Meeting minutes 1/7/2016

Sunset PTSO Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2016

Attendance:  Darcy Peak, Susie Morgan, Lisa Hawking, Kelly Manning, Sarah Duffin, Amber Duncan, Sarah Tycast

Fall Fundraiser was a success!!

Upcoming Events:

Family Breakfast– January 22 at 7am. $5/person, prepay will be available.

Need:  Lisa to secure teachers as servers for 7-7:30, 7:30-8am.  

Need:  Amber to send out email about decorating the night before (Jan 21), Sheila to help move tables and lunchroom.  Sarah Duffin will help.  

Need:  Volunteers to help take money and get people in and a few for last shift and help clean up.  Becky Wilson +2-3 people

Need: Talk to Mr. Compton about the music and activities for students after parents leave


Read to Us Week–  Week of Jan 25th

Doing well on readers and plugging into teachers’ schedule requests.

Need:  swag bags to put together

Need: greeters – shifts to be determined.  Susie can help Mon/Fri, Sarah can help too.


Family Fitness Night – April 1

Sarah Tycast is chair – will have more at Feb meeting.  Going to contact folks from last year and see who can participate again.  Budget is $300, will have some additional sponsors as well.


Fun Run Kickoff – April 1 (event is on April 19)

Need to send out corporate sponsor form in early Feb

Need to form committee of volunteers (t-shirts/banner/etc)

Susie has contact for t-shirts/banners



Need another GOTR coach – M/W 3-4:30pm March to June


From Lisa:

Preschool!  2 classes, students must 3 and 4 yrs by Sept 1st.  Enrollment is open!

Thank you for BizTown!  Teachers and students had a great time, very engaged.  

Lisa spoke about some professional development projects and school construction – new concept map is in the hall and groundbreaking is this summer.  School will be built for 450 which is same as current building is.  

Reading challenge started today – emphasis on being engaged in your book, not a competition for minutes.  


Financials to be presented at the next meeting.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Tycast

February PTSO Meeting

This month’s PTSO Meeting will be Thursday February 4th at 9:30 am in the library.  Originally we had all evening meetings but have revised the schedule to alternate morning and evening meetings in hopes to be more inclusive to those who can’t attend in the evenings.  The 2015-2016 calendar has been updated to reflect this.  Please join us if you can!