September Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2010

3:15 pm Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Laurie Hurley, Robyn Deeb, Caroline Popma, Michelle Wilson, Julie Grubb, Heathyr Nance, Theresa Parker, Jenny Kling, Renae Abboud, Patti Moller, Connie Hopkins, KJ Wesenburg, Kristen Van Tuyl, Julie McBride, Christy Briggs, Sally Davey, Marie Larson, Penny Satre, Kari Perry, Erica Meyer, and Bobbi Kelly.

The June minutes were reviewed and approved.  The June, July, and August financial reports were also reviewed and approved and indicated deposits from scrip carryover and some corporate matching of last year’s check-writing donations.  Robyn also introduced a new form for reimbursement and increased transparency measures in record keeping (journal entries, updated teacher account status, parallel income and expense columns for each account and additional notation for box tops and e-scrip).

Linnette made a proposal that we move funds from OMSI field trip, garden stipend, and cross-cultural education (totalling $2500) to undesignated funds for this budget year in anticipation of a request for funds from Michelle Wilson.  Michelle would like an additional $4500 ($1500 was approved last spring) for reading tutors for the 2101-11 school year.  Both requests were motioned to a vote at next month’s meeting.

We then discussed the various upcoming fundraisers.  Abbie Wojcik reported that the bulbs for the fall fundraisers would be delivered by Nov 10.  Kathy Connell is chairing a Shop For Sunset event with proceeds going to improving the playground equipment.  Kari Perry is encouraging everyone to renew their escrip (Safeway and Albertsons) ASAP and bring in box tops, KJ Wesenburg is working on a Dine Out at Pizza Schmizza – most likely October 12, and Jenny Kling has broken even with Lunchskins sales – even after gifting one each to the entire staff.

In non-fundraising news, Heathyr Nance requested help in the garden Tuesday, Sep 21 at 2:45, the book fare will need volunteers during the first week of October, and Kari Perry is organizing volunteers and getting a workroom orientation put together. Linnette also made appeals for classroom reps to sign up at curriculum night and for help in finding a babysitter for our meetings – especially the 3:15 time slot.

As the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm, Sally Davey won a free pizza  from Pizza Schmizza – just for coming to the meeting!