October PTSO Minutes

October PTSO Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2013, 9:00 am


Kristen Van Tuyl, Jenny Ostergard, Ralph Ezagui, Maria Mattis, Jamilayh Habach, Gitella Himmer, Amber Duncan, Anne Wilson, PJ Clark, Julie True, Laurie Hurley

September Financials

Everything balanced this month with income and outcome specified.  Teacher budget for supplies may need to increase due to adding some teachers. The lego team’s money is under student support.

Old Business (July/August Financials)

All questions were answered so financials were now approved.

New Business

Barn Blast:  We have enough volunteers. Bellagios is bringing pizza.  Activities include carnival games in the gym, cake walk, airbrush tattoos, and decorating a treat bag.  We need 2 cash boxes for the event.  We need a list of volunteers on Wednesday to make sure that parents are scheduled evenly.  We need new popcorn.  Time is 6:30-8.  High school volunteers can run games in the gym and parents will work at admissions table or food.

Fall Fundraiser

Comedy Sports improve night Nov. 17th at 4:00 pm ; tickets will be sold Nov. 1st.  Goal is to raise $6,000. We are possibly planning to sell raffle tickets for a big ticket item to try to raise money, but that item would need to be donated.

Spirit Wear

Vote for line item for spirit wear.  Approval was given to write a check to purchase samples so that parents can see what the items look like before deciding to purchase.

Julie True:  Girls on the Run.

No support from PTSO is needed.  This program will take 8-15 girls from 3rd grade through 5th grade and prepare them to run the Starlight 5k Run.  It also includes “classes” to teach issues pertaining to self-image, friendship, etc.  Two assistant coaches will be needed.



Katie Christianson has resigned from her post as Board Vice President. A new vice president is needed. Interested parents should contact President Kristen Van Tuyl.


September PTSO Minutes

September PTSO Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2013…7:00 pm




Kristen Van Tuyl

PJ Clark

Sarah Tycast

Emilie Bennett

Darcy Peak

Trina Soto

Jeff Mehegan

Christina Woehl

Gitella Himmer

Ralph Ezagui

Laurie Hurley

Heidi Nelson

Julia McBride

Betsy Maust

Nicole Nathan


Review Minutes of June PTSO Minutes, June 13, 2013


July Financials [Gitella presents…]

  1. Review and explain handout…Treasurer’s Report, Cash Position at July 31, 2013


  1. Betsy Maust questions some of the line items and requests a double check of the numbers.  Financials were NOT approved until further review.  Will be approved at the October meeting.



Audit Committee Report

Gitella: Everything was in order.  Some things were a little hard to locate for auditing.  Box Tops, etc. Can we get a statement for them?

Proof of insurance

Proof of non-profit status

Etc…all documentation was in order.


Comedy Sports Fundraiser…

Holiday Craft Bazaar is cancelled, Comedy Sports Event substituted for same date.

Improv Group…$1,000 fee.

Community Dinner afterwards

Sunday, November 17 at 4 pm

Winning class, selling the most tickets will have P.E. with Sunny the Eagle (dodgeball)

Committee: Kristen…see listing…

Raffle…options to raffle:


Or the first improv/suggestion of the night/


Barn Blast, Oct 25…Friday before Halloween

Pizza, games, crafts, tattoo artist…


Laurie…Community Rewards…
e-script…Safeway card…register before Nov. 1…Money goes directly to the school

Boxtops for Education…They issue checks twice per year

Labels for Education…connected to a catalog of things to buy for the school


Emilie Bennett, Guest Speaker…

Missoula Theater Residency, second week of October

Enrichments will start later this year, due to Missoula.

Challenged to find high quality enrichment instructors, something more challenging and rigorous.

Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Chess Instructor


Common Core…Standards in Education…45 states are using the same Common Core.

Transitioning out of the Oregon State Assessments.

OAKS testing will transition to Smarter Balance testing.


It’s not dictated how teachers have to teach the standards.


Progress monitoring, grades 2-5….reading and math.  5th grade, writing too (MAPS Assessment).


This is the final year of OAKS testing, next year will phase into the Smarter Balance testing.

Barn Blast is Next Friday!

Barn Blast Flyer



We still need volunteers for 30 minute shifts, so please email volunteer@sunsetptso.org to sign up,

Any questions?