Fall Fundraiser Update

Thank you to all who have already participated in the Fall Fundraiser. After extending the deadline due to low participation, we’ve raised a little over $1000 more since Tuesday! Your generous support keeps valuable programs and funds going at our school. There’s still time to participate- the deadline for getting packets in is October 24th. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Please email Kristen or Sally with any questions.

September Meeting Minutes

PTSO Meeting Minutes 

September 27, 2012, 8:45am

Attendees: Marcy Lepine, Stacy Burlin, Betty Reynolds, Lisa Hawking, Emilie Bennett, Heidi Schuman, Julie True, Danielle Risberg, Ben Sostrin, Stephanie Hascall, Lori Piscitello, Amber Duncan, Sally Davey, Kristen Van Tuyl, and Anne Wilson.

The June 2012 Minutes were read by Sally Davey and approved.

Lori Piscitello presented the Summer Financials: Differences in budgeted expenses and actual expenses were discussed. Budget was planned for about 350 students, but we actually have 290 students.

Bank charges were discussed as being high and the possibility of changing banks was discussed. Marcy Lepine offered to gather information regarding switching a local credit union or smaller bank. Petty cash procedures were discussed.

The financials were approved.


Amber Duncan was voted in as Secretary.Kristen noted that the bylaws require a board member to previously serve as a chair before serving on the board, but due to the special circumstance the of loss of volunteer base and need for new people, Amber was allowed.

The Volunteer Coordinator was voted in as a member of the Board.

Committee Updates:

Pizza Bingo: Bag stuffers are needed right after school.

Barn Blast: Volunteers needed. Need someone to help with food, and someone to help with games. DJ cost is $450. Some prizes are left from last year.

Fundraiser Update: Going well, referral cards are available, which will continue to bring money into the school. Project goal has yet to be decided. Kristen is going to ask Andrea to send out a listserv with check writing form

Volunteers: Nearing end of month, email, give a list of helpers from night events to Julie to import into Help Desk. Reminders can be emailed.

New Business:

Badging: Come in on retake day if you missed picture day.

Meeting times: Morning meeting will be tried; will alternate with evening times if it doesn’t work out.

Yearbook: Discussed an enrichment class for 4th and 5th graders to become “yearbook staff.” A teacher would be needed.

Betty Reynolds: Math Night: Oct. 3, 6:30 pm at Willamette Primary Updates provided.

Lego League: (Lego Robotics) for 4-8 graders it is closed this year and would require doing it this year to apply for next year. Kits are roughly $280. Need a laptop, 1 kit per 4 kids, Legos can be donated at $7/ lb. Junior league could start in January. Marcy Lepine and Ben Sostrin are willing to teach enrichment classes. Other schools are seeking business support and creating t-shirts, etc, which could be a possibility to help fund the program. We will look for a proposal and discuss further.

Enrichment classes: Please contact Emilie if you would like to teach a class.

Principal Hawking

Assessment: Rating of 4, strong academic achievement, Changes in benchmark scores changed the way that reading scores are viewed. Teachers are thinking about how to accelerate progress vs. maintain progress.

The meeting was closed.