October Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Jenny Kling, Kristen Van Tuyl, Linnette Jackson, Kristen Gavin, Laurie Hurley, Christi Briggs, Lisa Hawking, Shana Davis, Kari Perry, Theresa Parker, Ben Sostrin, Danielle Risberg, Bobbi Kelly, Sally Davey

Kristen Van Tuyl read the September minutes. The minutes were approved.

Linnette Jackson presented the September financials. There was a $500 loss due to a previous auction item that fell through. The financials were approved.

Jenny Kling reminded those present that next PTSO meeting is Nov 10th @ 7:30am. Lisa Hawking said that
there are children on free and reduced needing breakfast/snack. PTSO Student Support could be used to fund the need if neccesary.

The board thanked the volunteers and committee/event chairs for Picture Day, Pizza Bingo, Book Fair, Teacher Luncheon, Vision Screening, and Spirit Wear.

Committee/Event Updates :
Pizza Bingo – Ben Sostrin thanked Jenny for her help. Food sales went well. He suggested buying a large cooler for drinks. There were some issues with the candy grab. A parent suggested having MAP to sell candy instead. Profit was made-$694. Using the 4/5th grade leadership was suggested.

Barn Blast – Bobbi Kelly and Lisa Winsper asked for volunteers.

Fall Fundraiser – Theresa Parker said that all orders were submitted and date was changed to week before Thanksgiving. The fundraiser was very profitable.

Escrip – Danielle Risberg said that there are technical difficulties. The PTSO needs to keep a record of what the money is being used for.

A parent reminded everyone about the HOT campaign– please donate in honor of the teachers for Christmas.

Spirit Wear– Linnette Jackson said that there was a small problem with a few items, but it was resolved.

New Business
Community Lunch and MPR use was discussed. Theresa Parker suggested having whole grades eat together once a month. Lisa Hawking discussed the challenges with doing that. Custodial, etc. Kari Perry suggested games for the MPR recess game time. Bobbi Kelly raised concern over the amount of adult supervision during recess.

Lisa Hawking talked about what the teachers did during Profession Growth Wednesday and discussed the article “The Secret to Raising Smart Children.”

Meeting was closed.