May Minutes (draft)

May PTSO Minutes

May 23, 2013. 7:00 Sunset Library

Atendees:  Kristen Van Tuyl, Gitella Himmer , Lisa Hawking, PJ Clark, Alison Hedgpeth, Betsy Maust, Julie True, Laurie Hurley, Marcy Lepine, Sally Davey

April Financials:  There was a reminder that Fun Run money can only be used for literacy, since we stated this while fundraising.  In the future we have to remember that that is a restricted fund. There was a request for receipts for reimbursement to be a separate transaction in order to make it cleaner and easier in the case of an audit.

Run for Reading Wrap up:  Overall, it went well.  The feet were successful.  Some ideas for the future:  maybe put a $ minimum for the feet.  Having online donations was very successful as was having a stated intent for the money was successful.

Nominations for 2013-2014 Board:

Kristen Van Tuyl :  President

Gitella Himmer:  Treasurer

PJ Clark:  Volunteer Coordinator

Amber Duncan:  Secretary

Background checks for incoming board members voted in.  This is a swap for requiring previous service on the board in order to allow for more people to serve on the board.

Audit Committee:  Gitella Himmer, Marcy Lepine. Rod Clark is a possibility.

By-law review committee:  PJ Clark, Allison Hedgpeth, Betsy Maust, Kristen Van Tuyl. Laurie Hurley is a possibility.

School Supplies Delivered:  It was decided that it is too late to participate this year.

2014 Calendar Discussion:  Discussion surrounding the possibility of cutting out some of the events occurred.  The general consensus was that doing fewer events and doing them well would be more successful.  There was also discussion about moving our focus to programs that could be implemented during the school day.

Volunteer Appreciation Raffle was held.

April Meeting Minutes

April PTSO Meeting, Thursday, April 11, 8:45

Attendees:  Kristen Van Tuyl, Julie True, Ben Sostrin, Lisa Hawking, Marcy Lepine, Amber Duncan, Betsy Maust, Sally Davey

March minutes read and approved.

Financials:  All transactions reconciled. The bank waived fee for the bounced check.  Shop for Sunset income was 1113.  Teacher discretionary funds were discussed and reviewed.

Fun Run:  date changed to May 16th so that the PE teacher can be there.  Volunteers and sponsors are really needed.  Assembly will be that Thursday for kickoff.

Carnival:  Classroom coordinator will organize volunteers to cover the game for their classroom.  Some planned activities are raffles,  photo booth, glitter tattoo artist, plinko, and a slider bar.   M.A.P. can run a concession booth.  A volunteer tent will be there so that all parents who have volunteered for the school can enter into a special raffle

Nominations for 2013-2014 Board:  Coffee can be hosted at Sally’s house.  During this time, storyboards will be created for each opportunity to show what happens at each position to make it more simple to understand.  Events will also be included so that new parents will understand what opportunities are available (including field day).

Pizza bingo:  Short on volunteers.   Marcy & Julie will bring coolers.  Kristen is doing the cash box.  1:00 today bag stuffing party.  Fortune cookies donated from Panda Express.  We need to incentivize volunteers by making it clear that volunteers will receive free pizza.

Staff Appreciation update:  Staff Luncheon will be hosted by 4th and 5th grade families. Flowers will be given to staff, keeping in mind allergies.  Teacher wish lists may also be created so that they can be fulfilled .  We are still brainstorming other ideas.


May 23nd meeting is next meeting at 7:00 pm


Meeting was closed.

Nominations for the 2013-14 PTSO Board

Last night, the following nominations for the 2013-14 Board were accepted into record:

President: Kristen Van Tuyl
Treasurer: Gitella Himmer
Secretary: Amber Duncan (as long as she’s still teaching afternoon kindy next year)
Volunteer Coordinator: Pamela Clark

The official vote will be at our June PTSO Meeting on June 13 at 7pm.

As you can see, we still need a VP and might need a Secretary, or perhaps a co-secretary. I am honored to serve our school again, and with another dynamic set of parents! Please join me in thanking Sally Davey, Julie True, Amber Duncan, Lori Piscitello , and Betsy Maust for their service and enthusiasm as Board members this year.


If you would like join the board, or chair a committee, please contact Kristen Van Tuyl.