Fill the Jars for Sunset!!

It is time to FILL THE JARS for Sunset! Our fall fundraiser is in full swing, please help us reach our goal and donate….cash, checks and coins are all welcome, donate and watch the jars fill up in the office! We are looking to raise $4,000! 100% of the funds raised will go towards more fiction and non-fiction books in our classroom libraries for all Sunset students to use.

Please help us reach our goal, send in a check, cash and/or coins. You can also donate easily online by clicking on the top right corner of this site: . Just click DONATE! Thank you for supporting Sunset…GO EAGLES!!!

Meeting Minutes 9/6/16

Sunset PTSO Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2016

Attendance: President Sarah Tycast, Vice President Susie Morgan, Secretary Emily Gilbo, Secretary Heather Goodrich, Treasurer Becky Wilson, Principle Lisa Hawking, Instructional Coordinator Willow McCormick, Sarah Duffin, Jenny Frank, Bryan Goodwin, Catherine Gregory, Laurie Hurley, Ngoc Lewis, Darcy Peak, Katie Rasouli, Sherko Rasouli, Mai Sorenson, Kelly Schweiger-Lambert and Guest Presenter Marnie from Eco-School Network.

Meeting called to order by President Sarah Tycast at 9:10am.



The group was welcomed followed by brief introductions. Willow McCormick was introduced as Sunset’s new Instructional Coordinator. She taught at Willamette Primary for ten years prior to this position. Some of her roles will include supporting Lisa Hawking, supporting families, coordinating gifted education and assessment, enrichment classes, ESL and many other ways to support learning.



PTSO Meeting Times/Dates

  • Asked for feedback on what works for meetings- day of week and day or night. Last year, meetings were alternated between morning and night, but there wasn’t any parent participation during the morning meetings. PTSO is for everyone and the goal is to get as much parent participation as possible.
  • It was decided to have most meetings be on Wednesday nights, with a couple offered during the day. The PTSO calendar will be updated within the next week to reflect the upcoming meetings.

Curriculum Night was wrong on the PTSO calendar that was sent with back-to-school packets. It is on 9/22, not 9/21.



For many of the events, the PTSO is looking for volunteers to either chair the event or help put it on. To volunteer for events, you can either email Amber Duncan, the PTSO Volunteer Coordinator at or sign up for Help Counter. Help Counter is the name of the software used to keep track of emails and volunteer opportunities.

If you are already registered as a volunteer or have let the volunteer coordinator know that you would like to receive emails, you already have a profile. You will create your own username and password to be able to sign in anytime. You can sign in here:

If you are not yet signed up as a volunteer, you can create a profile by signing up here:


Back to School Picnic

  • September 9th: 5:30-7:30pm at Sunset Park instead of the school field due to construction.
  • Pre-Pay Forms were sent home so families don’t have to wait in line to pay. Hotdog or hamburger, watermelons, chips, cookie and lemonade included for $5.


Missoula Children’s Theatre

  • October 17th-21st
  • Sleeping Beauty is the production this year.
  • Susie Morgan and Becky Wilson have volunteered to chair this event.
  • The entire event is completed Monday through Saturday, one week. Auditions are held on Monday, rehearsals every day with the production on Saturday. All grades can audition.
  • Need parent help to cover rehearsals, ticket sales and concessions. It’s a great way to get the 5th graders involved.
  • Need two families to host the adults from Montana: the producer and the stage actor.


Read to Us/Book Fair Week

  • October 24th-28th
  • Moved Read to Us week to coincide with the Book Fair to get kids excited about reading.
  • Parents, community leaders and people who work locally are invited to read to the classrooms and talk about how reading is important in their careers or lives.
  • Emily Gilbo, Jenny Frank and Mai Sorenson have volunteered to chair this event, but they will be looking for parents to help.


Barn Blast

  • October 28th
  • This is the first of the school’s fun community events. Kids can wear their Halloween costumes (no masks or scary costumes). Last year there were games, pizza, a DJ with a dance party and a spooky walk in the garden.
  • Sarah Liddell has volunteered to co-chair but the PTSO still needs someone to help co-chair. Contact Amber Duncan if you are interested.




Eco-School Networks are composed of parents leading projects at elementary schools with a goal to introduce sustainable practices and raise eco-awareness with the children. A meeting was held last May and parents from Sunset, Cedar Oak, Bolton and Trillium attended. Although there was interest, we didn’t have anyone step up at that time to represent Sunset. This presentation was to try again to find someone or a group of parents from Sunset to help develop initiatives for our school. It was discussed that this was good timing and initiatives could be planned with the opening of the new school.

Examples of initiatives in other schools include buying durable trays for lunch rather than Styrofoam or having a Halloween costume swap.

A sign-up was passed around the meeting for an invite to an October 6th meeting and dessert at a parent of a Bolton student’s house.  

For more information, go to



Darcy Peak is the PTSO Fundraising Coordinator for 2016-2017 and provided a brief overview of our two fundraisers this year. At Sunset Primary, we don’t sell anything to raise funds for the school, we have two donation campaigns:

Fall Fundraiser: Fill the Jars

  • Parents will get information at Curriculum Night on 9/22
  • This is a check writing campaign for the parents with paper bags being sent home to get our kids involved with filling them up with change.
  • The PTSO works with the school to determine what the money will go towards. In the past, Chromebooks, Ipads and non-fiction books have been purchased with the fundraising funds.
  • If anyone would like to help with this event, please contact Amber Duncan- the PTSO Volunteer Coordinator.


Spring Fundraiser: Fun Run

  • This year, the Fun Run kickoff was moved to February to coincide with fitness month. The actual Fun Run will take place on 3/3. The PTSO will look into ways the preschoolers can get involved with the actual event.
  • This is another donation campaign with a highlight on trying to get corporate sponsorships.
  • All children will get a free T-shirt to wear during the event.




Treasurer Becky Wilson handed out the Sunset PTSO 16/17 annual budget for review. Everything is similar to last year’s budget. Still waiting for some corporate sponsor money to come in from last fiscal year.

It was discussed how lucky Sunset PTSO is to have Becky as Treasurer for the third year. She won’t have a student at Sunset next year, so there is a need to find a parent to take over next year. The position doesn’t take up too much time and is straight forward. If anyone is interested, contact Becky, Sarah or anyone on the PTSO board.



Lots of progress is happening next door at the new Sunset Primary construction site. To keep up with the progress, go to the bond website:  The school will have this website projecting off the kiosk in the main hallway.

With the construction, the options for recess have changed. Children can play Gaga Ball, go to the library, have active play, go to the gym or play Roxaboxen.


Meeting was adjourned at 10am. Next meeting will be October 5th @ 6:30pm in the Sunset Library.