PTSO Meeting Minutes 11/2/16


October Meeting Minutes

11/2/2016: 6:30pm Sunset Library

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Susie Morgan, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Principle Lisa Hawking, Emily Goodwin, Sam Burton, Sydney Wilson.

Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 6:30pm.


Welcome, Introductions and September Meeting Minutes Approval

The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. The October meeting minutes were approved after a motion from Becky Wilson and second from Sam Burton.


Financial Report- look at Becky’s notes

Treasurer Becky Wilson handed out the Sunset PTSO 16/17 annual budget for review. Items discussed included:

  • Barn Blast
    • Great turnout- roughly 500 people
    • Haven’t gotten all the expenses turned in yet (DJ, etc.)
    • Next year, more one dollar bills will be available in each cash box
  • Fall Fundraiser
    • Exceeded our goal of $4000
  • Missoula
    • Goal was to break even, but we made $100 in popcorn sales
    • Should think about adding bottled water to sales
    • This was the first year the PTSO put this on- usually the school does it.
    • A huge thank you to Andrea Boyd-Helm for all her hard work in helping the PTSO (Susie and Becky) put this on.
    • Thank you to Susie Morgan and Becky Wilson for coordinating the event.
  • Teacher’s Supplies
    • The PTSO gives all Sunset teachers $200 a year for supplies.
    • So far, three teachers have submitted for reimbursement.
  • AmazonSmile
    • Becky wants to push this with Christmas coming. It’s a great time to get contributions. More information will be going out to families about this.
  • Scrip
    • Sunset Primary is not currently offering Scrip as a fundraiser, but it was brought up that Rosemont Ridge does it and gets quite a bit of money back from it.
    • Scrip is where people buy gift cards (from the PTSO) for places they already shop at (Safeway, Amazon, etc.). Sunset PTSO would get a percentage of sales.
    • PTSO needs to educate about this. People would send in a form with how many gift cards they wanted. Becky offered to put the orders in if we decide to do this.
    • We need to have at least at least 100 vendors.
    • The PTSO decided to try it this year for the holiday.


Fall Fundraiser- Fill the Jars

Thank you to all the families that contributed to our Fall Fundraiser. Not only did we meet the goal of $4000, we exceeded it by $400. $4000 will go to Sunset Primary for books and the extra $400 will into the general fund to go for other expenses throughout the year. These expenses can include scholarships for field trips and other requests. The PTSO wants to say yes to what we can, so it’s great to earn extra money past the goal. Other items discussed included:

  • Half the money came in through PayPal (just over $2,000)
  • Got feedback that families liked having the opportunity to contribute during conferences. Often times, change was sent to school with the kids, but more checks were contributed during conferences.
  • We don’t keep track of what comes in from each class, but all grade levels were represented well with donations.


Spring Fundraiser- Fun Run

Reminder from Sarah on behalf of Darcy that the Fun Run is early this year. Kickoff is February 10th with the actual event on March 3rd. At the December meeting, Darcy will start coordinating the timing for sending home letters for sponsors and helping with logistics of donations and feet charms. The Fun Run will be held in the gym this year because with the construction, there is no track outside to run on. That is another reason that it didn’t matter to move the date up to early March. All students will get a Fun Run T-shirt from the PTSO.


Barn Blast

Thank you to Sarah Liddell and all the helpers that made this event possible. This event was very well attended. The PTSO will continue to try to not schedule events on the same nights as other schools to keep attendance at these events high. Discussion of this event included:

  • Carnival games that had usually taken place in the cafeteria were replaced with other types of games in the gym (cake walk, mummy wrap, etc.). Feedback was very positive with this move.
  • Crafts were a huge hit. The tables were packed and feedback was very positive.
  • Sarah is going to get together with Chair Sarah Liddell to make a list of how to set it up so that future chairs of the event are successful. This event takes a lot of time and effort to set up.
  • CampFire kids helped set up the Spooky Walk. This was very helpful and we will ask that they help next year.


Box Tops

Amber Duncan turned in the box tops submitted and the PTSO got a check for $181. There was discussion about how the collection box for Box Tops was moved from outside the library to the cafeteria. Options were discussed on other ways to remind people to save them (posters, different collection containers, etc.) With the new school, the PTSO will look at options. It was also discussed that Box Tops can be turned in inside a plastic bag rather than on the sheet provided. The sheet is just a good reminder to turn them in.


Book Fair

Thank you to Ms. Perkins and all the volunteers who helped with the Book Fair this year. Donuts for Dads was very well attended and feedback was very positive. Sunset will get a percentage of money back from Scholastic on books purchased. Having the Book Fair open during Barn Blast was great.


Upcoming Event: Family Breakfast

The next PTSO event is the Family Breakfast on January 27th. We are still looking for a chair or co-chairs to run the event. The PTSO has the caterer, we just need the chair to organize volunteers, send home flyers and organize the event. Teachers usually serve the breakfast and there are supervised activities for the kids when the parents have to leave for work.


Upcoming Event: Family Fitness Night

Family Fitness Night will take place on February 3rd. Sarah Tycast will chair the event again (for the third year in a row), unless someone else wants to co-chair with her. She needs help organizing the event and getting donations. She reaches out to fitness and nutrition organizations and businesses to host a station at the event. All stations will be scheduled by Winter Break. This is one of the only events that does not need any parent help during the event. We want all the parents to participate with their children. Ms. Ellis is the emcee for the event and is very involved.


Other Updates- Principle Hawking

Lisa Hawking gave updates on:

New Progress Report

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has revised the progress reports that communicate students’ growth and progress throughout the year. These are the highlights of the revision:
    • Teachers from all over the District have been working two years on the revision
    • Take scope of what we do in school and honor complexity of that and common core standards. Comprehensible; helps parents know what they want to know
    • Parent information meeting next week on November 9th and 10th
      • Give a preview; answer questions
    • Teachers have to decide how to assess each learning target. In December, students shouldn’t expect meet or exceed- might not have been taught.
    • Consistent across the District
    • Previous progress report was revised in late 90’s- not representative of Common Core.
    • Letters will go home to parents.

Celebrations at Sunset

Classroom celebrations for holidays were discussed. Lisa wanted to give parents the opportunity to think and discuss what we want to do with classroom celebrations. Learning celebrations rather than candy and game celebrations were discussed. Through conversations with parents and teachers, it sounds like they appreciate connecting with the classroom and other parents during learning celebrations. The goal is to downplay the more traditional parties with sugar and less meaningful activities. Learning parties are connected to a purpose and show parents what they are doing.


There was discussion about Missoula and if we want to continue to work with this specific group. Discussion included:

    • Something this year was different than in years past. The quality wasn’t as high. We might want to look at other options for our school. With Missoula, we don’t have any control over what the play is. Feedback this year was that the story was hard to follow.
    • Positives included that the kids have a lot of fun; kids come so far in just one week’s time; all grade levels have the opportunity; kids starting early getting on stage before they are scared to do it.
    • Negatives included when kids who try out don’t get to participate due to too many people; confusing for first time parents on the time commitment; it’s a lot of work for Andrea Boyd-Helm and the school; late nights for the students and parents.
    • Ideas were presented on doing something else like looking at other companies; doing something to expand what theater can be; having all 5th graders do something.
    • Sarah asked if there was an opportunity to give feedback to Missoula. Lisa has the contacts and will send to Sarah to provide feedback.


Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm

Respectfully submitted by Heather Goodrich