November Meeting Minutes

PTSO Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2012 7:00pm

Attendees:  Lori Pisticello, Marcy Lepine, Alison Hedgepeth, Julie True, Julia, Betsy Maust, Laurie Hurley, Sally Davey

October minutes: read and approved.

Financials:  $40, 609.62 total funds.  Last year’s budget estimated income as higher, however expenses have been less than estimated. Due to this, it is important that chairs of events keep expenses down as much as possible.  Some of the expenses were questioned as far as why PTSO is paying for them.  Specifically grounds maintenance, art enhancement, assemblies, book week author, curriculum extension, physical education,  garden director stipend, and Sunset Community Garden expenses were all questioned.  These will be brought up with Lisa when Kristin meets with her.  A question was also brought up as to whether or not donations for specific purposes can be made.  Financials accepted.

Fundraiser recap:  We raised 8,800 gross, which is 5,703 net.  Participation was at 46%, which is better than last year at 43%. Ms. Detjens won participation prize, Ms. Adams won dollar amount goal, Alex Nizario won raffle prize.  However, the lower than expected dollar amount does mean we need to adjust budget.

Elements Massage:  We were asked if we would like to participate in an Elements Massage fundraiser.  A coupon is available to parents and we get 10% of purchase. Concern was brought up that it may spark a string of people wanting to promote their business and it may become difficult to determine where to draw the line. We decided to pass on the offer, based on last year’s lack of response to an Elements event.

Eco School Network:  We would need a rep to participate.

Meeting closed.

October Meeting Minutes

October PTSO Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2012, 8:45am

Attendees:  Kristen Van Tuyl, Anne Wilson, Amber Duncan, Lisa Hawking, Emilee Bennett, Ben Sostrin , Lori Piscitello,  Julie True, Heidi Schuman, Salley Davey

Minutes: read and approved.

Financials:  Lori presented financials.  Undesignated funds are 37,689, bu this does not account for pizza bingo expenses.  Auction expenses explained as maintaining membership in Auction Blast.  Financials were approved.

Barn Blast update:  Oct 24th, pumpkins will be delivered in huge bins weighing 450lbs.  A forklift is needed to transport the pumpkins.  A request will be put in the newsletter and if necessary we will rent one.  More volunteers are needed.  Food is going to be covered by a restaurant, but we are waiting to hear from the restaurants.  Room 13 is requested to be used for the cake walk.  We need to make sure it gets put back as it was.  We will contact the high school to try to get volunteers from National Honor Society.

Budget Survey:  Budget Survey was given and filled out by all present.  Results from the teacher survey were also discussed.  Teachers were unclear whether evening events were meant to be fundraising events since there is a cost associated and they are listed as items that could be cut.

Fundraiser update:  The fundraiser is progressing with lower results than expected. Deadline has been extended through Wed. Oct 24th.  For future planning, the timing of  the Book Fair may be considered so that it does not interfere with the Fundraiser.  Looking forward,   the Fun Run will probably be required this year to make up the budget difference.

Scientist update:  A scientist has been identified to participate in the Scientist in Residence program.  He is involved in the Lego program and  is an aspiring sciene teacher.  He would be implementing problem solving in classrooms with Legos.  We have budgeted 120 hours with him.  It is still being discussed how he would be used as far as time.

Escript:  Register or renew with escript.  One touch renew on Website, has to be done by Nov. 1st.

Meeting was closed.

Helping Hands Needed!

Love the feeling of accomplishment?  Like quick tasks?  You’ll get that and more by helping out in our school workroom.  With fewer IAs this year, we could use a team of dedicated people that can help teachers out with copying and some misc tasks.  If you are helping in a classroom one day a week, maybe you can swing by and check if anything needs done or be added to a list to be notified when work stacks up or large projects come in.  The more we can do to help with production work, the more time our teachers have to dedicate to our kids!  If you can help, contact Julie True at or 655-2205.