May Minutes

May 26, 2011

6:30 pm Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Robyn Deeb, Caroline Popma, Jenny Kling, Kari Perry, Christy Briggs, Jon Van Tuyl, Kristen Van Tuyl, Anne Wilson, Danielle Risberg, Shawn Hughes, Michelle Wilson, and Kathy Ludwig.

The April minutes and the April financial records were reviewed and approved. We showed $300 in income from corporate incentives and $1200 in corporate donations for the Fun Run and expenses for teacher supplies and pottery night.  At the time, it looked the Fun Run and Carnival had raised approximately $14,000.

Linnette Jackson expressed appreciation for the efforts of Stephanie Warren, Amy Hill, Lynn Jacobs, Christy Briggs, and Michele Beyer for their work as committee chairs for Staff Appreciation Week, Fun Run, and Carnival.  These were all great successes!

Jon Van Tuyl shared the results of the PTSO budget audit – which he performed with Jenny Kling and Anne Wilson.  All was in order and one recommendation was to create a separate account for designated funds (such as the paddle raise for Artist in Residence) to create more transparency.  The complete report can be found on the PTSO home page.

Jenny Kling shared her plans for Bus Driver Appreciation Day (June 2nd), including notes, gift cards, and cookies for our wonderful drivers.

Linnette Jackson expressed a need for more nominees to complete the slate of 2011-2012 officers and thanked her current, outgoing board with lavish gifts.  Next year’s committee chairs, as of the meeting, are listed under “Volunteer Opportunities and Events” (above link).

Kathy Ludwig and Michelle Wilson thanked the PTSO and Stephanie for a wonderful Staff Appreciation Week – the staff felt especially well-loved and appreciated!  They also thanked the outgoing board for their service.  Kathy reported that Jeremy Goldstone had been hired to teach in the 4/5 blend and that the Math Assessment scored might look lower than expected this year as the “bar” has been raised to meet.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.  Following the meeting nominations for the board for 2011-12 were made:  Jenny Kling for President, Danielle Risberg for Vice President, Linnette Jackson for Treasurer, and Kristen Van Tuyl for Secretary.

Next Meeting (and election): June 9, 2011 following the assembly (approximately 9:30 am) in room 11.