February Minutes

February 18, 2010

3:15 call to order – room 12

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Michele Beyer, Heathyr Nance, Connie Hopkins, Maraya Radcliffe, Kari Perry, Laurie Hurley, Jenny Palmer, Brenna Burke, and Kathy Ludwig.

The Janurary minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the January financial report.  The report reflected profits from corporate incentives, PACE, Family Breakfast and Fun Night, Fall Fundraiser, and Scrip and also the expenses of garden, curriculum extension, spring fundraiser, and the student directory.

Kathy Ludwig spoke briefly, wishing to thank the PTSO for the pancake breakfast, the Dine Out at Pizza Schmizza, and the coordination of the Science Fare (Heather Oliveras, Todd Drake, Kari Perry, and Linnette Jackson).  She indicated that conference sign-ups should begin on Monday.  The teachers are looking forward to their math residency and also to the use of laptops in the classroom.  The community garden could use some helpers and kindergarten registration was successful!

The proposal for car magnets was tabled for now – possible window clings in the future…  Both requests for funds (from Kathy Ludwig and Michelle Wilson) were approved – $3000 will go toward the purchase of a media cabinet for the laptops and $500 will be used to update the leveled literature.

Heathyr Nance reported on progress for the Spring Auction – A Taste of Sunset on May 14th at The Oregon Golf Club.  We discussed the timing of the events and the importance of having everyone register their credit cards to improve the flow of the evening and avoid lines.  The next volunteer meeting will be Monday, March 8 at 7 pm at the home of Theresa Parker.

Linnette Jackson reviewed the 2009-2010 calendar to help determine if we should edit it in any way.  The concern has been the difficulty in getting volunteers for some of the bigger events.  It was decided that we will change the Barn Blast to November and make it less volunteer-dependant.  The spring (of 2011) fundraiser will be a fun run (with an adult component!)  Scrip will go by the wayside as it requires too much work and has only limited participation.  We will search for more E-scrip retailers.  Kari Perry has volunteered to be the volunteer coordinator for next year.  Committee chairs for almost everything else are still needed!

Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.