January Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2011

6:30 pm Sunset Library


In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Caroline Popma, Michele Beyer, Jenny Kling, Connie Hopkins, Kari Perry, Erica Meyer, Connie Hopkins, Kathy Ludwig, Jessica Mehta, Annie Herbert, Sally Davey, Bobbi Kelly, and Julie Grubb.


The November minutes were reviewed and approved, as were the November and December financial records.  November showed $4000 income from Lunchskins and the fall fundraisers and expenses of $1100 for Barnblast, teacher supplies, and the playground/cafeteria (plants, barstools, organizers, umbrella stands, and playground paint).  December financials showed income of $600 and expenses of $900 (including $500 for Auctionpay software).


Big thanks to Kimberly Steele for a successful movie night.  There will likely be some changes to the next few Family Fun Nights – mostly the same dates but different activities.


Linnette Jackson reported on the upcoming Family Breakfast for January 28.  The food will be catered by an outside source, but served by volunteers.  $6 per adult and $4 per child from 6:30-8:00 am includes eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit, coffee, and juice.  PTSO will be taking photos!


Annie Herbert reported on the WLWV Foundation – a revitalized group trying to support all of the schools.  She stressed that the foundation is not trying to compete with the PTA’s and PTSO’s, but wants to work together.  Their holiday fundraising drive netted $25,000 and their goal for the year is $300,000 to help save teaching positions.  (This amounts to approximately $30/child in the district.)


Kathy Ludwig spoke about current and upcoming happenings around the school.  Artist in Residence Julie Keefe is working with the 3-5 grades on digital photography.  In March and April Kaaren Pixton will work with k-2 on tile, mosaic, and clay sculpting.  In April, author/illustrator Trudy Ludwig will speak at an assembly on bullying.  Kathy also indicated that spring conferences are likely to look quite different than years past since there is only 1 day (rather than 3) for the teachers to work with.  District budget discussions are taking place with every program under careful consideration.


Kari Perry is looking for help with the yearbook.


Jessica Mehta won the drawing for a free Entertainment Book.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.



November Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2010

3:15 pm Sunset Library


In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Robyn Deeb, Caroline Popma, Michele Beyer, Heathyr Nance, Theresa Parker, Jenny Kling, Connie Hopkins, Christy Briggs, Kari Perry, Erica Meyer, and Kathy Connell


First a big “thank you” went out to the chairs of several recent events:  Abby Wojcik for the Fall Fundraiser, Maraya Radcliffe and Bobbi Kelly for the Barn Blast, and Kathy Connell for the Shop Night.


October minutes (thanks to Bobbi) were reviewed and approved, as were the October financial records.  Financials showed about $7000 in profit from the fall fundraiser (bulb sales and check-writing combined).  They do not, yet, reflect income from the Barn Blast (to balance the costs), Lunchskin proceeds, or the income from the Shop for Sunset night.  The Scrip mystery remains and Robyn was planning to talk to the bank about the $80 charge for recent deposits.


Linnette reported on the fall fundraiser (in Abby’s absence).  We met our budgeted goal (checks and bulbs combined).  The bulb sale proceeds were comparable to giftwrap sales in the past.  It was noted that more volunteers are needed to distribute bulb in the future (min. 4) and Heathyr Nance suggested (and will assist with) a year-end push for the check writing campaign.


The Barn Blast was seen as a great success.  It was well attended and well received.  The budget may need to be beefed up in this area as there is not much left of $1200 when the DJ costs $500 and the food was $600.  The pumpkins were popular and some activities may need to be relocated to ease the crowding in the gym.


Shop for Sunset went well.  Earnings are $1200 and growing, as more vendor checks arrive.  Depending on future locales, the time might be modified to end an hour earlier.  Also, consideration of kids and lower price points may also take place.


Some of Laurie Hurley’s VP duties were divvied up for her maternity leave;  Christy Briggs will coordinate the newsletter entries, Jenny Kling will work on the museum case, and there is an “opening” for someone to keep the bulletin boards up-to-date.


We are also still in need of someone to “apprentice” Family Fun Nights with Kimberly Steele.  In the interest of making the nights (BINGO) more affordable and less profitable, there was discussion of lowering food prices (making sure they are at cost).  Next up are Movie Night on January 7 and then Family Breakfast on January 29.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:00.