May Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2012


Attendance: Jenny Kling, Linnette Jackson, Danielle Risberg, Kristen Van Tuyl, Sally Davey, Patti Moller, Lori Piscitello, Julie True, Lisa Hawking, Janecke Stauffer, Kari Perry, Christi Briggs, Theresa Parker . . .


Minutes (April) – Kristen Van Tuyl read the minutes. Minutes were approved.

Financial Reports (April) – Linnette Jackson read the financials. Financials were approved.


Committee/Event Updates:

1.      Parent Education Night with Cedaroak & Bolton. 65 parents attended.

2.      Staff Appreciation Week– went well. Lisa said it was fabulous.

3.      Spring Auction– there are a few things left to purchase. If people want to donate to help  the scientist residency. Gross $40,000. Net $27000, goal net was $20000


2012-13 PTSO Board Nominations

The slate was announced.


President: Kristen Van Tuyl

Vice President: Sally Davey

Treasurer: Lori Piscitello

Secretary: ?????


June Meeting

June 7th 8:20am. Short meeting, voting, minutes and financials.


2012-13 Committee & Event Chairs were announced.



Audit Committee

Insurance requires yearly audit. Patti Moller volunteered.


Trillium Donation


$2000 donation proposed. Vote at June 7 meeting


Fall Fundraiser Ideas


Several options were discussed, but it was agreed that we need to find a Fundraiser chair first.


Principal Lisa Hawking


School building updates– Exterior and interior paint, new windows, and full replacement of little tables in the hallways with chairs and benches.

A parent raised concerns about space for reading groups. Lisa responded with possible options for next year.


There will be about 300 students next year.


New Business

Survey suggested


Meeting was closed.

April Meeting Minutes


Thursday, April 12, 2012

In attendance: Jon Van Tuyl, Jenny Kling, Lisa Hawking, Michelle Wilson, Linnette Jackson, Danielle Risberg, Kristen Van Tuyl


March Minutes – Kristen Van Tuyl read the minutes. The minutes were approved

March Financial Reports – Linnette Jackson presented the financials and they were approved.


Committee/Event Updates:

Dine Out – Raised $146 at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

The upcoming Staff Appreciation Week was briefly discussed.

Parent Education Night with Cedaroak & Bolton – Tuesday, May 1st at Cedaroak: Sunset might be hosting next spring

Spring Auction – Saturday, May 12th.



2012-2013 PTSO Budget: Passed.


New Business

2012-13 PTSO Board & Chairs– three of four board members and numerous chairs are leaving Sunset.

Trillium Donation– Kristen Van Tuyl will make a proposal.


Lisa Hawking showed the concept drawing for the new Sunset School.


Michelle Wilson updated on the literacy program. There wasn’t a fall session of the literacy program because of district payment changes. There were 8 children involved in the spring. There were about 3 levels of growth in number of sight words, etc. Those who reach benchmarks are exited and new children enter, so a total of 13 children will have been involved by the end of the year. There was excellent attendance this year. Teachers have commented that the students’ writing skills have improved as well. Classroom behavior has improved in 2 cases. Michelle has asked that the money not used from the Fall be used to buy Level Literacy Green supplements. $2500 is cost, and goes with the assessment package.

The criteria for entering the program– 1-2 teachers meet and discuss the assessment wall for each student and the outliers get identified and target them for the literacy program.


Meeting was closed.