Staff Appreciation Week Is Coming Up

We can still use some volunteers for our Staff Appreciation week. I hope you will consider joining us on one of the days below. Time commitment is extremely minimal – usually less than two hours!


If you can help, please contact the coordinator listed on your desired day.

Here are the planned events so far, these may change:

Monday – coffee/juice/smoothie bar (7:00-8:30 am)

Tuesday – Floral Bouquets (8:00-9:30 am)

Wednesday – Lunch On Us, Taco Salad– hosted by grades 4/5

Thursday – Notes for Staff (time will vary according to when the buckets are dropped off and picked up)

  • Coordinator still needed
  • Volunteers still needed – 3

Friday – Day of Pampering – massages (set up at 10:00, clean up at 2:00)

This has always been a group effort so any participation level is welcomed and needed!

Sunset PTSO Meeting

March 15, 2012

3:15pm, Sunset Library

 In attendance:

Jenny Kling, Danielle Risberg, Linnette Jackson, Kristen Van Tuyl, Theresa Parker, Stephanie Warren, Heathyr Nance, Laurie Hurley, James Compton, Kari Perry, and Ben Sostrin

Minutes (February) – Kristen Van Tuyl read the minutes. Minutes were approved.

Financial Reports (February) – Linnette Jackson read the financials. Financials were approved.

Committee/Event Updates:

Chair Stephanie Warren discussed plans and asked for ideas for May’s Staff Appreciation Week.

Pizza Bingo Chair Ben Sostrin thanked everyone that was involved in the March event. The food situation needs to be streamlined more. Linnette Jackson suggested two lines for the food tables. The cookies were underwhelming. A game or something to get the kids moving and break up the sitting was recommended. More tables are needed for next time.

Read to Us Week: Working with West Linn Tidings about doing an article. Thanks to Val and Becky Gunther for setting things up.

Chair Laurie Hurley arranged a  Dine Out at Five Guys on Tuesday, March 20th. Bring the flyer! Kristen will make a FB event and have everyone invite people.

Co-chair Heathyr Nance gave an update on the Spring Auction. She will be hosting a breakfast for people who bring wine and beer donations. Raffle tickets were sold at Pizza Bingo and will be selling at Sunset Showcase as well. Classroom Creations are going well. Teacher Adventures are chaired by Kari Perry. Dessert Dash still needs a chair.


Pencil Sharpener Proposal to supply 10 new electric pencil sharpeners: Passed

 New Business

Kari Perry attended a Breakfast Summit at Athey Creek Middle School about healthy options for school breakfasts. Update on school’s provision of snacks and breakfast.

Mr Compton updated on the sound system. The current system is falling apart. Lisa Hawking suggested upgrading or replacing the system, and Delta AV did an evaluation and estimate. There were several out dated or worn out components. The District hopes to cover the full upgrade. Spring Break was proposed for the installation.

Linnette Jackson presented the 2012-13 PTSO Proposed Budget. The Garden Director stipend payment schedule needs to be formalized. Michelle Wilson will update at April meeting for the Reading Tutorial Program, which needs to be evaluated.

Jenny Kling mentioned the 2012-13 PTSO Board needs people for all positions.

Trillium Donation Representative: All West Linn PTAs want to donate to Trillium PTA. Kristen Van Tuyl will be the Sunset PTSO rep.

Parent Education Night with Cedaroak & Bolton is coming up.

Meeting was closed.

February 2012 Meeting Minutes

PTSO February Meeting

February 23, 2012 

6:30, Sunset Library

In attendance:

Jenny Kling, Linnette Jackson, Stephanie Hascall, Laurie Hurley, Kari Perry, Stephanie Warren, Ben Sostrin, Sally Davey, Joy Lewis, Lisa Hawking, Bobbi Kelly, Danielle Risberg

Danielle Risberg read the January minutes. They were approved.

Linnette Jackson read the  January Financials. They were approved.

PTSO Updates

Concerns were raised about condition of Library after meetings.

