November 2011 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jenny Kling, Danielle Risberg, Linnette Jackson, Kristen Van Tuyl, Besty Maust, Connie Hopkins, Sally Davey, Bobbi Kelly, Stephanie Hascall, Juliette Weston


Jenny Kling opened the meeting. This was the first 7:30am meeting. 8:30am was suggested as a morning  meeting time.


Kristen Van Tuyl read the October minutes. They were approved

Linnette Jackson presented the October Financials.  Pizza Schmizza Dine Out raised $379. September administration and staff appreciation line items were corrected. There was a discussion of changing banks or getting fees reversed because there are several bank fees on the PTSO account. The financials were approved.


Committee/Event Updates :

Barn Blast review: Bobbi Kelly is ready to let someone else take the Barn Blast chair. A parent asked that dates be coordinated with other schools so that fall events do not conflict.

Fall Fundraiser: Raffle winners were announced and order delivery was scheduled.

Family Movie Night on Friday, January 6th : Connie Hopkins had a quick discussion about procedures for movie night and possible movie choices.

Family Breakfast on Friday, January 27th : Sally Davey said that the catering is more expensive this year, and there was a discussion about raising prices or changing the food choices, offering an incentive for advance reservations, and having a better head count prior to the event.

Spring Auction Update: The committee is still looking for more trips and donations

WLWV Education Foundation Update – HOT Campaign: the attendees were reminded that they could honor the teachers with donations on behalf of the teachers for the holidays.


New business:

Betsy Maust shared information about choosing Sunset as a beneficiary for charitable donations from work via United Way.

Jenny Kling discussed the press release from the school district about the upcoming meeting about district line changes.


The meeting was closed.