Plant Sale!

The sun is shining, and spring is almost here! As part of our recent Shop for Sunset event, we partnered with New Leaf Greenhouse for a plant sale fundraiser. If you didn’t make it to the shopping event, but would like to order gorgeous flowers and delicious veggies to plant in your garden, there’s still time. Click here for the order form, and check out photos of the plants at the the New Leaf Greenhouse website here. Sunset will receive 35% of the purchase price, and the prices are quite competitive!

Here’s the basic info:

Your order form is due April 3 at 3pm. Return to the PTSO box in the school office, or email.

Make checks to Sunset PTSO, or pay with cash. You can also pay with a credit card by calling me at 503.752.5799.

Pick up your order at school Saturday, April 27 from 11am to 1pm.

Please email me or give me a call with any questions, and thank you for supporting Sunset!

Kristen Van Tuyl

February 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2013 7pm, Sunset Library

In attendance: Kristen Van Tuyl, Julie True, Sally Davey, Lisa Hawking, Danielle Risberg, Patti Moller, Betsy Maust, Heidi Schumman, Meg Forest.



January Minutes were approved.

January Financials were approved.


New Business

Vote to allow VP Sally Davey to be the second approval signature on checks amounting over $500 in the interim phase before a new treasurer can be voted in. Approved.

Treasurer Nomination, Besty Maust. Nomination was motioned and seconded. Betsy went on record saying that any volunteer time she worked in no way represents her place of employment. This was recognized.

Vote about continuing auctions on off years for fundraising, and continuing subscription to Greater Giving.  After some discussion, it was voted to cancel the Greater Giving subscription and not plan an auction for 2014. In addition, it was suggested that we look into other methods to process credit cards, etc.

Craft Fair- Meg Forest discussed the upcoming craft fair event. It will be a community event aimed toward fundraising.

It was noted that a parent coordinator is needed for the Staff Luncheon in March. Joanna Davis volunteered via email.

Patti Moller gave an update about the Family Breakfast. All was ready for the next day.

A committee for the Fun Run will be formed. Danielle Risberg volunteered to be a part of the committee, but not in charge.

Trudy Ludwig Presentation is coming up, and will be a wonderful evening full of information and resources for parents regarding bullying, social situations, etc.

Lisa Hawking spoke about the Scientist in Residence, and how he is working with the various classes, teaching engineering via Legos.

January 17, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Kristen Van Tuyl, Sally Davey, Amber Duncan, Stacy Burlin, Lisa Hawking, Patti Moller

November minutes read and approved

November Financials:  Money is meant to be used for two years.  We are encouraging people to keep budgets low for events since there are fewer students.  Landscaping costs were questioned.  It was suggested that we check into Master Gardeners who are required to do pro-bono work, so it might be possible to get someone to volunteer to do it.  Patti will check into it.  Financials were approved.

2011-12 Audit Report:  Most things on the audit checked out.  Only one expense did not have a second signature to verify expenses.  This did not comply with our rules, but did not seem to be a problem due to the nature of the expense.  Everything in the audit came out okay, but it was a good reminder that we need to have clear documentation and evidence of transactions.

New Business

Vote on replacing spring Pizza Bingo with Family Math Night:  Rejected.  The traditional aspect of Pizza Bingo and the fact that it is very enjoyable to many families were stated as reasons.

In an effort to include more parent volunteers, Kristen will host a room parent coffee next month. (note: this has been put off due to scheduling difficulties, KVT)

Family Breakfast:  Will have a Valentine theme this year.  People can write things that they love on hearts and put in the display box. Fruit and milk can be gotten through the school.   We would like to make online reservations available; we just need to figure out how.  Assembly for Chinese New Year will be right after family breakfast and parents will be invited to stay.  The possibility of giving out a family survey at family breakfast was discussed.

Auction:  Off years, we have to pay a fee to keep software.  Should we discontinue the service and auctions?

Fun Run:  A committee needs to form.

Parent Presentation:  Trudy Ludwig visit will be Feb. 11 and will deal with bullying, social parenting issues.