Sunset friends and family!

We are a little over a week into our Fall Fundraising Campaign. A big thank you to all who have donated so far! At last count we have a little over $1100…that’s a lot of nickels and dimes! But, we have a waaaaaays to go to reach our goal of $7500 to add new, current, and engaging nonfiction books for readers of ALL levels in our school.

So please consider writing a check, pulling a few bills out of your wallet, or emptying your coin purse into the bag that came hold with your child last week. No bag? No problem- put it in an envelope, a ziploc, whatever. There are buckets in each classroom which are collected daily, or you can donate directly to the jars in the office.

Let’s Fill the Jars, Sunset, so we can fill the shelves with more books for our little readers!