following items:

  • Amazon Smile
    • We got our first Amazon Smile reimbursement.
    • Becky wants to push this with Christmas coming. It’s a great time to get contributions. More information will be going out to families about this.
    • The group discussed that more information about how the program works should be communicated. For example, you need to sign up and use a different website, it doesn’t cost anything and it won’t work on the Amazon app.
  • Missoula
    • PTSO made $100 over what was budgeted. The profit will go towards scholarships.

The Financial Report was approved after a motion from Laurie Hurley and second from Willow McCormick.


Guest Presentation- Abby Schmidt- Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington

Abby is the membership engagement specialist for Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington. She asked to talk at the PTSO meeting to try and get more participation and hopefully, a troop for girls at Sunset Primary. Currently, Sunset has six girls involved, but they all go to troop outside the Sunset area. Through their registration program, they can see that girls from the Sunset area start the registration process, but stop when there isn’t a troop in the area.

She discussed the importance of having troops established at schools. It helps to grow the program and teaches philanthropy at a young age. Girl Scouts is a powerful organization to provide an outlet for young girls and help with confidence boosting.

To establish a troop at Sunset, there needs to be two parent volunteers. That is difficulty in starting programs. There are usually plenty of girls that want to be involved, but it’s hard to find parents who want to commit the time. Requirements include having a girl scout (can be a mom or dad) and going through a background check.

The Girl Scouts of America website has training programs and volunteer toolkits. This makes it much easier for leaders to plan with meeting templates. An example of the time needed would be five hours a month: 2 hour meeting, 2 hour excursion and 1 hour of prep work.

Abby is going to provide Sunset with a flyer that has clickable links. Lisa suggested to add the simplicity of the process to the flyer- let parents know that it’s very doable. She also reminded the PTSO that Sunset room reservations have to go through the Community Offices, not through the school. It was also mentioned that Girl Scouts provide insurance for any Girl Scout gathering.

For more information, visit


 Upcoming Event: Family Breakfast

The next PTSO event is the Family Breakfast on January 27th. We REALLY need someone to chair the event. The PTSO has the caterer, we just need the chair to send home flyers and organize the event. Volunteers will help with set-up and take-down. The PTSO will send out pre-pay forms the week of January 9th. Teachers usually serve the breakfast and there are supervised activities for the kids when the parents have to leave for work.

Willow mentioned that Chinese New Year begins on January 28th.  She suggested incorporating it into the breakfast. Kids could make Chinese Lanterns to decorate the school and we could serve oranges. It was discussed to have the oranges as the centerpiece with a table tent of a rooster for the Year of the Rooster.

PTSO reiterated that butter and syrup will be served with the pancakes. No sprinkles, chocolate chips or whipped cream. The kids don’t need the extra sugar.

Set up will happen the night before. We will budget the same as last year- 280 people.


Upcoming Event: Family Fitness Night

Family Fitness Night will take place on February 3rd – earlier than usual.  Sarah Tycast will chair the event again (for the third year in a row). Event is free. She needs help getting donations and healthy snacks. Sarah put in application from Walmart Foundation for $300. In the past, Market of Choice has given $100. Safeway usually donates bananas. PTSO will buy milk and apples through the school district. It was suggested to contact doctors and dentists to donate items (and can leave business cards). Emily will look online for Kaiser and Providence to see if they can donate.

This event has grown every year. The first year there were around 80 participants and last year, we had 200.

Sarah has been reaching out to fitness and nutrition organizations and businesses to host a station at the event. All stations will be scheduled by Winter Break. This is one of the only events that does not need any parent help during the event. We want all the parents to participate with their children. Ms. Ellis is the emcee for the event and is very involved.


Spring Fundraiser- Fun Run

Kickoff is February 10th with the actual event on March 3rd. After the break, Darcy will start coordinating the timing for sending home letters for sponsors and helping with logistics of donations and feet charms. The Fun Run will be held in the gym this year because with the construction, there is no track outside to run on. That is another reason that it didn’t matter to move the date up to early March. All students will get a Fun Run T-shirt from the PTSO.

There was conversation about older kids losing interest in the feet prizes. A suggestion was to appeal to 5th graders by the importance of giving back and raising money for the school. Other discussion included:

  • Getting input from 4th and 5th grade teachers
  • Giving small gifts for certain dollar amounts raised (they do this at Rosemont)
  • In past, we have had each class pick a crazy sock color to wear the day of event.
  • Keep track of donations by class. Maybe get something when a class has 100% participation
  • Different incentives. At Rosemont, they have themes- some kids who weren’t interested initially, got pledges once they got to make costumes for the theme.


Other Updates- Principle Hawking

Lisa Hawking gave updates on:

  • Middle School Boundary Process: Lisa sent a link this morning- asking for feedback- each school will have a meeting. Sunset’s meeting will take place on January 3rd in the library. A question was brought up about Out of District kids and how that affects the enrollment numbers. Lisa explained that the first year during open enrollment, sixty children were let in throughout the entire District. Last year there were less than 10. Open enrollment versus Transfer was explained: Open Enrollment- live in Happy Valley and want to go here; Transfer- within the District to a different school.
  • Progress Report Information Meeting next Thursday. Progress reports go home next Wednesday.
  • LUBA Appeal Update– hearing tomorrow (12/8). The District Operations Director and Project Manager are attending. There won’t be any public testimony or anything new. Land use attorneys are hearing the case. We will hear the results in a few weeks. In meantime, construction has continued.
  • Recess Options:
    • The Ga-Ga ball pit is being moved to the blacktop due to the pit in the barkdust getting mushy.
    • A new mobile play system- waterproof foam blocks- will be arriving soon. Look at  We are getting the medium size blocks. We will be able to use them here and new school.
  • Children from China– Sunset will have fourteen children grades 1st grade through 8th grade coming to school for a week from China.
  • Classroom Celebrations– Lisa had meetings with all the teachers so that everyone is on the same page. Celebrations will be connected to some sort of classroom purpose (lego robotics; reading, writing, etc.) with one or less reasonably sweet treat. All parents will be invited to at least one. The goal is to incorporate community.


Box Tops

  • Sarah showed the new way we will collect Box Tops. Flyers with a sheet protector that you can actually put the box tops into, will be put on each classroom door and around the school.

Meeting adjourned at 10:55am.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich