March Meeting Minutes (Feb = snow day)

March 17th, 2011

6:30 pm Sunset Library


In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Robyn Deeb, Caroline Popma, Jenny Kling, Kari Perry, Kathy Ludwig, Anne Wilson, Christy Briggs, and Maraya Radcliffe.


The January minutes and the January and February financial records were reviewed and approved. January showed income of $1000 from box tops and escrip.  Expenses included assemblies and carnival in January and payment to artist in residence and reading tutorial in February.   Robyn Deeb illustrated the differences between what is actually being spent and what was budgeted in several areas.  A motion was made to use a budget bump with our fall fundraisers, family breakfast, barn blast, and fun nights.  We also moved to keep a line item expense for the auction every year since we pay $500 for Auctionpay software maintenance even during the years we don’t have auction.  These budget bumps would be covered from undesignated funds.


As per PTSO by-laws, an audit of the books is required.  Jenny Kling and Anne Wilson have agreed to see to this examination.  One more volunteer, please!


Kimberly Steele is planning a pottery painting family fun night.  She will need more volunteers for glazing and for distribution later in April.   The PTSO is still looking for an apprentice for Kimberly.  After her many years of service we need a new hand to steady the family fun nights.  Thank you Kimberly!!


“Thank you” to David Fels for a successful Family Breakfast.  All reports were positive – no one fell ill and the leftover butter is in the freezer.


Annie Herbert emailed in information regarding the WLWV Foundation’s upcoming phone-a-thon.  Callers will be soliciting donations to support the schools on May 15th and 22nd.  It was suggested that since the Sunset community would be pressed for volunteers at that time (as it coincides with the carnival) the foundation might have luck using high schools students to assist.


Lynn Jacobs and Amy Hill are working on the Fun Run with a t-shirt design contest and sponsors.  They have already collected $750 in donations.  Michele Beyer is working on the Carnival (same day May 20) and will be asking each classroom to be responsible for one game/activity in addition to their class basket.  (More great apprentice opportunities!!)


Kathy Ludwig expressed gratitude to all of the parents for their flexibility and understanding regarding the spring conferences.  She also explained the cancellation of this year’s Read To Us Week as being do to such a fragmented month (thanks Val Prothero for being at the ready).  Next year’s proposed budget will be announced April 4.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.