January meeting minutes

January 21, 2010

6:30 call to order – Sunset Library

In attendance:  Linnette Jackson, Jenny Kling, Caroline Popma, Theresa Parker, Connie Hopkins, Maraya Radcliffe, Kari Perry, Lynn McKelvey, Jenny Palmer, Stephanie Clevinger, Brenna Burke, Anne Wilson, Bobbi Kelly, Kathy Ludwig, and Jane Stickney.

The November minutes were reviewed and approved as well as the November/December financial report.  The report reflected profits from corporate incentives, PACE, and Scrip and also the expense of the fifth grade field trip.

Theresa Parker reported on the progress of the auction committee and the motion (announced on the list serve) to upgrade the AuctionPay software (now Greater Giving) was approved without opposition.  The upgrade will cost $1100 this year, $320 in the ”off” years, and $795 in the ”on” years as part of a five-year contract.   This will enable us to streamline several procedures, pre-register credit cards, and have multiple users.

Jenny Kling reported the next Dine Out for Sunset would be February 10th at Pizza Schmizza.  She is working on a March date with Sandovol’s and will most likely plan another event for April 28th at ColdStone – which coincides with the Sunset Showcase.

David Fels was not available for the meeting, but requests more volunteers for the Family Breakfast on January 29th.  Please contact felsgroup@gmail.com to offer your assistance ASAP.

Linnette Jackson reminded everyone to plan ahead for the February meeting.  Many of the PTSO events and activities will be discussed in reference to the 2010-11 school year.  Also there will be three votes in support of motions made at this meeting (see below).

Kari Perry suggested a car magnet sale as a potential fundraiser.  This was moved to a vote.

Kathy Ludwig made two requests for funds ($500 for leveled literature support and $3000 for funrniture for new technology) which were moved to a vote, reminded everyone of Howard Hilton’s presentation of February 9th,and thanked Kimberly Steele for another wonderful Family Fun Night.

At 7:10 pm the meeting was turned over to Jane Stickney, assistant superintendent, who spoke to her background, the district’s vision goals, and answered questions from the group.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.