Jenny Kling updated about the Labels for Education. Jenny and Chair Amy Murphy ordered new playground/PE equipment with points earned. Equipment had just shown up and was being sorted.

Stephanie Warren updated about the February Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Everything was set up to go.

Sally Davey spoke about Family Breakfast—there were great reviews and things went smoothly.

Ben Sostrin updated on progress on Pizza Bingo, highlighting a tie-in for the Spring Auction. It will be a Hawaiian theme. Instead of candy sales, cookies were to be offered instead.

Bus Driver Appreciation went very well. Due to the number of drivers, we went over budget and plans were made to raise limit for next year if same amount of drivers will still be present.

Jenny Kling updated about Read to US week since chair Val couldn’t make the meeting. Many different careers will be highlighted. At the end of the week author, Matthew Holm, co-creator of Baby Mouse and Squish series will be at Sunset.

Spring Auction Update:  Look for flyers coming home soon.

New Business

Teacher proposal to fund new electronic pencil sharpeners for classrooms. Estimate of $1000

Lego Robotics teachers needed. Bobbi Kelly spoke a little about the program and mentioned Tim Mains would like to come and present a proposal.

Laurie Hurley updated about a Dine Out night. Five Guys is hosting, on March 20th, flier needed to receive funds for Sunset.

Guest Speaker Teacher-Librarian Tara Perkins demonstrated some of the features of our website and library.

Meeting was closed.

January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Sunset PTSO Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2012

3:15pm,  Sunset Library

In attendance:

Christy Briggs, Theresa Parker, Jenny Kling, Michele Beyer, Linnette Jackson, Sally Davey, Kari Perry, Kristen Van Tuyl, Danielle Risberg, Shauna Potter, Connie Hopkins, Laurie Hurley, Michelle Wilson, Lisa Hawking.

Kristen Van Tuyl read the November minutes. The minutes were approved.

Linnette Jackson presented the November  and December financials.  November included the final Barn Blast expenses, administration costs, and snacks and breakfast items for students. December included income from e-Scrip and the Fall Fundraiser. Expenses included teacher supplies. An account was made for petty cash to use for making change at events. The financials were approved.

PTSO Updates:

Jenny Kling announced that the Board rescheduled the April PTSO meeting for Thursday, April 12th at 6:30pm

Committee/Event Updates:

Fall Fundraiser  goals were met and exceeded. Jenny  Kling thanked Fundraiser Chair  Theresa Parker.

Elements Fundraiser/Dine Outs: Laurie  Hurley reported that the Elements gift certificate fundraiser had no response.   Also, Pizza Schmizza is closed, and there was a brief discussion of possible Dine Out venues.

Family Movie Night had a good turn out, with a profit of about $100. More candy should be purchased for next time. It was suggested that the Leadership students help at Movie Nights.

Family Breakfast reservations were trickling in, and there was some in-meeting co-ordination of food and supplies between Lisa Hawking and Chair Sally Davey.

Planning for Bus Driver Appreciation has begun.

March 9th Pizza Bingo will have a beach theme to segue way to the Auction.

Spring Auction: Co-Chair  Michele Beyer spoke about  raffle items for the auction. The committee wanted to find a way to sell raffle tickets at Pizza Bingo.  Procurement is going well. Classroom Creations in progress.

Chair Val Prothero spoke about Read To Me Week, coming up in March. The readers will tie in with current curriculum.

Guest Speakers:

Korene Erickson, Food Systems Educator with CREST:  Garden programs and farm. She will be at Sunset doing a tasting program in each classroom. Korene also discussed ways to keep the school gardens going and collected a list of possible volunteers for the tasting program.

Patty Herrmann, First Aid Only Fundraiser Rep presented a fundraising option.

Boundary Committee Update – Information on District Website & Boundary Survey: three moms are on the task force. Attendees were asked to complete the online survey.

New Business

Snack program: is going nicely and is being tracked.

Lisa Hawking, Principal:

Staff development: Writing workshops. Teachers bring student writing, analyzing for where kids should be, etc.

Early literacy support: Teachers are working with students needing more help with reading.

Meeting was closed.